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A Match Made In Hell – Matt Barber and Linda Harvey Religious Moron Double Header

Today in Religious MORON hate.

Not only does Failed boxer, failed insurance agent (snort), and now full-time Liberty Counsel hate leader  Matt Barber think that Obama wants to purge all christians from the Military but also granite faced and soul as black as pitch Ohio haushater Linda Harvey thinks that LGBT news sites like Back2Stonewall turns kids gay!

“Homosexual-themed pornography is extremely accessible to young people  if they ever visit any websites covering the gay agenda as news. For  instance, if your child was during a report on same-sex marriage just  researching the political issue and visiting sites that are sympathetic  to the social and political goals of the homosexual movement may quickly bring them in touch with explicit images because many of the homosexual news blogs have soft-porn gay dating sites or worse as ads. So what is  the reaction of your son or daughter to such graphic images?  If they feel a curiosity it may start a process of wondering if they could be homosexual.”Linda Harvey, speaking on her radio show.

Actually Linda, I blame Donna Summer.  But if you want to give me the credit for making this a gayer America I gratefully accept.

Now on to Matt Barber of the currently under a Federal ROCO Investigation Liberty Counsel and his alternate bizarro world reality of spewing old propaganda that’s even been debunked by debunked even by the Southern Baptist Convention and on Glenn Beck’s The Blaze. 

But that’s Fat Matts. He’s never met an donut or an anti-gay lie that he didn’t like.