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Man Who Threatened To Bomb Merriam-Webster HQ Over Gender-Inclusive Definitions Gets Prison Time

Man Who Threatened To Bomb Merriam-Webster HQ Over Gender-Inclusive Definitions Gets Prison Time

prison – NOUN – pris·​on –  a state of confinement or captivity.
“I am going to shoot up and bomb your offices for lying and creating fake definitions in order to pander to the tranny mafia. Boys aren’t girls, and girls aren’t boys. The only good Marxist is a dead Marxist. I will assassinate your top editor. You sickening, vile tranny freaks.”
Jeremy David Hanson, 34, of Rossmoor, California

Jeremy David Hanson was sentenced to a year in prison after admitting to sending threats (see above) to Springfield-based Merriam-Webster because he was furious over the dictionary’s inclusion of gender-inclusive definitions.

Between Oct. 2 through Oct. 8, 2021, Hanson repeatedly sent threatening messages through the Contact Us page promising to bomb the MW HQ and hurt employees.

US Attorney Rachael S. Rollins said in a news release: “Hate has no place in Massachusetts. Mr. Hanson made numerous, anonymous hate-fueled threats of violence to intimidate and instill fear. Hateful and bigoted acts, even if only spoken like those committed by Mr. Hanson, terrorize communities and are destructive to our society.

Rollin urged people to report instances of hate toward the LGBT community by calling 1-83-END-H8-NOW (1-833-634-8669).

Massachusetts Man Kills Boyfriend To Hide Gay Relationship

Massachusetts Man Kills Boyfriend To Hide Gay Relationship

Kian Willis of Brockton, Massachusetts was arrested and arraigned in Brockton District Court on Nov. 29. 2018 for killing his boyfriend to hide their gay relationship

He was indicted on a murder charge Monday by a Plymouth County grand jury.

Prosecutors from the Plymouth County District Attorney’s Office told the Brockton Enterprise they used phone records and surveillance footage to trace Willis to Keith Avenue, where Willis shot and killed his boyfriend Patrick Sequeira-Ferreira, 

When police interviewed Willis, he was concerned that people would find out about his relationship with Sequeira-Ferreira, and was afraid of losing his job, given that both him and the victim worked together at the Office of Community Corrections where relationships with co-workers are forbidden.

Willis will be arraigned in Superior Court at a later date.

UMass Tell Student To Remove "Nazis Not Welcome Here" Sign Because It's Not Inclusive

UMass Tell Student To Remove “Nazis Not Welcome Here” Sign Because It’s Not Inclusive.

The University of Massachusetts at Amherst told a college student Nicole Parsons to remove a sign from her dorm room window that read “Fuck Nazis. You are not welcome here” –  because it wasn’t “inclusive.”

Parsons placed the sign in her window after a swastika was drawn on campus earlier this month.

Resident director Eddie Papazoni sent the following email to Parsons last week

“While Residence Education cannot force you or your roommate to take the sign down, I am asking that you or your roommate take the sign down so that all students can be a part of an inclusive residential experience, as well as having a respectful environment to be a part of here on our campus,”

Parsons said the sign had been up for less than a week before she received the email. Two other members of the resident life staff also approached her.

I decided that if UMass won’t condemn these actions, then someone should,” Parsons said.

The college later released a statement on the resident director’s email, calling it “poorly worded.”

UMass Amherst emphatically rejects Nazis, and any other hate group, a view expressed in the students’ sign. However, we are sensitive to the use of profanity, which some could find inappropriate.”

Man Thrown Out of New Bedford, MA Restaurant for Being Gay

Man Thrown Out of New Bedford, MA Restaurant for Being Gay

A man in New Bedford, Massachusetts is saying that he and his mother were told to leave a local restaurant for being gay while homophobic slurs were being hurled at him.

According to Jacob Froias he was preparing to dine with his mother on Sunday at Al’s Cafe on Belleville Avenue when he was approached by the owner and longtime family friend, Alsuino Cordeiro.

“He looked at me and said, ‘You guys can’t come here anymore,” recalled Froias. “He was like, ‘Oh, last time you were here, you and your little Filipino boyfriend were outside hugging and it made everyone uncomfortable. You embarrassed the establishment.”

As Froias and his mother were preparing to leave as not to cause trouble Cordeiro started making homophobic remarks.

“He was saying derogatory things towards me, like calling me a faggot.” Froias said.

Having been openly gay since he was a teenager, Froias says he has dealt with bigotry before, but not to the extent where he was refused service at a business.

“I’ve never really had to deal with this type of discrimination and the way I felt yesterday,” said Froias. “After the situation, I sat in the car and I looked at my mom and I started crying.”

Froias says he’s “playing it by ear” as to whether he’ll seek legal action against the owner of Al’s Cafe, saying he’s received advice from friends including filing complaints with the City of New Bedford Licensing Board, the Better Business Bureau, and the Attorney General’s office. Froias says, though, he’s not sure he wants to take matters that far.

“I’m not trying to effectively ruin someone’s business and, essentially, their life. But they need to know that what they did was wrong and it’s not acceptable in any way, shape, or form.”

In the state of Massachusetts it is illegal to refuse service to anyone because of race, sex, or sexual orientation.

Anti-Gay "Pastor" Scott Lively Gets His Ass Kicked in Massachusetts GOP Primary

Anti-Gay “Pastor” Scott Lively Gets His Ass Kicked in Massachusetts GOP Primary

Republican Gov. Charlie Baker, a moderate seeking a second term in solidly Democratic Massachusetts has soundly beaten Scott Lively, a “pastor “from Springfield notorious for his lunatic religious extremist fixation on exposing “the gay agenda.

Lively garnered lots of attention earlier this year when he managed to peel away a disheartening number of delegates, nearly 28 percent, at the MassGOP convention in Worcester. Lively neglected to mention his “Kill the gays” point of view at the gathering, instead focusing on his devotion to other conservative causes and his support for President Trump.

Lively, who has called Trump “God’s man in the White House,” frequently called Baker a RINO – a Republican in name only – but had little money or staff to mount a serious challenge to the well-financed incumbent

Lively is one of the most infamous of the “D-List” anti-LGBT extremists.  His propaganda includes a book called The Pink Swastika that assigns blame for the Holocaust to a shadowy homosexual cabal, and a tour through Uganda that inspired a vicious crackdown on that country’s LGBT community and ensnared Lively in a lawsuit alleging he committed alleging he committed a crime against humanity

Despite Lively’s sound defeat he did manage to get about 35 percent of the vote which is worrisome in its own right.

Evil “Christian” Hatemonger Scott “Crimes Against Humanity” Lively To Run for Massachusetts Governor


Infamous anti-gay pastor and activist, Scott Lively who was recently accused of crimes against humanity in Uganda and is author of the rabidly anti-gay book titled the Pink Swastika which claims that the most ferocious German Nazi soldiers were homosexuals, announced Friday that he will run as a Republican in Massachusetts’ 2018 gubernatorial contest, setting up a primary fight against incumbent Gov. Charlie Baker. 

Via MASSLive:

Calling the governor a “Republican-in-name-only,” Lively contended that Baker has hurt conservative values, legislated as a “de-facto big government pro-abortion Democrat” and “plundered the treasury of the Republican Party to wage war on conservatives.”  

Further, Lively argued, the incumbent governor “has presided over a sizable drop in Republican enrollments — on track to transforming the Grand Old Party into his own personal nest of corrupt patronage and croneyism that will represent less than 10 percent of the electorate by 2020.”

“Somebody needs to stop Charles Baker before he completely destroys the Republican Party and its foundation of principled conservatism that is the only real hope for restoring Massachusetts to its former strength and health,” he said in a statement. “I think that person is Scott Lively.”

In August of 2013, in response to anti-LGBT legislation in Russia, Lively wrote an open letter addressed to Vladimir Putin saying, “You have set an example of moral leadership that has shamed the governments of Western Europe and North America and inspired the peoples of the world.”

What a fucking Masshole.

Scott “Crimes Against Humanity” Lively’s Uganda Gay Hate Case Dismissed In Federal Court

Scott “Crimes Against Humanity” Lively Uganda Gay Hate Case Dismissed In Federal Court

For the past two years we have heard about the case against Springfield, Massachusetts “Pastor” an anti-LGBT activist and the  “crimes against humanity” lawsuit brought against him by Ugandan human rights activists.  Lively and his virulent views about homosexuality at a 2009 anti-gay conference in Uganda is widely believed to have played a role in the drafting of Uganda’s notorious “kill the gays” bill.  and was accused of collaborating with Ugandan officials to institute the death penalty for homosexuals.

Today the lawsuit was dismissed because  “based on lack of jurisdiction.”

SMUG v. Lively (Sexual Minorities Uganda’s suit against Scott Lively)

Court grants summary judgment in favor of Defendant Scott Lively, based on lack of jurisdiction. Memorandum and Order linked below

“Plaintiff has filed this lawsuit under the Alien Tort Statute (“ATS”), 28 U.S.C. § 1350, seeking monetary damages and injunctive relief based on Defendant’s crimes against humanity. Defendant now seeks summary judgment in his favor arguing that, on the facts of record, the ATS provides no jurisdiction over a claim for injuries — however grievous – – occurring entirely in a foreign country such as Uganda. Because the court has concluded that Defendant’s .jurisdictional argument is correct, the motion will be allowed.

“Anyone reading this memorandum should make no mistake. The question before the court is not whether Defendant’s actions in aiding and abetting efforts to demonize, intimidate, and injure LGBTI people in Uganda constitute violations of international law. They do. The much narrower and more technical question posed by Defendant’s motion is whether the limited actions taken by Defendant on American soil in pursuit of his odious campaign are sufficient to give this court jurisdiction over Plaintiff’s claims. Since they are not sufficient, summary judgment is appropriate for this, and only this, reason.”

In conclusion:
“For the foregoing reasons, Defendant’s motion for summary· judgment (Dkt. No. 248) based on lack of jurisdiction is hereby ALLOWED. As noted, the court will decline to exercise supplemental jurisdiction over the two purely state .law claims·. As to them, the motion for summary judgment is ALLOWED, without prejudice to re-filing in state court if Plaintiff desires. The clerk will enter judgment of dismissal. This case may now be closed.

“It is so ordered.”

Lively is president of Abiding Truth Ministries a recognized LGBT hate group and is director of Redemption Gate Mission Society, both currently based in Springfield, Mass.

In His Own Words

“Because no matter what, [homosexuality] is still abnormal, wrong, harmful and perverse.”
– Eugene Register-Guard, Nov. 1, 1992

“There is no question that homosexuality figures prominently in the history of the Holocaust. … The first years of terrorism against the Jews were carried out by the homosexuals of the SA.”
– The Pink Swastika, 1996

“It is not mere coincidence that the emperors of Rome in its horrific final days were homosexual; that Adolf Hitler’s inner circle were mostly homosexual; and that nearly all of the most prolific serial killers in U.S. history were homosexual. It is not mere coincidence that America’s cultural decline parallels the rise of ‘gay rights.’”
– “Agents of the Death Agenda,” May 1996 edition of Life Advocate magazine, quoted in “Northwest Update,” Coalition for Human Dignity, June 1996.

“Homosexuality is thus biologically (and to varying degrees morally) equivalent to pedophilia, sado-masochism, bestiality and many other forms of deviant behavior.”
– “Deciphering ‘Gay’ Word-Speak and Language of Confusion,” May 2002

“Homosexuality is a personality disorder that involves various, often dangerous sexual addictions and aggressive, anti-social impulses.”
– “Letter to the Russian People,” 2007

“The gay movement is an evil institution [whose] goal is to defeat the marriage-based society and replace it with a culture of sexual promiscuity in which there’s no restrictions on sexual conduct except the principle of mutual choice.”
– Conference in Kampala, Uganda, March 2009

“We need to bring back public discussion of AIDS as a ‘gay’ disease, pederasty as [sic] major subculture of male homosexuality, mental health problems and domestic violence as major problems associated with lesbianism, the increasing recruitment of children into a homosexual identity through experimentation with ‘gay’ sex, etc. – all the truths we stopped telling because the other side screamed so loudly about them.”
– WorldNetDaily, September 2012

According to Lively, Putin is the world’s last hope, and other nations should follow in his footsteps by implementing more anti-LGBT laws.


BREAKING: United States Court of Appeals DENIES Scott Lively’s Crimes Against Humanity Case Dismissal Petition

Scott Lively in Uganda


The First Circuit Court of the United States Court of  Appeals DENIED Scott Lively’s dismissal demand in the crimes against humanity suit filed against him by Sexual Minorities Uganda.


United States Court of Appeals
For the First Circuit
 No. 13-2503  SCOTT LIVELY, individually and as President of Abiding Truth Ministries,Petitioner.
Before Howard, Thompson and Kayatta,Circuit Judges.
Entered: December 4, 2014 This petition for a writ of mandamus raises a number of potentially difficult issues withrespect to the Alien Tort Statute, 28 U.S.C. § 1350, and the First Amendment in cross-border application. Although it is debatable whether the district court has properly parsed the petitioner’s protected speech from any unprotected speech or conduct, his right to extraordinary relief is not clear and indisputable. See Cheney v. U.S. Dist. Court for D.C., 542 U.S. 367, 380-81 (2004).Further development of the facts will aid in the ultimate disposition of this case.The petition is denied.
By the Court:/s/ Margaret Carter, Clerk
cc:Baher Azmy
Luke S. Ryan
Jeena D. Shah
Pamela C. Spees
Stephen M. Crampton
Anita Leigh Staver
Mathew D. Staver
Philip D. Moran
Horatio Gabriel Mihet
Case: 13-2503 Document: 00116772251

Lively, the founder of Abiding Truth Ministries, an officially recognized hate group has made a career of stirring up anti-gay feelings in the USA and across the world.

He co-authored The Pink Swastika, which suggests ‘homosexuals were the truth inventors of Nazism and the guiding force behind many Nazi atrocities’ and the rainbow flag is a symbol of the ‘end times’.

Lively  is accused of engineering the Uganda ‘Kill The Gays’ bill.

This is the second time that Lively and his defense team from The Liberty Council have petitioned for dismissal and lost.

Read the ruling at Equality Case Files.


“Genocidal Monster” Scott Lively Declares “Great Victory” After Recieving Only 0.9 % Of Votes In Massachusettes


Scott Lively in Uganda


Scott Lively, who took only 0.9% of the vote last week  in the Massachusetts gubernatorial election sent out victory canards today, to himself today claiming that the “Holy Spirit” limited his campaign activities and that he’s not the “genocidal monster” that the LGBT community makes him out to be.

“I want you to recognize what a great victory we have achieved in this campaign. A Missionary Pastor with an inner-city church that seats just 45, mostly street-people, ran a part-time campaign, serving as his own campaign manager, with only 20-30 campaign volunteers (only about half of whom dedicated more than 40 hours to the effort), and a budget of just over $25,000. Deliberately (by the prompting of the Holy Spirit) limiting his campaign activities only to those public appearances and media interviews to which he was invited (not trying to win the seat in his own strength but staying out of the way to let God pull the strings), he (by conservative accounts) handily won the two major debates in which he appeared, shocked the hosts, audience and fellow panelists in every forum with his boldness and candor, and preached the unvarnished Gospel of Jesus Christ in nearly all of the 30 or so public events in which he appeared. I believe my faithfulness in stepping out into the political arena to preach the gospel has spiritually broken the back of the anti-Lively coalition and demolished its campaign of defamation.  The public has seen me in the debates and other venues and know I am a sincere and kind-hearted Christian man, whether or not they agree with my views.  They will never again believe the vicious LGBT lies trying to paint me as a genocidal monster.  The Lord has vindicated me in an entirely unique way..”

But cha are a “genocidal monster” Scott! Cha are!

Scott “Crimes Against Humanity” Lively Rewrites Stonewall History and Runs For MA Governor

Scott Lively in Uganda


Scott Lively, author of the anti-gay fantasy (or rather Lively’s fantasy about muscular Aryan blond hair, blue eyed Nazi’s) The Pink Swastika, which described being LGBT as a “personality disorder”, and his struggle against equality as “a war” in which only one side can prevail by making up a false history of World War 2 once again re-wrote yesterday re-wrote gay history and blatantly lied at Matt Barber’s hate site, BarbWire,about what REALLY happened the night of the Stonewall Riots in 1969.

Writes Lively:

“On June 28, 1969 the homosexual political movement, which had previously defined its goal as “the right to be left alone,” took a militant turn. At the Stonewall Bar on Christopher Street in New York City, “gay” activists rioted against police who tried to arrest an underage “drag queen” prostitute. That episode of violent rebellion is now commemorated annually as “Gay Pride Day.”
In 1972, two hundred homosexual organizations, representing the entire LGBT movement, met in Chicago to outline their Marcusian agenda: a blueprint for supplanting Biblical morality with sexual anarchy — in essence, the overthrow of family-centered Christian civilization.

In 1973, their “long march through the institutions” began with the political takeover of the American Psychiatric Association (APA) to redefine homosexuality as psychologically healthy.

In 2013, after just forty years, the last secular institution to resist LGBT bullying was finally subdued: the Boy Scouts of America.

Yesterday the Boston Globe reported that  Lively somehow managed to qualifiy to be on the ballot as an independent candidate for the Massachusetts gubernatorial election this fall.

Springfield pastor Scott Lively has qualified for the November ballot as an independent candidate for governor. The Secretary of the Commonwealth’s office confirmed Wednesday that Lively’s campaign submitted 11,494 valid signatures, far above the 10,000 needed to secure ballot access as an independent this fall. Lively joins the future Republican and Democratic nominees as well as independent candidate Evan Falchuk as candidates certified for the November ballot.

Lively bring a whole new meaning to the term MASSHOLE.