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#MAGATears Round-Up: The Hysterics and Gnashing of Teeth of the GOP Over Donald Trump's Indictment

#MAGATears Round-Up: The Hysterics and Gnashing of Teeth of the GOP Over Donald Trump’s Indictment

GRIFTER Billy Graham: “It’s a shameful day for America as former President Donald J. Trump was indicted by a Manhattan grand jury. The Democrats have weaponized the legal system for their political gain while ignoring the current Administration’s faults and deficiencies” – Franklin. Jesus never heard of America, dear. Calm down and carry on.

Ms. Lindsey Graham has a plan to keep Trump from being from being prosecuted after being indicted by a grand jury in Manhattan on Thursday — by assaulting a police officer and engaging in robbery. – Lindsey is the messiest queen ever.

Marjoie Taylor Gan-Greene: Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) has vowed to travel to New York to protest against the indictment and arrest of former President Donald Trump. “I’m going to New York on Tuesday, We MUST protest the unconstitutional WITCH HUNT!””-Unfortunately I don’t think Marge Traitor Greene knows what “unconstitutional” means.

Carlson Tucker and his backhanded war cry: Carlson said the indictment of former president Trump by a New York grand jury on Thursday was a bigger assault on the American system of government than the Jan. 6, 2021 attack on the U.S. Capitol by the former president’s supporters. – This is incitement to violence and it’s all he does. Carlson needs to be arrested.

FAUX Host Mark Levin: “Trumps indictment is “a war on conservatism and MAGA”: “It’s time for the Republican Party to understand that this is a war on the party. It is a war on conservatism and MAGA. It is an effort — an effort! — to ensure that Donald Trump can never be President again.” – No shit Sherlock and it’s about time.

READ Donald Trump’s first Money Beg sent out 2 hours after the indictment announcement came in: Blah blah. Blah blah. Send money.

Fox News Host Mark Levin: “Some Books Need To Be Banned”

Fox News Host Mark Levin: “Some Books Need To Be Banned”

Like perhaps your personal favorite Mark. Mein Kampf?
“How does a parental bill of rights become controversial, America? The Democrats call it racist, call it book-banning. Yeah, some books need to be banned. You know, books with explicit sexual photographs, books with explicit discussion about sexuality and gender and gender changing and transitioning – those books shouldn’t see a shelf in a public school system, period.
“And for the Democrats, this is an attack on free speech. And for the Democrats, this is book-burning. They don’t tell you what kind of books. Or books that claim that white people are racists, those books need to be on the shelves too. Or books that push critical race theory, a Marxist ideology, those books need to be on the shelves too. Think about that.
“What does this bill do effectively? It responds to your concerns, responds to what’s been going on in this country, and I wanna salute the Republicans in the House that voted for it. It passed by like three votes. You have the right to know what’s being taught in your schools and to see reading material. This is the parent’s bill of rights.
Fox News host Mark Levin, on his radio show.
FOX News Host Mark Levin Compares LGBT Families To Bestiality

FOX News Host Mark Levin Compares LGBT Families To Bestiality

Transcript quote via Media Matters

“The language will be as follows: parental leave instead of maternity leave, parent instead of mother or father, parenting, birthing parent instead of mother, non-birthing parent instead of father. But what if it’s a woman who is beyond birthing age? What do we call her? Now the reason behind this, the NEA writes, is that in using this contract language members need not worry about how a board of education defines maternity leave. Mother and her father, the language is an inclusive reflection of how the LGBTQIA+ members build their families. This rationale assumes that the way that heterosexual members build their families should be rewritten regardless of their personal preference. How about bestiality? Is that part of it? I’m just waiting. And if it’s not, why not?”

Hey Levin, Anita Bryant called, she wants to sue you for stealing her shtick.

It’s 1977 all over again.