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Remembering Raquel Welch - WATCH: "Myra Breckenridge" (1970) - FULL MOVIE

Remembering Raquel Welch – WATCH: “Myra Breckenridge” (1970) – FULL MOVIE

Raquel Welch was never afraid to take a part and was an ally to the LGBT community which led her in part to make Myra Breckenridge.

Like the novel written by the very very gay Gore Vidal, the picture follows the exploits of Myra Breckinridge (née Myron), a transgender woman who has undergone a sex change operation. Claiming to be her own widow, she manipulates her uncle into giving her a position at his acting school, where she attempts to usurp Hollywood’s social order by introducing femdom into the curriculum.

Controversial in it’s day and dubbed “One of the worst movies ever made.” todays its more camp and fun and includes other famous actors including  John Huston as Buck Loner, Mae West as Leticia Van Allen, Farrah Fawcett, Rex Reed, Roger Herren,  Roger C. Carmel. and Tom Selleck made his film debut in a small role as one of Leticia’s “studs.”

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Bette Midler To Play Mae West In Biopic: “Come up and see me sometime you dirty motherf**ers!”

Bette Midler as Mea West

Deadline Hollywood reports that the Divine Miss M, Bette Midler will be starring as legendary screen star Mae West in an upcoming HBO biopic.

The Divine Miss M. is taking on the great Mae West. HBO Films has put in development Mae West, a movie about the true Hollywood original, with Bette Midler attached to star and executive produce. The project is the brainchild of William Friedkin (The Exorcist), who will direct and executive produce. Broadway heavyweight Harvey Fierstein, who recently penned the book for Tony-winning musical Kinky Boots, is writing the script. Also executive producing is Jerry Weintraub, who executive produced HBO Films’ Emmy-winning Behind The Candelabra. Mae West, based on West’s autobiography: Goodness Had Nothing To Do With It, chronicles West’s rise to stardom when she takes New York by storm after writing and starring in her scandalous Broadway show Sex and battles authorities over obscenity charges.

And before all the haters start in.  YES, Mae West was  in her early 30’s when she did the show Sex on Broadway. But if ANYONE was ever meant to play Mae West its Bette Midler.  Shes been playing West all her life and will be the first to admit it.


Gay Cult Movie Scenes: Mae West Wobbles and Warbles With Beefcake in "Sextette" (1978)

Filmed at Paramount Studios, Sextette was 84 year old Mae West’s final movie. Others in the cast include Timothy Dalton, Dom DeLuise, Tony Curtis, Ringo Starr, Keith Moon, George Hamilton, Alice Cooper and Walter Pidgeon.

And it REALLY needs to be seen to be believed

Legendary American movie star and sex symbol Marlo Manners (Mae West) is in London, England, where she has just married for the sixth time. She and her new husband, Sir Michael Barrington (Timothy Dalton), then depart for a honeymoon suite at a posh and exclusive hotel that has been reserved for them by her manager, Dan Turner (Dom DeLuise).

The hotel is also the location of an international conference, where leaders have come together to resolve tensions and problems that threaten the survival of the world. As the chairman, Mr. Chambers (Walter Pidgeon) is trying to call the meeting to order, the delegates are crowding to the windows in an effort to catch a glimpse of Marlo when she arrives

As they enter the lobby, Marlo, now Lady Barrington, and her nobleman husband are swarmed by admirers and reporters. When asked, “Do you get a lot of proposals from your male fans?” she quips, “Yeah, and what they propose is nobody’s business.”

Once inside their suite, the couple are unable to go to bed and have sex because of constant interruptions due to the demands of her career, such as interviews, dress fittings and photo sessions, as well as the various men, including some former husbands, diplomat Alexei Andreyev Karansky (Tony Curtis), director Laslo Karolny (Ringo Starr), gangster Vance Norton (George Hamilton), and an entire athletic team from the U.S., who all want to have sex with her.

Meanwhile, Turner desperately searches for an audiotape containing his client’s memoirs, in order to destroy it. Marlo has recorded extensive details about her affairs and scandals, with a lot of dirt about her husbands and lovers. Ex-husband Alexei, who is the Russian delegate at the conference, threatens to derail the intense negotiations unless he can have another sexual encounter with her. Marlo is expected to work “undercover” to ensure world peace.

Also featured in cameos are Rona Barrett, Regis Philbin and George Raft playing themselves. West made her movie debut in Raft’s Night After Night (1932).