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The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade Just Showed It’s First Lesbian Kiss

Via The Bustle:

The Prom, which just opened on Broadway in October, is not based on any one true story — but inspired by LGBT youth across the country that have to fight teachers, parents, and school boards just to bring the date the want to at the glitzy rite of passage. So the show is basically like Footloose or Hairspray for 2018. When a girl wants to bring her girlfriend to prom and faces blowback from small-minded adults, she calls in backup from the Great White Way. Minds are changed, and plenty of shenanigans ensue along the way as well.

Honestly, it’s revolutionary enough that the Macy’s parade chose to feature a Broadway musical that’s not based on a cartoon or a revival of an old classic that will make your grandparents loudly say “they just don’t make musicals like that anymore.” The fact that The Prom started the parade off with a cheerful message proclaiming that love is love (is love is love is love) was pretty incredible.

Many new-sites ate claiming that this was the “first LGBTQ kiss” in the parades history. But in fact it was the first LESBIAN kiss. NOT LGBTQ. But lets be honest a lesbian (or female bisexual) kiss by two characters is deemed far more acceptable and has been aired on national television since LA Law in 1991 and has less of the middle america “ick factor” than two gay men kissing.

Congrats to Macy’s for the inclusion but gay men kiss also.



Bigots Go Bonkers Over “Kinky Boots” Performance At Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade – Video

kink Boots Macy's Parade

Within seconds of the beginning of a musical number from the Tony Award winning Broadway musical “Kinky Boots” this morning at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade anti-LGBT bigots took to Twitter, Facebook, and other forms of social media howling like banshee’s proving that hate does not take a holiday.

Melissa Dickey Boff Cannot believe that there is a dance skit called “Kinky Boots.” I thought this was supposed to be a family event….not appropriate at all. Recording is deleted and not watching this again. Will also shop elsewhere….I’ve got plenty of other options.
Rebecca Gunder We just changed the channel , not to excited about the drag queen show! Stay classy
Adam Cervas Macy’s worst decision ever with your cross dresser show on Thanksgiving, you’ve completely removed the family part of thanksgiving. Absolutely disgusting, whoever made that decision should be fired.
Shelby Wells Shame on you for putting transvestites in a traditionally family-friendly, wholesome event as the Thanksgiving Day parade. Awful of you to insinuate sexualization of children into this event- evil!
Rebecca Kling Boycotting Macy’s immediately. My entire family and I were altogether disgusted. Changed the channel within seconds of the “Kinky Boots” act, before my young children were exposed to the highly sexualized explicit adult material. Disappointed is an understatement. As a business, you know that Word Of Mouth (WOM) communication is a huge part of marketing. You should also know that negative WOM spreads faster than positive. Be assured, I will never say another positive word about your company, but will make sure those who missed out on the debacle of your parade this year are aware of your grand entrance into the push of sexuality onto young children. A public apology is owed. Americans deserve better than this.
And that’s only the armature bigots.  Wait until tomorrow when the pro’s like Tony Perkins, Bryan Fischer, and One Million Old Biddys Moms show up.
As for them boycotting.  If I were Macy’s I wouldn’t worry. It’s doubtful that any of these knuckle dragging, trailer park dwelling neanderthal bigots shop at Macy’s at all  let alone afford it.   But while these transphobic inbred assholes rant on and bash macy’s about the inclusion of the musical number lets all drop over to Macy’s Facebook page and leave a note of THANKS for making this years parade diverse and for all families.