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Gay Panic Defense Being Used In Murder Of 18 Year-Old Texas Student Joshua Wilkerson

Texas police have offcially charged a 19 year-old student Hermillio Morales with murder after he led investigators to the beaten and burned body of 18 year-old fellow student Joshua Wilkerson (left). The suspect claims the pair fought after Wilkerson made sexual advances on him.

Moralez, beat Joshua Wilkerson to death with a large wooden object sometime Tuesday afternoon, according to court records from Brazoria County. The 19-year-old then burned the teenager’s body. Moralez told investigators Wilkerson gave him a ride in his truck after school and sometime later, the victim “began to come on to him in a sexual manner,” according to a probable cause document. Moralez said he hit Wilkerson and the two got out of his truck and fought. Moralez was previously a person of interest in the investigation when he was seen loitering in the area of Joshua Wilkerson’s abandoned vehicle, according to a Pearland Police Department statement.

Yet another manifestation of the implicit permission to harm found in anti-gay rhetoric.

Oh and while leading police toi the body, Moralez attempted to grab a gun from the holster of a detective and escape.

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