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KENTUCKY: Homework Assignment at Christian Academy of Louisville: Persuade your friend to stop being GAY.

KENTUCKY: Homework Assignment at Christian Academy of Louisville: Persuade your friend to stop being GAY.

A homework assignment given to some middle-schoolers (7th. grade = 11/12 yo) at Christian Academy of Louisville, Kentucky has been exposed showing how it encourages students to persuade an “imaginary friend” to reject being gay. *cough*-GROOMING-*cough*

Via: The Courier Journal:

Screenshots show the assignment required students to write a letter to a hypothetical friend “struggling with homosexuality” and persuade them “God’s design for them is good,” “homosexuality will not bring them satisfaction” and “you love them even though you don’t approve of their lifestyle.” – Assume that you have known this friend since kindergarten, that you go to the same church and that you have been pretty good friends over the years until now,” the screenshot of the assignment read. “… The aim of your letter should be to lovingly and compassionately speak truth to the person you’re talking to in a way that does not approve of any sin. Instead, TRY TO PERSUADE THEM OF THE GOODNESS OF GOD’S DESIGN for them.”

Christian Academy of Louisville School System Superintendent Darin Long in a statement said the assignment had been given to students in a middle school Bible elective class.

The homework was “part of a unit of study which discusses ‘What are humans and where is their identity?'” Long wrote, and “in context, was how a person could discuss homosexuality with a friend from a biblical perspective with compassion and love.”

And Jesus wept. Again.

4 Men Arrested After Beating and Robbing Gay Man in Louisville, KY

4 Men Arrested After Beating and Robbing Gay Man in Louisville, KY

Four men were arrested in Louisville, KY last Saturday night after police say they beat and robbed a man, while yelling homophobic slurs about his sexual orientation.

According to police  reports, the incident took place on Saturday, just before 10 a.m.  When Louisville Metro Police were sent to the crime scene after someone reported that a group of men were attacking another man.

When officers arrived, they found a man who was bleeding from his face and mouth.

The man told officers that four men punched and kicked him until he fell to the ground while yelling anti- gay slurs at him. One of the attackers also took his cell phone and wallet.

Police ultimately arrested 29-year-old Shaun Logsdon, 32-year-old Aaron Cox, 31-year-old Christopher Philpott and 37-year-old John Hamilton. According to the arrest reports, the victim lived with two of the men and was able to identify them by name. He identified another suspect as “John-John” and gave a physical description of the fourth.

The four men were arrested in later that day where the victim’s cell phone was recovered.

They are all charged with first-degree robbery.

There is no word if federal hate crime charges will be filed.

Ex-Gay Therapy Billboard In Louisville. KY Outrages Citizens

Abba's Delight

A strategically placed ex-gay therapy billboard in one of Louisville Kentucky’s most densely LGBT populated neighborhoods is creating a major controversy with many Kentuckians demanding its removal.

But the founder of the group that created the Billboard, Daniel Mingo, denies that the ad targets homosexuality.

“This specifically targets people who have same-sex attractions that are unwanted,” said Mingo. “Abba’s delight” is a ministry that helps people of faith who are uncomfortable with their same-sex attractions.”

Mingo claims he had to “walk away from homosexuality” because of his religious preferences and the beliefs therein.

“Who else to help someone walk out of something that they don’t want to be in than someone else who has already walked that path?” said Mingo.

Chris Hartman, the director of the Fairness Campaign, is outraged by the advertisement and believes that it targets the gay community with anti-gay propaganda.

“To suggest that this organization is going to help someone is an exact obfuscation of the truth, it’s the opposite; they’re going to harm 90 percent of the people that walk in and out of their door,” said Hartman. “An organization like this really needs to be shut down.”

Abba’s Delight was founded in April 2008 in Louisville, Kentucky by Mingo, the Ministry Director. It is a “Christian”, Biblically based ministry-and of course a not-for-profit 501(c)3 organization.

In a recent 2013 interview Mingo revealed that his publicity push of his group was because of Exodus Internatinal’s demise and also revealed that Abba’s Delight has no licensed professional counselors on staff.

Great.  Another self loathing, charlatan homo making money and potentially harming LGBT people with a faux “Christian” group using the  gayest name ever.

Abba’s delight.  Please bitch.


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Kentucky Teen Pushes For More LGBT Literature To Be Available In Public Libraries

The bookworm turns!

Even in this day and age we still see news stories about bible thumpers who pressure schools and libraries to remove LGBT books from circulation.  But 15-year-old gay Kentucky blogger Brent, has a quest to get more gay young adult titles stocked in local libraries!

Brent who runs his own literature blog writes:

“When I set out to find more LGBT titles, I turned to my school’s library. Honestly? It was pathetic. There was not one single LGBT novel. But oh, of course the librarian went out of her way to buy books about gangs, drugs, and teen pregnancy. Like, for real, the people who actually do care about gangs, drugs, and teen sex sure as hell don’t read–they’re too busy (note: gangs, drugs, and teen sex. Yeah, they’re going to interrupt all that fabulous action to sit and read a good novel!). When I asked her about it, she replied, ‘This is a school library. If you are looking to read inappropriate titles, go to a book store.’ Uhm, how in the hell is LGBT YA lit ‘inappropriate’?  The world needs more librarians who serve the purpose of finding the right book to put in the right person’s lap. Not librarians who think that they can decide what’s ‘inappropriate’ and what’s not, based on their personal prejudices.”

What a remarkable young man! 

Librarians aren’t supposed to have personal biases when acquiring library books, and not having young adult LGBT titles in a serious gap.  I commend you for taking your librarians to task for not providing a broad, useful collection with a variety of viewpoints. They are guilty of “self-censoring” and going against the ALA (American Library Association’s) Code of Ethics and should be reported.

I’d be glad and more than willing to buy a LGBT Young Adult title or two and donate them to your library

Keep up the great work!

Openly Gay, 28 Year Old Mike Slaton Running Against Ultra-Conservative Democrat In Kentucky House Of Representatives Election

Mike Slaton, a 28 year old, openly gay Louisville, KY man is charging headlong into Tuesday’s primary hoping to unseat Rep. Thomas Riner, an ultra-conservative and religious (ie. undercover Republican) Democrat incumbent  who’s served in the State House for 28 years/

According to LEO Weekly, a Louisville paper:

Riner caught flak for legislation he introduced in 2002 and again in 2006 mandating that language recognizing God’s role in protecting the commonwealth from terrorist attacks be included in the state’s homeland security bill, as well as mandating the Ten Commandments be displayed in courthouses across the state. While national “hot-button” issues like abortion and gay rights rarely factor into smaller-scale elections like this, Riner’s piety has cost the state nearly half a million dollars in legal fees in lost case after lost case in defense against the American Civil Liberties Union.

Slanton, is endorsed by CFAIR-Committee for Fairness and Individual Rights, The Women’s Network PAC, The Metropolitan Louisville Women’s Political Caucus, The Victory Fund and is running on a progressive platform.
THIS is exactly what we need to do,  Remove the old bigot and crooked politicans and replace them with new fresh blood. (Mike is also cute as a button!)

I am running for office because I believe that government must play an active role in improving people’s lives and strengthening our communities by crafting progressive public policy and promoting personal responsibility.

I believe that education, health equity, access to food, public transportation, housing, and the environment are all civil rights issues.

I believe that it’s time for District 41 to have a representative who will champion social, economic, and environmental justice for all people. With your help, I will be that Representative. — Mike Slaton

Best of luck Mike!