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Los Angeles Father Kills Son For Being Gay

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Los Angeles prosecutors on Friday charged a 69-year-old man with fatally shooting his son outside the family’s North Hills home because his son was gay.

The shooting occurred Tuesday when police responded to a call at the family home and found the bodies of Amir Issa, 29 and his mother, who was not identified. Officers later arrested the Issa’s father, Shehada Khalil Issa, who faces one count of premeditated murder.

Shehada had previously threatened to kill his son, because he was gay, according to Los Angeles County prosecutors.

Investigators told the Los Angeles Daily News Issa had initially said he found his dead wife in the bathroom of their house and had shot his son in self-defense after being threatened with a knife.

Later, Issa made “incriminating statements” and was subsequently charged with murder. A detective told the paper: “It was a horrible family tragedy”

Shehada Khalil Issa is being held without bail at Men’s Central Jail. His arraignment is scheduled for April 11 at the San Fernando branch of Los Angeles County Superior Court.

There been no word if Amir Issa’s murder is linked to being an “honor killing”.