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More With Kylie Minogue And Her Support Of Her Gay Fans

For over two decades singer Kylie Minogue has been an inspiration to the gay community and has given her unwavering support of our rights. Tonight she is to be presented with a prestigious award by Scissor Sisters’ Jake Shears to commemorate her contributions to music and her ability to transform her music to translate to all generations. Here’s more:

The pop diva, 44, spoke to Willam and Louis Virtel about her “Abbey Road Sessions” album, which was released last year. She also gave Willam a special tweet thrill.

In February, it was announced that Minogue would join the ranks of Jay-Z, Willow Smith, J. Cole and Rita Ora on the Roc Nation label.

The Logo NewNowNext Awards 2013 will be air on Logo on April 15 at 10 p.m./9 p.m. central time.

The Gayly News: Bryan Fischer Boy Scout, Even The GOP Hates Mitt Romney, LOGO-TV Who? And MORE!

*  163 GOP delegates bring a lawsuit against the Republican National Committee to get rid of Mitt Romney – I love it when Republicans eat their own. Would you like fries with that?

*  Montana Republican Party drops criminalizing homosexuality from its platform.  They’ll just hate us secretly. 

* LOGO-TV (are they still around) drops The A-List New York Or as many liked to refer to it The Hepatitis A List of New York.

American Family Association Bryan FISTer Fischer warned his 3 listeners that allowing gays in the Boy Scouts  would allow “homosexual pedophiles like this  Jerry Sandusky” to infiltrate the BSA.  FISTer Fischer was seen later that day being measured for a Troop Leader uniform.

* The campus LGBT Group at the scariest evangelical Christian college in America, Bob Jones University is called “BJ Unite.”  BEST NAME EVER!

True Blood creator Alan Ball says that Rick Santorum was a base point for Chris Meloni and The Vampire Authority in this seasons True Blood storyline because  ” to have a theocracy in America  is way more terrifying than any fictional monster could ever be.” – And also Santorum SUCKS!

”  Los Angeles right wing loon street preacher screams at Pride atendee’s, “Stop eating your poo-poo!”What a shithead.

All same-sex unions are against Jewish Law, United Kingdom Chief Rabbi’s consultation response says – Ah stuff a Bacon Cheese Burger in your kuglehole Rabbi.

WATCH The “Old Dogs & New Tricks” Web Series Premier! – The Show TOO GOOD For Logo-TV

“Old Dogs & New Tricks” the new gay “Baby Boomer” web series follows the friendship and tribulations of four diverse and otherwise successful West Hollywood men – each one located squarely within middle age and asks the question, Does (sex) life end for gay men as they approach 50? (With hysterical results)

Old Dogs & New Tricks if the type of programming that LOGO TV should be producing.

The cast and crew lead by Leon Accord decided to bring ODNT to life via the web (Screw Logo anyway they suck ) to show the serio-comedic struggles of the 4 middle-aged gay best friends, all struggling to stay vital and relevant in youth-obsessed West Hollywood.

The new season boasts unique guest stars including hunky Thom Bierdz (Young and the Restless), comedian Patrick Bristow (Ellen, Austin Powers, Showgirls) as a hilarious psychiatrist, and Bruce L. Hart (The Reckoning, Homewrecker) playing a bitchy professional ‘frenemy”

So check out Old Dogs & New Trick’s Pilot Episode and newly debuted Episode 1 below starring: Leon Acord, Curt Bonnem, Jeffrey Patrick Olson and David Pevsner.

Old Dogs & New Trick’sThe show that was too good for Logo-TV

Back2Stonewall.com recommended!


Check out the ODNT Website by CLICKING HERE!

A List: Dallas Star Levi Crocker Jumped In Oklahoma City Gay Bar – Is LOGO TV At Fault?

Levi Crocker has posted via Twitter that he was jumped by 4 men in an Oklahoma City gay bar last night with one of the men busting a bar-stool over his head because they didn’t like the show.

Over the months LOGO-TV has received numerous complaints about the show and its stereotyping of gay men and its sensationalism of having Taylor Garret a “gay republican” meet with Ann Coulter on an upcoming episode.  LOGO has ignored all complaints and in some cases embraced the negative publicity including that of Garrett himself making accusations of being bashed twice in  the past 2 months.

I will repeat this again.  VIOLENCE IS NEVER THE ANSWER

But does Crockers assault prove that its not really politics but  LOGO TV’s horrible stereotyping and ignoring of the LGBT communities objections to the debasing of the community that is causing these current problems?   

Does LOGO bear some responsibility?  And is its sensationalist quest for ratings (which have failed MISERABLY with A List: Dallas) to blame?

Video – “Half-Share” The Show That LOGO TV Should Spend Some $$$’s To Pick Up.

LOGO-TV the home of, the vapid queens of The A List, the done to death drag queens of RuPauls Drag Race, and the 500th time reruns of Buffy the Vampire Slayer has no excuse for not heading over to the  the New York Television Festival, (September 19-24) and chacking out and picking up “Half-Share” , a gay comedy that is being shopped around by Jesse Archer, Sean Hanley and Michael Lyon,

“Half-Share” sort of like a cross between  Sex & The City  meets The Boys in the Band and deals with an eclectic bunch of gay men sharing a house one summer on Fire Island.  After a 14-year relationship ends Mac (Kevin Spidle) is convinced to join a summer share in the Pines. He thinks it’s going to be a reflective and relaxing vacation, but it turns out somewhat differently, as Mac’s eccentric housemates toss him headfirst into the deep end of Fire Island’s  social scene.

Half-Share also boasts a REAL cast of actors.  None of this Richen Lehmenkul Z-List shit.  The cast of Half-Share includes: Jesse Archer (Boy Culture,Violet Tendencies), Alec Mapa (Ugly Betty), Sam Pancake ( Legally Blonde 2), Jack Plotnick (Girls Will Be Girls), Kevyn Morrow (Broadway’s Five Guys Named Moe) and Joey Dudding (Big Gay Musical)

One of the major problems with LOGO-Tv has and is that its CHEAP.  The network is almost totally run by interns and every “original” show that it has is penny pinched to death and its content even 1 Girl 5 Gays is a Canadian talk show that premiered on 14 October 2009 on MTV (Canada) and they buy old LGBT themed played out reruns. (The big news this year was that LOGO  had acquired the non-exclusive, basic cable rights to Will & Grace for 2013.  WOW 2013!)

In reality LOGO TV  is owned by Viacom’s MTV Networks division and is hardly suffering for money.  Logo does have major advertisers but seems that they are  more interested in using its money to buy internet sites.   LOGO acquired three LGBT websites: 365gay.com (a site featuring news relevant to the LGBT community), AfterEllen.com (a site featuring news and commentary on bisexual and lesbian women in media and entertainment), and AfterElton.com (a site featuring news and commentary on bisexual and gay men in media and entertainment). In 2007, Logo acquired Downelink.com (a social networking site primarily targeted to LGBT people of color) for a reported $4.8 million instead of pumping some money into its programming

Cmon LOGO how about popping a few bucks and picking up “Half-Share” so there is  actually something worth while watching on your channel.  You do realize that you are a Premium Cable Tier after all. 

Or are you saving up to buy reruns of “Dante’s Cove”?  *shiver*