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Baltic Pride Parade in Vilnius Disrupted By Hundreds Of Anti-Gay Protesters – Video

Baltic Pride

Hundreds of anti-gay protesters, many of them fascist and religious extremist descended upon Lithuania’s second-ever Baltic Pride parade in Vilnius, where they pelted attendees with eggs and verbal abuse.

Several hundred gay rights activists took to the grand main street of Vilnius to show their pride, waving Lithuanian and rainbow-colored flags, with some standing on top of buses decked out in colorful balloons. They were met by hundreds of unruly protesters, 28 of whom were detained, police said. Among them was Petras Grazulis, an anti-gay lawmaker who rallied protesters with a bullhorn. He was thrown face-down on the ground and carried off in handcuffs by police, though the lawmaker soon reappeared at the protest after being released from police custody.

About 50 protesters tried to storm a concert stage where activists were to speak, but police forced them off. Protesters also threw eggs, hitting Lithuanian lawmaker Giedre Purvaneckiene and Sweden’s European Union Affairs Minister Birgitta Ohlsson, who were standing at the front of the parade along with other dignitaries. “It shows that we need to march until eggs aren’t thrown anymore and people can march freely and without fear,” said Purvaneckiene, who was not injured.

Grazulis who is currently in the governing coalition, is attempting to craft a ‘homosexual propaganda’ in Lithuania.

The video below caught Petras Grazulis’ arrest.

Lithuania’s Gay Pride Parade Suffers Fire Bomb Disruptions and Fascists But Still Goes On!

Baltic Pride in Vilnius suffered a firebomb attempt last night, but Lithuania’s first gay parade went on under the protection under the guard of hundreds of soldiers and city police.

\Opponents of Lithuania’s first gay pride parade threw smoke bombs and tried to break through a barrier but were stopped by police firing tear gas,  Fascist groups also lined the parade route with megaphones to hurl insults at the marchers

Bu that did not stop them.  Holding large rainbow flags and dancing to music blaring from loudspeakers, they walked along a road near the city’s Neris river. About 400 people took part in the two-hour march — dubbed “For Equality” — in a sealed-off area in downtown Vilnius. Holding large rainbow flags and dancing to music blaring from loudspeakers, they walked along a road near the city’s Neris river.

Protesters carried crosses and signs and shouted insults at rally participants. A Catholic Mass at the nearby national cathedral was held to pray for homosexuals. “Sweden has already wiped out traditional families. Now they came over here to tell us how to live, how to think and who to sleep with. Lithuania will not allow such perversions,” said Jonas Kempinskas, who walked from the Cathedral to the protest holding a huge cross. (And yet, Jonas Kempinskas, Sweden is far more successful and popular and pleasant than Lithuania ever has been or will be. Curious, isn’t it?)

Those who marched in Lithuania are all heroes!