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Comic-Con 2010 Gay Geek News! CBS Casts "CHUCK"’s Mother And It’s Sarah………Sarah Connor!

CBS has officially ended the search for the actress who wil play Chuck and ellie Bartowski’s Mom on CBS’s hit show “CHUCK” signing Linda Hamilton of “terminator fame.

Sarah Connor  Linda Hamilton will make her first appearance as Zachary Levi’s MIA spy mama Mary Bartowski in Chuck‘s fourth-season premiere on Sept. 20.

“We’re always looking for guest stars who will be great in the part, but who also speak to our audience and feel like it comes out of the universe of our show,” says exec producer Josh Schwartz. “If Chuck and Morgan were watching Chuck, they would be excited about Linda coming on board.” Adds fellow EP Chris Fedak: “Chuck was certainly a Terminator fan, and Morgan was a Beauty and the Beast fan.”

“The mystery surrounding Chuck’s mom is at the heart of the season, and there are going to be some shocking ssurprises in the first episode,” previews Fedak. “By the end of the episode we are going to turn everything on its head with regard to who she is.”

GREAT casting.  Now how about making Adam Baldwin’s Casey character come out as gay?  A kick ass, humpy , gay secret agent.  WOOF!  (Won’t ever happen but I can dream can’t I?)