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American Family Association Hate Group Gets Bent Out Of Shape Over Indiana LGBT License Plate

Indiana recently became the first state in the Union to issue an LGBT license plate, for the Indiana Youth Group, which looks after the needs of self-identified Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender or Questioning youths.  All purchases of the license plate, you will help fund programs at the IYG.

Well of course the American Family Association which hates all things gay, all the time has got thier tailpipes in an uproar.

Said AFA Executive Director Micah Clark: “You have to question what the DMV was thinking when they approved a license plate for a group which recruits teens into the homosexual lifestyle. Since health risks do not seem to matter, what is to prevent a cigar club from now getting a license plate from the DMV? State agencies should be neutral in the politically charged culture war especially the promotion of homosexuality among minors. It is very disappointing that Indiana is the first state in the nation to have a license plate celebrating youth involved in homosexual behaviors.”

Of course, the pro-family – anti-abortion license plates are just fine though even though they go to fund extremists potential homeland terrorist groups.

After all many shootings, murders and bombings are gay youth groups responsible for in the name of God?