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#PRIDE FLASHBACK 2019: Back2Stonewall Chosen To Be Included in Library of Congress' LGBTQ+ Web Archives

#PRIDE FLASHBACK 2019: Back2Stonewall Chosen To Be Included in Library of Congress’ LGBTQ+ Web Archives

Received on June 29,2019. This is one of our most #PRIDEFULL moments of my life:

The United States Library of Congress has selected your website (Back2Stonewall.com) for inclusion in the Library’s historic collection of Internet materials related to the LGBTQ+ Studies Web Archive. We consider your website to be an important part of this collection and the historical record.

The Library of Congress preserves important cultural artifacts and provides enduring access to them. The Library’s traditional functions, acquiring, cataloging, preserving and serving collection materials of historical importance to foster education and scholarship, extend to digital materials, including websites. Our web archives are important because they contribute to the historical record, capturing information that could otherwise be lost. With the growing role of the web as an influential medium, records of historic events could be considered incomplete without materials that were “born digital” and never printed on paper.

The following URL has been selected:


In order to properly archive this URL, and potentially other URLs of interest on your site, we may archive both this URL and other portions of your site, including public content that your page links to on third party sites such as Facebook, YouTube, etc. The Library of Congress or its agent will engage in the collection of content from your website at regular intervals and may include it in future collections. The Library will make this collection available to researchers at Library facilities and by special arrangement.

The Library may also make the collection available more broadly by hosting the collection on the Library’s public access website no earlier than one year after our archiving has been completed. The Library hopes that you share its vision of preserving Internet materials and permitting researchers from across the world to access them.

I cannot express in words how much this means to me.

You see. We are a classy dive and HISTORY DOES MATTER!

Thank You

Will Kohler

SHE HAS SURVIVED! – Gloria Gaynor To Perform At The Library Of Congress Tribute To Disco – Video

SHE HAS SURVIVED! - Gloria Gaynor To Perform At The Library Of Congress Tribute To Disco - Video


Via the Washington Post:

Last year, Gloria Gaynor’s disco anthem “I Will Survive” became one of 25 new additions to the National Recording Registry, a collection of sound recordings considered “culturally, historically, or aesthetically important, and/or inform or reflect life in the United States” and kept at the Library of Congress. The wide-ranging registry includes Thomas Edison’s early cylinders, Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” speech, Abbott and Costello’s “Who’s on First?” routine and singles by Bing Crosby, Chuck Berry, George Jones and Tupac Shakur.

In May, Gaynor is coming to the Library of Congress, where she’ll perform in the Great Hall as part of the Library’s “Bibliodiscotheque,” a series of films, lectures and events celebrating the disco era, capped with — what else? — a late-night dance party in the historic Jefferson Building. All events are free and open to the public. Tickets will be available beginning at 10 a.m. on March 30.


Federal Worker At The Library of Congress Fired For Being Gay

Peter TerVeer, has been a *career conditional employee at the Library of Congress’ office of inspector general since 2008 and promoted several levels before being fired, says he was fired for his job after he disclosed that he is gay.

FOX5 reports:

“[I was] hired and subsequently promoted to a [GS] 9,” said TerVeer. “And then to an 11. And got my in-grade [pay] increases, then things turned sour.”

Sour, says TerVeer, when he disclosed that he is gay. In an affidavit in support of a complaint to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, TerVeer says his immediate supervisor created a hostile work environment by disparaging both his homosexuality and his religious beliefs.

“My personal perspective as to having my religious beliefs is that homosexuality is not a sin. And that was not the case up there,” said VerTeer gesturing toward the location of his old office.

FOX 5 has obtained what appear to be emails from that supervisor. In one of them, the supervisor writes to his employee that “He [meaning Jesus] prohibited sexual immorality including homosexuality….”