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Kentucky Right-Wing Anti-Lockdown Protestors Hang Democrat Gov Beshear In Effigy With Sign Quoting John Wiles Booth

Kentucky Right-Wing Anti-Lockdown Protestors Hang Democrat Gov Beshear In Effigy With Sign Quoting John Wiles Booth

Via The Louisville Courier-Journal:

What started out as a freedom-loving celebration of the Second Amendment ahead of Memorial Day turned into Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear being hanged in effigy and protesters chanting outside the governor’s mansion.

The Second Amendment rally, meant to inspire people “about what it really means to be FREE,” according to Take Back Kentucky, attracted at least 100 people to the Kentucky State Capitol in Frankfort on Sunday.

It began as a celebration of constitutional rights but turned into a protest of coronavirus restrictions and Beshear’s administration. Folks toted guns and waved American and “Don’t tread on me” flags. Taps honored the fallen, and free flags were given to veterans from all military branches.

A sign hung on the effigy said, “sic semper tyrannis,” which translates to “thus always to tyrants,” a phrase famously used by John Wilkes Booth after shooting President Abraham Lincoln.

The effigy was hung just a short walk from where the Governor, First Lady, and their two young children live.

The “Memorial Day COVID Freedom Rally” was hosted by Frank Harris a Libertarian (aka Republican) who is running for Kentucky’s 6th. District US House seat and was promoted by the group Take Back Kentucky. Neither have taken responsibility nor condemned the hanging of the effigy.

NOM’s Brian Brown Tells The Tea Party NOM Is “Libertarian” And To Hate The Gays More

Bryan Brown evil

In a recent Tea Party Unity conference call Brian Brown of the The National Organization for Marriage (NOM) not only tried to sell NOM as a “libertarian” and that the Tea Party should get behind them in denying the gay community its civil rights.

“There is really one or two outcomes that’s going to happen in this:  either we’re going to have the state embrace this new definition of  marriage and use the power of the state to punish, repress and  marginalize those of us that know that marriage is the union of a man  and a woman, or we’re going to have the state recognize the truth about  marriage. Ours is actually a libertarian argument. We’re not arguing that the  state create marriage, the state does not create marriage, but the state has to recognize the truth that marriage is by its nature the union of a man and a woman. When it abandons that truth, you’re giving the power  to the state to call black white and white black, to put a falsehood  into the law and a state that can do that is a state that pretty much  can do anything.”

At one point in the conference call Brown took a call from the infamous hatermonger  Brian Camenker of the anti-gay hate group MassResistance who challenged Brown about this selective language use, asking why NOM doesn’t just admit that homosexuality is a “perversion.” Brown admitted that he didn’t think harsher language could sway Supreme Court Justice Kennedy, but he encouraged, yes encouraged extreme hate  group’s like Camenker to keep doing their own thing and keep the extreme anti-gay hate and rhetoric flowing:

CAMENKER: It’s concerning to a lot of people that the arguments being used in the various court cases concede that homosexual relationships are legitimate and not a perversion or what have you, we just don’t like them, and we wonder if there was more of a hard stance that they are not legitimate, that it is perverse, unnatural and what have you, that we might have some better success in some of the cases. […]

BROWN: Whenever I’m asked about what I think about homosexuality, I’m very clear, I believe and as a Catholic I believe in the traditional teaching of our church. I think that sex is reserved for marriage, period. As far as the legal arguments go we may differ. I think a lot of the legal arguments have been made in the Prop 8 case especially have been made to speak to [Justice] Kennedy and Kennedy has already found in the Lawrence case, for example, that states can’t ban sodomy. So it’s not likely that a stronger argument about homosexuality is really going to shift Kennedy.

I know some people think we need to focus more on homosexuality. All I’ll say is that when asked I state what I believe and many of the religious supporters that we’ll have at the march clearly will stand up and proclaim biblical truth on marriage, but I’m not sure whether legally that is the best strategy. Also, different groups need to do different things, not all groups have to do the same thing. So folks that are taking a harder line in focusing more on homosexuality, there need to be different groups doing different things

More unadulterated lies, hate and  uneducated trash from the uneducated trash Brain Brown. But he does tip NOM and his own hateful hand proving once again that it’s not at all about same-sex marriage but about hate and bigotry pure and simple.

Listen to the audio via RightWingWatch