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Caught on Tape: Neo Nazi’s Attack Gay Nightclub in the Ukraine – Video

Neo Nazis


Just a few days after Russian authorities cancelled PRIDE in Kiev stating that they wouldn’t be able to provide protection for the marchers, despite being able to do so the year prior. That very same evening a security camera for the gay night club Pomada captured a group of Neo Nazi’s violently attacking the club and patrons.

A few patrons of the club are milling around outside, when suddenly they all rush inside just moments before a massive throng of Neo-Nazis rush to the door and try to force their way in. The door eventually gets wrenched open and a few of the masked thugs make it inside, only to run out a few moments later.  Reports stated that smoke bombs and firecrackers were thrown in and like the cowards they are they fled after it was done.

HRC should put their Russian outreach money to good use for a change and buy that bar a flamethrower and send it to the bar.