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FLORIDA: US Gay and Immigration Groups Issue Travel Advisories Against Visiting State

FLORIDA: US Gay and Immigration Groups Issue Travel Advisories Against Visiting State

Equality Florida, the largest LGBT organization in the state, is urging people not to travel to the state due to what it sees as a dangerous environment.

“As an organization that has spent decades working to improve Florida’s reputation as a welcoming and inclusive place to live work and visit, it is with great sadness that we must respond to those asking if it is safe to travel to Florida or remain in the state as the laws strip away basic rights and freedoms,” Equality Florida Executive Director Nadine Smith said in a statement.

Despite discouraging people from traveling to the state, Equality Florida wants those who choose to live in the state to fight against what it calls discriminatory policies.

Representing more than 65 immigrant groups, the Florida Immigrant Coalition also weighed in also: “In Florida, routine daily activities for those who cannot immediately prove United States citizenship and lawful residency at all times may result in devastating consequences,” a statement from the group said. “These consequences include arrest for operating a vehicle, no matter the state you are from, reduced access to health care services and compromised safety.”

 FIC’s travel advisory is in part a response to two pieces of legislation pushed by Mr. DeSantis. They seek to increase state power over businesses suspected of hiring illegal immigrants, letting authorities conduct random audits. State identification laws would be beefed up as well. State IDs issued to noncitizens in neighboring states would not be valid in Florida

We are setting up our first gay (LGBTQ and STR8 ally) cruise group to Bermuda on November 27th for 5 fabulash nights out of NYC on the MSC Meraviglia.

Cruising At Sea: Gay Men’s Cruise Group Set for Bermuda – November 27, 2023 – NYC – 5nts.

We are setting up our first gay men’s cruise group to Bermuda on November 27th for 5 fabulash nights out of NYC on the MSC Meraviglia.

This group is limited to 40 people.

FIRST 10 BOOKINGS RECIEVE $25 AMAZON GIFT CARD! (After completion of cruise)

This will be the first cruise of our new PRIDE LGBTQ+ Travel consulting offshoot.

I will be booking all reservations and will be onboard as Group Leader to take care of any last minute issues. (NO BOOKING FEES EVER!)

It’s also a fantastic bargain. There will be group meet-ups, gay trivia contests, and dare we say….DISCO!

Prices below reflect stateroom pp Double Occupancy with Unlimited Drinks and Wifi PLUS OBC.

Contact me at freewil@hotmail.com to book!

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Cruising At Sea: Which is the BEST Cruise Line for LGBT Travelers?

Cruising At Sea: Which is the BEST Cruise Line for LGBT Travelers?

Celebrity Cruise Line Chosen Best for LGBT Passengers 2023

Interested in taking a cruise but not a drug and sex fueled circuit party at sea? But with so many cruise lines which is the best and safest for LGBT travelers?

Hands down and 2 *snaps* up our choice is Celebrity Cruises.

Celebrity Cruises is a premium cruise line that has consistently been ranked as one of the best cruise lines in the world. The company’s commitment to diversity and inclusion has made Celebrity Cruises the perfect choice for those who want to relax and enjoy a vacation without fear of discrimination.

Celebrity Cruises is perfect for LGBT travelers and offers a range of activities and entertainment options, including LGBT-focused events.. These events include meet and greets with other LGBT travelers, LGBT film screenings, and Pride celebrations. Additionally, the cruise line offers a variety of LGBT-friendly excursions, such as exploring gay-friendly neighborhoods or visiting LGBT historical sites. Something you won’t find on any other cruse line.

One of the most significant benefits of choosing Celebrity is the company’s commitment to ensuring that all guests are treated equally and with respect. Celebrity has a zero-tolerance policy for discrimination of any kind, including discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity. This policy is enforced across all areas of the ship, including dining, entertainment, and activities. Additionally, the cruise line has trained its staff on how to create a welcoming and inclusive environment for all guests, including LGBT travelers. Additionally, Celebrity Cruises has partnered with a variety of charitable organizations, including those that support the LGBT community. Through these partnerships, the cruise line has raised awareness and funds for LGBT causes, including HIV/AIDS research and support for LGBT youth.

Being an avid cruiser myself and having tried many cruise lines I can personally attest to Celebrity’s respect for LGBT travelers and it’s diversity which stands hands heads and shoulders above the rest. {And the food is beyond excellent.}

Back2Stonewall names Celebrity Cruise Lines the Best Cruise Line for LGBT Travelers for 2023.

FLORIDA: GOP Advances Bill Allowing Doctors To Refuse Treatment To LGBT's

WTF!? – Tampa to Host Florida’s 1st LGBTQ+ Tourism Conference

Come for a visit. Stay to have your rights and dignity taken away!

In March 2022, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signed into law the Parental Rights in Education bill, better known as the “Don’t Say Gay” bill (the Bill) is one of the most opressive pieces of anti-LGBT legislation in the United States. So of course Tampa, Florida will be home to the inaugural conference for the swastika sunshine state’s LGBTQ+ welcoming destinations, hotels, businesses, nonprofits, Pride organizations, travel influencers and more. Florida OutCoast Convention (FLOCC) will be held August 1-3, 2023 at the Hilton Tampa Downtown.

Via Yahoo News: “Never before has there been a space for Florida’s tourism and LGBTQ leaders to unite, evolve and flourish as one community,” Rachel Covello, publisher of OutCoast, said in a written statement. A digital magazine and Florida travel blog that highlights Florida’s LGBTQ-inclusive destinations and businesses – the convention this August will provide a welcoming space to ‘FLOCC together’ to develop solutions that will strengthen the Florida LGBTQ tourism industry.”

Despite its truly appalling state government, Florida continues to strangely be a top LGBTQ+ destination

The Florida OutCoast Convention will include general and breakout sessions, keynote speakers, entertainment and an exhibit hall. The conference will also feature Flamboyance, a gala celebrating LGBTQ+ tourism accomplishments throughout Florida.  (Which should take about 5 minutes)

#BoycottBermuda – Bermuda Repeals Same Sex Marriage Law

The tourist friendly country of Bermuda has become the first ever country to repeal same-sex marriage.

Bermuda’s governor has signed into law a bill reversing the right of gay couples to marry, despite a supreme court ruling last year authorizing same-sex marriage.

Walton Brown, Bermuda’s minister of home affairs, said the legislation signed by Governor John Rankin would balance opposition to same-sex marriage on the socially conservative island while complying with European court rulings that ensure recognition and protection for same-sex couples in the territory.

Bermuda’s Senate and House of Assembly passed the legislation by wide margins in December and a majority of voters opposed same-sex marriage in a referendum.

The Associated Press reports:

‘The act is intended to strike a fair balance between two currently irreconcilable groups in Bermuda, by restating that marriage must be between a male and a female while at the same time recognizing and protecting the rights of same-sex couples,’ Brown said.”

The British government could have blocked the territory from enacting the law, the BBC reports, but chose not to. Foreign Minister Harriet Baldwin said that blocking legislation should only happen in “exceptional circumstances,” the British broadcaster reports:

“I feel enormously disappointed,” said Joe Gibbons, a 64-year-old married gay Bermudian. “This is not equality, and the British government has obviously just said, ‘This is not our fight.’”

Human rights groups had lobbied Governor Rankin and the foreign secretary, Boris Johnson, to deviate from standard practice in self-governing UK territories and withhold assent for the change. They argued that the new legislation contradicted Bermuda’s constitution, which guarantees freedom from discrimination.

In a debate in the UK’s House of Commons last month, the Labour MP Chris Bryant called the bill a “deeply unpleasant and very cynical piece of legislation”. After the repeal was confirmed, Bryant tweeted that it would “undermine [the] UK effort to advance LGBT rights”.

An estimated 584,000 tourists visit Bermuda a year and that money accounts for an estimated 28% of gross domestic product

Royal Caribbean, Celebrity, Norwegian Cruise Lines all host LGBT Cruises to Bermuda.