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Gay History 1971 – LIFE Magazine Publishes: “Homosexuals in Revolt” – 44 Years Later And We Are Still Fighting

Gay Activists Alliance President Jim Owles submits to arrest

Yesterday we posted about the first tlevised documentary about homosexuality in 1961,  Today we will flash-forward 10 years to  two years after the Stonewall riots in New York City   in 1971 and a LIFE Magazine featured article and 11 page pictorial on “gay liberation titled “Homosexuals in Revolt” which it called  “a major essay on America’s newest  militants”.

Some readers of LIFE were offended that the magazine would devote a dozen pages to people whom one letter writer  characterized as “psychic cripples.”

Other responses from peeved readers that  were printed in the January 28, 1972, issue of LIFE included:

From Telford, Penn. — There was plenty to lament in your  year-end issue, but the thing that struck me as most sad was the fact that LIFE  felt compelled to devote 11 pages to “Homosexuals in Revolt.”

From Chicago — Essentially, it is absurd to accept as a mere “variant lifestyle” a practice which, if universal, would mean the end of the  human race.

Including the still today, as popular as ever 41 years later among anti-gay “Christians”

From Glendale, California, the standard (as well as reductionist and  selective) biblical critique — “You shall not lie with a male as with a  woman; it is an abomination” (Leviticus 18:22).

Some LIFE readers praised the article for its fairness, accuracy and the dignity in which it was presented.  But even back then there was posturing for position and infighting from the LGBT community for equal representation from with its groups.

A woman in New Jersey named Jule Lee, who was (in her words) “one of the oldest  lesbian activists — both in age and years of participation in the  movement.”   was outraged, because the article focused on what she called “LIFE-made ‘leaders and out of ten picture pages … lesbians are mentioned on two.

To its credit LIFE, unlike many other periodicals of the time LIFE did try to portray the movement fairly and taking into fact that it was 1971 that was a very astonishing thing for the time.


It was the most shocking and, to most Americans, the most surprising  liberation movement yet. Under the slogan “Out of the closets and into the  streets,” thousands of homosexuals, male and female, were proudly confessing  what they had long hidden. They were, moreover, moving into direct confrontation  with conventional society. Their battle was far from won. But in 1971 militant  homosexuals showed they they were prepared to fight it…They resent what they  consider to be savage discrimination against them on the basis of a preference  which they did not choose and which they cannot — and do not want to — change. And while mist will admit that “straight” society’s attitudes have  caused them unhappiness, they respond to the charge that all homosexuals are  guilt-ridden and miserable with the defiant rallying cry “Gay is Good!”

Its interesting that in 1971 LIFE magazine states about homosexuality: ” basis of a preference  which they did not choose and which they cannot — and do not want to — change” alluding that even in 1971 many thought that being gay was not a choice and individuals were indeed born gay.  But then again this is a full decade BEFORE Ronald Reagan, Jerry Falwell and the the moral majority came on the scene to start spreading its hateful and false propaganda.

Many of the people who started our fight for equality are gone now and no longer with and and we owe them a great debt for standing up and taking our message to the streets and having the courage to start our fight.

It’s now 44 years later we are still fighting.

We owe it to ourselves and the those who fought before us not to get complacent and to continue to fight and to win.



June 1971 Gay Liberation Week (Pride) candlelight march

Eurovision To Russia: Protect Your LGBT Citizens Or You’ll Never Host The Contest Again

Eurovision Gay Kiss

Showing more integrity and courage than the International Olympic Committee could ever hope for.  The Eurovision Song Contest has threatened to ban Russia from ever hosting another contest over its anti-gay propaganda laws.

Eurovision organizers have demanded they outline guarantees regarding creative freedom of the acts, and the safety of organizers and fans.

Speaking to Gay Star News, a Eurovision spokesman said: ‘As always with any hosting country, we ask for guarantees for security of all the people involved in the Eurovision Song Contest. ‘If Russia wins in the foreseeable future, and they tell us they cannot guarantee the safety of organizers or spectators, we will take action. It is one of the conditions of hosting Eurovision. The safety of our organizers, acts and spectators is our number one priority.’ If they fail to guarantee no gay person would be arrested under the homophobic legislation, like they have failed to do so at the Sochi Olympics in February 2014, then they will be banned from hosting the contest.

Already the country of Sweden has said that they will withdraw if Eurovision is ever held in Russia while its anti-gay LGBT laws are still on its books.

Last years Eurovision Contest held i n Sweden  brought in 1.1 billion Swedish kronor ($177m, €132m) in advertising value alone.

Ohio’s FRC Affiliate Leader Phil Burress: “Portman’s Gay Son PUSHED Him Into Accepting Gay Marriage”

Phil Burress douchebag

Since the days of Larry Flynt,  Cincinnati, OH has been famous for having a puritanical stick up its ass.   And no one in Cincinnati’s stick is bigger  than that of Phil Burress of the “ex-porn addict” and President of religious right-wing  group Citizens for Community Values which is officially associated with the American Family Association, Family Research Council and Focus on the Family (And they are so proud of that fact that they brag about it)

After hearing today that his ultra conservative friend and Ohio State Senator Rob Portman came out in support of same-sex marriage stating :”I’ve come to the conclusion that for me, personally, I think this is something that we should allow people to do, to get married, and to have the joy and stability of marriage that I’ve had for over 26 years.”  Burress appeared on American Family Association’s OneNewsNow  to do anti-gay spin control saying that Portman is a “a very troubled man right now and is distraught over what’s happening with his son.” And that Burress himself “just has a feeling that his son was pushing him into this for political reasons,”.

Later that day on the CCV website Burress wrote the following statement to his “followers”

Rob called me Thursday night at 9:00 p.m. to share about his situation and the position he was taking concerning his son and same-sex marriage.

I believe Rob will understand why, as much as I might ache for my friend and the painful emotional struggle of his son’s identification as gay, that it does not change why I still strongly support natural marriage as only between a man and a woman.

I explained to Rob that my wife (Vicky, who he met at an AFA meeting) and I served on the board of an organization that saw thousands of homosexual men and women walk away from that behavior (Exodus International), many who went on to a natural marriage and were also blessed with children. I told him we would pray that some day his son would as well.

For Rob, it appears his beliefs on same-sex marriage changed when it became personal. I understand that. Yet it does not change the truth that homosexuality is not innate. The evidence of that is in the lives of so many today that live free of unwanted same-sex attraction.

Many Ohioans know family members and friends who identify as homosexual. Yet an overwhelming number of Ohioans also voted to affirm marriage as only between one man and one woman. They didn’t do so out of some misplaced hatred or fear of homosexuality. Like my wife and I, they understood the importance of a married mother and father in the life of children. They understood that a mother and father each bring unique and character shaping attributes to a child’s life. The simple truth is that a mother cares for and nurtures a child in a way a father just can’t. In the same way, a father cares for and relates to a child in the way a mother can’t. That is the inescapable truth of the debate Rob has now ignited in Ohio over same-sex marriage.

Not every family would make the same decision Rob did. Many parents, because of their deep and abiding love for their child, would not accept and embrace their child’s decision regarding homosexuality. My wife and I believe that if you love someone you tell them the truth. They may not like what they hear, but you love them anyway.

The question now is not whether parents love their children when they identify as gay. It is whether Ohioans will allow the personal experience of one high-profile family to sway its deeply held belief in the original purpose and meaning of marriage.

Burress and his group the CCV along with COAST henchman lawyer Christopher Finney who now has now infiltrated the Cincinnati NAACP chapter to spread his hatred of homosexuals and his ultra right-wing conservative ways wrot Ohio’s “anti-gay marriage/one man, one woman amendment” which is one of the strongest worded in the country and forbids any rights for same-sex couples in the Ohio even under domestic partnerships or civil unions and also shares some credit for John McCain’s transformation from political maverick into doddering old fool and ally of the Christian Right. And back in 1998

Phil Burress and the Citizens for Community Values, are the locked and loaded dangerous country bumpkin cousins of the FRC and the AFA.  But make no mistake. They are much more dangerous and play to a much more gullible and naive audience who hang on thier every ord and are fully backed by Ohio’s republican mafia party.  They oppose any protections and rights for LGBT  citizens and made outrageous, disgusting and inaccurate statements in the name of God to cover their hate and push their heinous agenda.

Said Burress recently about a push for  LGBT protections in Ohio: When the governor acknowledges  them [gays] as a minority group, which they are not,  you’re  also saying to them that their behavior is OK. And it’s NOT OK to engage in this type of behavior when it’s gonna cause you possibly to die from AIDS.”.

This is Cinicinnati. This is the midwest.  This is where we need to stand up and  fight the hardest.


HRC States That Anti-Gay Politicians Made Gains in the 112th Congress – Is The HRC Doing Its Job?

According to the Human Rights Campaign’s latest Congressional Scorecard overall support in Congress for LGBT rights has decreased significantly over the past two years.

For the 112th Congress, the average score for members of the House of Representatives stands at 40 percent compared to 50.8 percent two years ago. Senators scored an average 35 percent compared to 57.3 percent two years ago.

Of coarse part of the drop in support for LGBT rights can be credited to Republican gains in the 2010 midterm elections but is something else a foot here.

But is the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) the largest LGBT equality-rights advocacy group and political lobbying organization in the United States doing its job and spending your contributions wisely?

HRC raises roughly between 25 and 35 million dollars a year.  Yet in political lobbying arena on Capitol Hill, HRC spends only between 1 -2 million dollars a year on  over 40 specific issues which not only covered LGBT issues but also on immigration reform and women’s rights issues.

To be fair HRC has spent much money in 2012 fighting for State Marriage ballot questions.  But in reality even if these do get passed are they not still  separate and not equal marraige laws as long as the Federal Government will not recognize them and give gay married couples the same benefits and respect as they so to opposite married couples while DOMA still stands?

According to HRC’s 2011 990 Tax Return  HRC spent over 20 million dollars on land, building and equipment costs, over 4.5 million in mortgages and notes, and almost 4 million in general salaries but spent only spent 1.7 million dollars lobbying on Capitol Hill for LGBT Equality.

In my opinion the Republican increase during the 2010 midterms is only partially to blame for our decreasing lack of LGBT support in Congress.

Its about time people see and understand what thier donations are really going to when they donate to the Human Rights Campaign.

Perhaps is more money was used on lobbying and less on swanky office space and bloated salaries we might be further along than we are today in our queast for equality.


Former NFL Commissioner Paul Tagliabue Gives $100K to Battle for Marriage Equality in Maryland

Chris Johnson at the Washington Blade is reporting that former NFL Commissioner Paul Tagliabue has donated $100K to Marylanders for Marriage  Equality.

Tagliabue told attendees at the fundraiser, held at gay Democratic lobbyist  Steve Elmendorf’s home in the Logan Circle neighborhood of Washington, DC that the only way to stop the endless  campaigning and court cases by anti-gay groups that follows when equality bills  get passed is to show them that it doesn’t work, adding:

“At some point you’ve got to demonstrate that  people who support this are going to be re-elected, and not get punished for  supporting marriage equality. And I think right now is the time.”

Football is rapidly becoming one of the most LGBT equality sports in America.  How much longer till an active NFL player comes out?

(PLEASE let it be  Green Bay Packers Star Linebacker Clay Matthews – Please, oh please, oh please.!  WOOF!)

Chris Kluwe naked

Minnesota Vikings Chris Kluwe Does It Again! – “I Stand For Equality, I Stand For My Children”

Yesterday on  TwinCities.com Prinonner Press – Out Of Bound Blog, Minnesota Vikings Kicker Chris Kluwe once again took pen to paper and wrote an eloquent and powerful  LGBT Equality piece after attending a Vote NO MN  gathering last week.

Chris Kluwe nakedOne conversation I had that will stick with me for the rest of my life involved a local high school teacher/coach. He walked up, introduced himself, shook my hand and said these exact words: “I want to thank you for speaking up. What you did will save children’s lives.”

This really hit me, in a primal way I was not expecting. A man who interacts with our youth every day, who sees their struggles, and their triumphs, and their failures, told me that my words meant a child might find hope for the future instead of despair, might dare to believe he or she could be accepted for who they are, not what someone else said they should be.

Do you know how exceedingly ANGRY PUMA GROWL that is? A child should never have to feel that way. A child should never think that suicide is the only option, the only solution to the tormenting and bullying and unthinking viciousness adults so unwittingly pass along to the young. A child should never become a casualty in a war of oppression, of bigotry, of petty small mindedness.

Because make no mistake, that child is a casualty. All the hopes, all the dreams, all the wonderful potentialities life has in store are as dust before the scouring winds of intolerance (whether it be racist, sexist, or religious). Every time you propagate the message that being gay is to be less than human, that same-sex marriage cannot be as filled with love and laughter and tears as heterosexual marriage, that gays don’t deserve to pass a legacy on to their family, you quicken that howling storm and sweep away a tiny bit more humanity from the world, drive one more child to contemplating the cold razor’s bite, or the yawning abyss of the overdose because they simply cannot deal with the unceasing assault upon their psyche.

Well I, for one, will not stand for it. I will not stand for a world that demeans those it finds ‘different’ or ‘gross’. I will not stand for an ideology that promotes slavish adherence to a single arbitrary standard, that sacrifices children on the altar of oppression and control. I will not stand for one more RED TINGED MUSHROOM CLOUD second of people thinking that they have the right to live someone else’s life for them, for the complete lack of empathy so often shown in our society.

I stand for gay marriage. I stand for the end of segregation. I stand for a woman’s right to vote. I stand for equality under the law, for treating others how I want to be treated, for the fundamental human right to live a happy life free of tyranny.

I stand for my children.”

Chris Kluwe aka Viking McDreamy.   I think I’m in LOVE.

I tell you if  Chris Kluwe decides to run for national office, my checkbook’s at the ready.  We could use a few hundred just like him on Capitol Hill.

The man is just awe-inspiring.

Bwahahahaha! American Family Association Considers Boycotting GOOGLE Over It’s LGBT Equality Stand – Video

The nationally recognized American Family Association hate group is oh so pissy over Google’s new international campaign called Legalize Love “to decriminalize homosexuality and eliminate homophobia around the world,” that its thinking of boycotting them.  LOL!

 But I’ve got a better idea.

How about Google boycotts them and stops indexing their hateful, lying, anti-gay propaganda bullshit.

Works for me!

Read more at Right Wing Watch

John Barrowman and The Kaleidoscope Trust Ask: “Imagine If It Were Illegal To Be You” – Powerful PSA Video

The Kaleidoscope Trust, a  British rights groups  has released this disturbing  but effecting PSA to make a point of what it would be like if blue-eyed, tall, over 40, or just being different were illegal and hated as LGBT’s are in over 78 countries.

Produced by renowned marketing agency M&C Saatchi. The organization is  dedicated to fighting for full international acceptance of human rights for all,  regardless of gender identity or sexual orientation

Out gay actor and activist John Barrowman (Dr. Who – Torchwood) has joined the campaign, and  calls the clip “powerful stuff.”

It brings home to people how they would feel if some crazy law made it  illegal for them simply to be themselves,” he says. “What if it were illegal for  me to want to sing? Or to have an American accent?” he said in a statement. “We  are all human beings and we all deserve the same rights. And that includes the  right to love whoever we choose to love.”

Archbishop Desmond Tutu And Other Nobel Laureates Call For Worldwide Acceptance Of LGBT Equality

Yesterday, The Robert F Kennedy Centre for Justice and Human Rights released a statement along with Sexual Minorities Uganda, undersigned by four Nobel Laureates including Archbishop Tutu, Professor Jody Williams, Dr Shirin Ebadi, and Professor Muhammad Yunus that calls for LGBT Equality acceptance worldwide:

As a global community of individuals dedicated to a more peaceful and just world, we wish to express our grave concern as to how our lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) brothers and sisters are being treated across the globe.

Collectively we represent a diverse array of countries and cultures. Today more than ever, we wish to express that the same cultural values, which have fostered and supported our lifelong quests for peace, also command us to speak out against the violence and discrimination our fellow human beings are enduring every day solely because they are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or intersex.

By expressing our solidarity with LGBTI people around the world, we recognize the inherent dignity and human rights of all individuals, without prejudice or intolerance, and we take an important step forward in our collective journey toward peace.

This letter comes just one week after  Simon Lokodo, Uganda’s Minister of Ethics and Integrity, announced a ban on 38 human rights organisations that allegedly ‘promote homosexuality,’ Mr Lokodo has also called to rush the passage of Uganda’s anti-homosexuality bill, which proposes the death penalty for what it calls ‘aggravated homosexuality,’

Carrie Underwood Responds To The “Christian” Rights Criticism Of Her Pro-LGBT Equality Statement

 “I was asked a difficult question in the last five minutes of an interview and I answered it the best way I knew how, and after that I do what I do and I love making music and I generally try to stay out of any kind of controversy.

The role-model word is really scary to me, because no matter what happens in your life, something you do, wear, say, sing, whatever — somebody somewhere is probably not going to like it too well,” “I just really try hard to do what I do and try to be nice to people and make great music and if people think they can look up to that, that’s wonderful.  If not, that’s OK too.” – Carrie Underwood Source: The Advocate