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Bullied Indiana Gay Teen Expelled From School For Protecting Himself Beaten At Local Mall

Last week I wrote about Indiana gay teen Dynasty Young, who was bullied and then later expelled from Indianapolis’ Arsenal Tech High School  for carrying a stun gun to school to defend himself.

Today Bil Browning at The Bilerico project is reporting that Dynasty was attacked and assaluted at a downtown mall by a 34 year old man named Khyran R. Delay who “recognized him from the news”

According to court documents, Delay told mall security officers that he recognized 17-year-old Darnell “Dynasty” Young from news coverage of his story and tried to talk to Young about it. He said Young got in his face and that he pushed Young.

But Young and Donald Richardson, a janitor who witnessed the incident, told police that when Young walked past Delay’s table in the food court, Delay told Young to get away from him and used homophobic slurs. They said that Delay pushed Young and then hit him in the face, according to court documents. Richardson said he radioed for mall security, and then Delay came toward him because he was mad that Richardson had called security. Security officers arrived and detained Delay.

Delay has been charged with a misdemeanor count of battery.

The heartland has no heart.

Source – Bil Browning, The Bilerico Project


Wall Street Journal Editor Paul Gigot Dismisses Mitt Romney’s Anti-Gay Bullying With A “So What?”

Wall Street Journal editorial page editor Paul Gigot appeared on FOX News Sunday where he totally dismissed the upsetting story of Mitt Romney’s past as a bully and the episode where Mitt forcibly held down a fellow student in high school and chopped off his hair with sissors because he “looked too gay” according to statemesnts from others who were involved in the incident.

Said Gigot:

“He was a leader of the prankster group. So what? And this is the only anecdote I think they found that was kind of edgy. […] I think in terms of politics, if this is the worst thing that the American people find out about Mitt Romney in the next five months, he is going to be a very happy man.”

Edgy? It was an physical homophobic assault.  What if students at a school in the Northeast tackled a Christian student to the ground, yanked off the cross that he was wearing, took out some scissors and gave him a crew cut? Or did the same to Mormon child because of his faith and sheared.  Would that be edgy too?

Whats worse is that today SEEN THROUGH ADULT EYES , Romney STILL doesn’t think it was a big deal, while the victim John Yoblanski passed away in 2004 he  permanently psychologically scared by the incident and rmembered it to his passing while all the other “pranksters” involved as Gigot puts it are now sorry and feel remorse for doing it.   Romney does not..

This is nothing more than an example of one ReTHUGlican standing up for another.

You can reach Editorial Page Editor Paul Gigot at paul.gigot@wsj.com or 917-510-2825

Indiana Gay Teen Faces Expulsion From School For Carrying A Stun Gun To Protect Himself From Bullies

Darnell “Dynasty” Young  a teen-aged gay student at Tech High School in Indianapolis, Indiana is facing expulsion for carrying a stun gun to school that his mother gave him to protect himself bullies because the school cannot

According to the Indianapolis Star Darnell’s troubles started when he moved from Arizon to Indianapolis to live with his mother:

When he arrived at the new school, his new classmates were more confrontational. His outgoing personality made stand out from the other students. Even some of the other gay students were unfriendly, he said.

They cursed at him in the school hallways and taunted him with homophobic slurs.

They followed him home from his bus stop and threatened to beat him up.

One night, as he walked home from his after-school job, they threw rocks at him.

“All day I’d be on my guard,” he said. “It never got better. It always got worse.”

Young broke down in tears when a rumor circulated that he performed sex acts in the bathrooms. He said he thought about committing suicide.

When Darnell and his mother made bullying complaints to the the school than 10 times, but Tech High did not formally investigate any of their complaints except for one.

Danell’s mother called the school about students following him home from the bus stop, but school officials said they could not do anything since the students were not on school property and when  she complained other times Larry Yarrell, the Tech principal, said school staff said they would try to help Darnell and suggested that  “tone down” his accessories.

In response Darnell’s mother gave him a stun gun for protection because she says she feared for his safety and says she would never have given him a real gun or a knife:

The small weapons come in a range of voltages. They do not shoot bullets but give an electric shock that temporarily incapacitates people. Unlike Tasers, they don’t have barbs that shoot out of the gun and embed in people’s flesh. Instead, the shooter must place the gun on or close to people to shock them. They’re not considered deadly under Indiana law, but they are not allowed on school property.

One day, when the bullies threatened him again, he pulled it out and fired it in the air. School officials were then alerted that he had it, and Darnell now faces expulsion from the school..

Why are the victims always punished for defending themselves, but nothing ever happens to the bullies?

In the Midwest and other heavily socially conservative states, this is the mentality. It is not bullying that is the issue, it’s gay people. If you were less of a queer, you wouldn’t get bullied, and that’s essentially what the staff at Tech High said to Darnell and his mother and passively gives the bullies permission to harass Dynasty.

It’s the mentality behind the Don’t Say Gay bills, behind the paranoia about marriage equality, and the fear of teaching gay history in schools.

Its stories like this that point to the real problem in LGBT teen bullying cases.  And that is that its  not only the bullies themselves that are to blame but also the adults in their lives, their parents, and in some cases their schools that exasperate the bully epidemic by turning a blind eye and blaming the victim instead of the criminals and they too should be held into account and punished accordingly.