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The Two Faces Of LeAnn – Rimes Performs For Anti-Gay GOP’s After Singing With Gay Men’s Chorus of Los Angeles

LeAnn Rimes who recently appeared on stage with the Gay Men’s Chorus of Los Angeles for their annual holiday concert  who at one point in the evening faced the crowd, in tears, and spoke about “the very tragic year for young gay men and women who’ve been taking their own lives because they can’t be themselves.  Well it seems Ms. Rhimes cares more about money than LGBT teen lives or adults for that matter and performed last night in Washington D.C. for the incoming freshman class of Republicans who are anti-gay rights. And vote against things like Anti- Bully laws, Hate Crime Laws, DADT, ENDA, and anything else that furthers gay rights.

The party was  hosted by California’s incoming Rep. Jeff Denham, who, while a state senator, did things like repeatedly vote against the recognition of gay marriages from other states

Way to go there LeAnne.  Unless you donate every cent of that GOP gay blood money fee to a pro-gay your words at the Gay Men’s Chorus of Los Angeles fall flat and prove that you are nothing more than a greedy fame whore and that your convictions to the LGBT Community and gay at risk teens are as weak as your vocals.