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UN General Assembly Laughs At Trump’s Lying Accomplishments – VIDEO

Mashable reports:

The world just laughed out loud at Donald Trump. On Tuesday, during the president’s address to the United Nations General Assembly, the audience laughed when Trump boasted that “my administration has accomplished more than almost any administration in the history of our country.”

As soon as the words left Trump’s mouth, a ripple of laughter traveled through the crowd and grew as Trump reacted to the guffaws. Taken aback, he said, with the smallest of grins, “It’s so true. I didn’t expect that reaction but it’s okay.”

Romney Supporters In Ohio: Clueless, Stupid and God Fearing “Christians” – Video

The awesome Chase Whiteside braved coming to the swing state hell of Ohio to talk with Romney supporters at his recent rally this week about why they’re supporting the Republican presidential candidate.

Said one woman:

He’s a family man. He’s a Christian. He doesn’t believe in abortion; he doesn’t believe in homosexuality and let me tell you, I believe in God and God is going to make sure Mr. Romney wins.

On a related note.  I only love about 40 miles away from where this video was taken.