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GOP Christofacist, History Revisionist and Liar David Barton: Nature Proves Gay Is Wrong

David Barton, history revisionist, liar, evangelical Christian minister, (aka charlatan) and author is the “go to” guy for every gay hating organization out there including the Family Reserach Council, the AFA, Focus on the Family and The Liberty counsel.    Barton founded WallBuilders, a Texas-based organization with a goal of exposing the claimed US constitutional separation of church and state as a myth and he’s the darling of christofacist right wing extremist everywhere who want to destroy the United States.

Oh Barton is also a former Co-chair of the Republican Party of Texas  (Are we REALLY shocked?)

Tweet of the Day – HomoCON GOProud President Jimmy LaSalvia

GoFuckYourself”s GOProud’s  co-founder and the executive director Jimmy (Don’t call me Farrah”) LaSalvia lashed out at fellow gay blogger Joe Jervis via Twitter over “supposedly” inciting hate crimes against gay republicans for questioning the truthfulness of LOGO’s The Ass List: Dallas reality whore and GoFuckYourself  GOProud member Taylor Garrett who claimed that a rock was “supposedly” thrown through his window after it came out that Ann Coulter and Farrah, I mean LaSalvia were to guest on ann upcoming episode of The Ass List: Dallas.

LaSalvia is no stranger to “supposed” hate crimes after all.  he himself was a victim of a  “supposed”  two months ago when “supposedly” a gang of black youths knocked him off his bike while he was cruising Southwest DC and LaSalvia “supposedly” scared them away by making believe he “supposedly” had a gun.

What do you suppose?