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Man Found Taking Guns And Explosives To LA PRIDE Sentenced to Seven Years In Prison

Man Found Taking Guns And Explosives To LA PRIDE Sentenced to Seven Years In Prison

An Indiana man who was found with loaded rifles and explosives in his car and told police he was headed to a Los Angeles PRIDE in 2016 has been sentenced to more than seven years in prison on weapons charges .

James Howell, 22, was arrested hours after the massacre at Pulse nightclub in Orlando on June 12, 2016. Authorities had feared a copycat crime targeting LGBT people, particularly with the LA Pride festivities taking place that weekend.

Police said the Howell who Charlestown, Indiana, with a loaded AR-15 rifle and magazines rigged to allow shots to be fired in quick succession. Investigators said Howell also had 15 pounds of chemicals mixed and ready to explode

According to court records reviewed by the Indianapolis Star was Howell was on probation for misdemeanor intimidation and wanted in connection with the sexual abuse of a 12-year-old girl. Howell also threatened to kill himself and the girl’s family if he were arrested. He described himself as a “sociopath with an automatic.”

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LA Pride Festival Shut Down By Fire Marshall’s and LAPD Saturday Night

The LA Pride Festival,in West Hollywood, got shut down early when the street party hit capacity at approximately 10 p.m.with thousands waiting in line to get in.

Chaos broke out over the sky as a police helicopter flew over the venue to inform the hordes of people waiting at the festival gates that they would not be getting inside.

“By order of the fire marshal, this venue is now closed. You need to leave the area right now.”

In response, angry attendees took to Twitter in droves blasting organizers and law enforcement.

“#LAPride was so horrible. Waited almost 2 hours in line only for the line to stop at the gate due to full capacity,” one person tweeted.

“#LAPride needs to learn how to run a safe and secure pride because this has got to be the most unstable pride yet,” another person wrote on Twitter.

It is unclear if the result of the lockdown was because tickets were oversold, or due to the smaller footprint of the West Hollywood park this year. The free party LA Pride normally throws on Friday was scrapped this year, which may have encouraged a larger attendance on Saturday.

During a live report on its 11 p.m. newscast, NBC Los Angeles described the response by sheriff’s deputies as “huge,” adding that the area was “an absolute mess.”

“People were trying to get into the event any way they could. They were trying to jump fences,” reported Gil Leyvas. “Two to three-hundred people that tried to push their way in assaulted one of the sheriff’s deputies, and that prompted even more response.”

Festival organizers said late Saturday that anyone turned away will be able to use their ticket for Sunday’s event/concert.

Man Found Taking Guns And Explosives To LA PRIDE Sentenced to Seven Years In Prison

Man Arrested With Automatic Weapons and Explosives Before LA Pride Also Charged With Child Molestation

James Weslet Howell Charged With Child Molestation


James Wesley Howell, the man arrested just hours before the L.A. Gay Pride parade and had a cache of automatic weapons and explosive materials has also been charged with child molestation in Clark County, located in Indiana across the river from Louisville for having sex with a preteen girl.

The Indiana charge comes the day after Los Angeles County, Calif., officials announced numerous charges against Howell. He faces three felonies — possession of an assault weapon, possession of explosives on a public highway and possession of a high-capacity magazine — and a misdemeanor for possession of a loaded weapon. His bail has been set at 2 million dollars.

According to a probable cause affidavit filed in the case. Howell was supposed to take the girl to a family friend’s house on May 31.

Before dropping her off, according to court documents, Howell parked the car in Clark State Forest and began kissing and undressing the juvenile.

“At the park, they crawled in the back seat (of Howell’s car) and did things they should not have been doing,” the victim’s mother told the IndyStar.

The girl does not understand why Howell is in trouble, her mother said. Her daughter considered Howell as a boyfriend, and “she doesn’t see herself as being sexually abused.”

The daughter told investigators that she “was never forced” to have sex with Howell, court documents said. The two spoke about getting married after the girl grew old enough, the mother said.

In the days following the incident, Howell started threatening to kill himself and members of the victim’s family, according to court documents and the victim’s family. And if police officers attempted to arrest him, he would kill them too.

In earlier reports Howell was referred to as “gay” on the word of a 17 year old young man in Kentucky who claims to have been his boyfriend. He didn’t like anybody to know about it,” said Zach Hambrick, an ex-boyfriend from Charlestown. Hambrick said he met Howell on a dating app.

Those claims of Howell’s bi-sexuality have not been proven.