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KKK Flyer Urges Floridians To ‘Support Gay Bashing’ Against “Disgusting and Inhuman’ Gays

A leaflet that is being  distributed by the KKK in Jacksonville, Florida is urging the city’s citizens  to “support gay bashing” against “disgusting and inhuman” gay men.

The leaflets appear to have been issued by a group identifying itself as the ‘Loyal White Knights of the KKK’.

The KKK recently distributed the same leaflets in Louisiana – calling for people to help “stop AIDS” by slaughtering gays.

Jimmy Midyette of the Jacksonville Coalition for Equality wrote on his Facebook page: “These flyers have begun to appear at the homes of LGBT people – and surely others – in Jacksonville.” “This is an unfortunate consequence of our recent success. Both with marriage equality and the progress we’re making on equality in Jacksonville, we sadly can expect the vocal minority to freak out.

kkk flyer florida.2PNG