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KKK- hristian Trump Supporter Crashes Drag Queen Story Hour

KKK-hristian Trump Supporter Crashes Drag Queen Story Hour, Traumatizes Children

The Cellar Door bookstore in Riverside, California was a hosting a story time event in which Halloween books were read by three drag queens.

Linda Sherman-Nurick the owner of the bookstore said in the days leading to the reading, she had been getting angry phone calls from people saying they shouldn’t host that event.

“Our response was ‘that’s fine, don’t come’,” she said.

During the event, Sherman-Nurick noticed a woman recording video and she explained to her that she couldn’t record the children without the parents’ permission.

But the woman refused to stop.

“She has invited the public to watch this perversion with these homosexuals,” said the woman who was identified as Los Angeles resident Genevieve Peters.

Peters said she wasn’t recording the children, just the drag queens and explains that she decided to attend the reading because she feels that the country is going down an immoral path.

“For the last 30 years, the homosexual agenda has been first and foremost wanting to desensitize our communities, our children, our families,” she said.

“This is about saying ‘You know what, this is a perverse lifestyle and if you choose it it’s your business,’” she said, “but we as Americans can choose not to agree with it.”

Eventually, a Riverside Police officer escorted Peters outside the bookstore, but she said if they bring the drag queens back, she will also be back.

On her Twitter page Peters describes herself as a “Passionate American Patriot, Rabid Trump Supporter, Constitutionalist, Lover of life, laughter and travel.”

Well she got the “rabid” part right.


President of Oklahoma Wesleyan University Compares the Gay Community To ISIS

President of Oklahoma Wesleyan University Compares the Gay Community To ISIS

Everett Piper, president of Oklahoma Wesleyan University, an evangelical Christian university, in an op-ed for the Washington Times instructed people to replace LGBT in the discussion of sexual morality with the term ISIS.

In doing this, something will quickly become quite obvious. Sentences will emerge such as these: “Love is love and ISIS has the right to love who they want to love.” “The ISIS community simply wants to be accepted and affirmed.” “What right does anyone have to refuse to bake a cake for an ISIS wedding?”

As such absurdities jump off the page, hopefully it becomes clear how absolutely ridiculous our culture’s game of sexual politics has become.

If our inclinations (sexual or otherwise) have become the sum total of our human identity then any emotion or passion (aberrant or not) can be, and logically must be, codified into law as the marker of our minority status, bringing with it all the rights, protections and privileges therein.

In this brave new world of hyphens and acronyms, we paint ourselves into a corner of “tolerance” where we must affirm the proclivities of anyone who “identifies” as ISIS just as much as we do all who identify as LGBTQ. After all, in both cases it could be easily argued, “that’s just who they are.”

When subjective feelings define human sexuality, how can we logically deny anyone else’s subjective feelings when it comes to other moral questions, especially those pertaining to what it means to be human?

Bottom line — The absurd ontological claims implicit in assumptions of sexual amorality are the ultimate insult to what it means to be human. We are imago Dei. We are not the imago dog. We are made in the image of God, and, thank God, through his grace, we have the moral awareness, moral responsibility and moral wherewithal to act like it.

One is not defined by his desire to engage in aberrant sex any more than one is defined by a desire to persecute Jews or burn crosses. In both cases, because we are human beings and not animals, we are simply supposed to not do it.

We can’t justify our sinful nature simply by saying, “That’s just who we are.”

The Oklahoma university president who frequently speaks at anti-LGBT hate group conferences for the Family Research Council also said in January 2016 that he was “proud” for asking for a religious exception to Title IX’s sex discrimination ordinance that would allow Piper’s school to not accept transgender students.

According to The Wall Street Journal’s database of accredited colleges, Oklahoma Wesleyan rakes in about $12.6 million in federal student loans and grants yearly. Browse around here. In other words, our tax money is helping students attend a college that not only discriminates against the LGBT community and college students.

Crazy “Christian” Hatefrau Linda Harvey of Mission America: The Gays Are “Raping” The Rainbow!


The sweet rainbow image has been violated, raped by the deluded and fraudulent, and it now serves too often as a garish signpost for slavery to grave homosexual sin. It’s clear God did not intend for the rainbow to represent rebellion, iniquity and division. So how did this precious symbol become the banner, with few objections, for human depravity, lust, defiance and heresy?

Rainbow flags are flown in America from some government buildings, at some of our embassies, and these colors on several occasions even lit up our White House (under the former regime, thank God). From shameful pride parades to hats, T-shirts, wristbands and buttons sold at Target or Walmart, sexual deviance is being colorfully and arrogantly proclaimed from America’s rooftops.

We can all agree that some logos and trademarks carry enormous meaning. The mightiest logo of all time is the cross, where Christ shed His blood for the world’s sin and God transformed the tool of torturous execution – what Satan intended for destruction and permanent humiliation –into eternal hope for all who would believe in Jesus.

Can we trademark the rainbow? Of course, it’s probably impossible and perhaps even inappropriate. The rainbow stands as God’s covenant with all mankind – not just those who believe in Him now, because some of these flagrant sinners will repent, which is our constant prayer.

The Supreme Court recently ruled that even highly distasteful names and trademarks constitute protected speech. So maybe the rainbow couldn’t be trademarked by believers, but why wouldn’t offensive speech/symbol protection extend to crosses in public parks? If some spiritually blinded people can’t see the beauty of the cross, but instead fear it, that is indeed their problem. – Linda Harvey of the Columbus, OH hate group Mission: America


Hey Linda!


Texas GOP Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick’s Mocks LGBT Community After Massacre: “You Reap What You Sow” – Call 512-463-5342

Dan Patrick Gay Shooting Tweet

Just hours after  50 people were killed at a Florida LGBT nightclub in what federal officials are investigating as an act of terrorism, the Lieutenant Governor of Texas is receiving backlash after tweeting a verse from the Bible.

About 7 a.m. Sunday Dan Patrick tweeted a photo with the words of Galatians 6:7. The verse reads, “Do not be deceived: God cannot be mocked. A man reaps what he sows.”

Another verse was tweeted from the account 30 minutes later, this time from Psalm 37:39, which reads, “The Salvation of the righteous come from the Lord; He is their stronghold in time of trouble

Upu can contact The Texas Lieutenant Governor and leave a comment at: 512-463-5342

Anti-Gay Street Preacher Gets Hit With Baseball Bat After Provoking High School Students With “You deserve rape” Sign. (Video)

Anti-Gay Street Preacher Gets Hit With Baseball Bat After Provoking High School Students With “You deserve rape” Sign. (Video)

Known for spreading hate speech “Brother” Dean Saxton of Glendale, Arizona was hit with the bat while he stood outside a school holding a “you deserve rape” sign and preaching anti-gay & anti-feminist rhetoric.

Saxton filmed his time standing on the street across from Apollo High School which he said he was “filming for court in case something happened” in a video published on YouTube saying: “The Bible says it’s not okay to be gay”.

As he spews his hate speech, various students and teachers approach him and denounce what he is saying, peacefully challenging him

One teacher says: “I think you’re a disgrace to Christianity. Why don’t you go and preach it to somebody who really wants to hear your message, like Westboro Baptist Church?”

Then a student hits Saxton off camera with what he reports as being a “baseball bat” off camera as some students cheer. Saxton starts walking away.

Tabitha Brubaker, 19, was arrested and charged with felony assault and marijuana possession after the attack.

After the attack, Saxton denied any responsibility for the attack or inciting any violence calling the student  attacker an “LGBT monster”.

Below is the 25 minute video Saxton posted to YouTube.  Start at the 10 minute mark.


Anti-Gay Grifter “Reverend” Franklin Graham: Stay Away From Satanic Gay People – Audio

Frankin Graham

“We have allowed the Enemy to come into our churches. I was talking to some Christians and they were talking about how they invited these gay children to come into their home and to come into the church and that they were wanting to influence them. And I thought to myself, they’re not going to influence those kids; those kids are going to influence those parent’s children. What happens is we think we can fight by smiling and being real nice and loving.

“We have to understand who the Enemy is and what he wants to do. He wants to devour our homes. He wants to devour this nation and we have to be so careful who we let our kids hang out with. We have to be so careful who we let into the churches. You have immoral people who get into the churches and it begins to effect the others in the church and it is dangerous.” – Franklin Graham, speaking at a Colorado church event organized b Focus on the Family hate group leader James Dobson.

You have immoral people who get into the churches…” Said Franklin Graham with no self-awareness whatsoever.


Government Grants Tennessee “Christian” University The Right To Discriminate Against Gays

carson newman university

Carson-Newman University, a Baptist liberal arts university in Jefferson City, Tennessee was granted a Title IX Education Amendment of 1972 waiver from the Federal government that makes them exempt from provisions in the law that are not consistent with the Tennessee Baptist Convention’s tenets regarding marriage, sex outside of marriage, sexual orientation, gender identity, pregnancy and abortion

Shorter version: Carson-Newman University can openly discriminate against LGBT students and anyone else who offends their stick up the ass religion while still raking in those sweet, sweet taxpayer dollars.

Randall O’Brien, the university’s president, said the application for the exemption was made upon counsel from the school’s attorney, Jim Guenther, who has recommended the same for several other Christian colleges,

“The spirit of the exemption was to clearly identify each school as a Christian institution thereby strengthening First Amendment standing, which allows each school to operate according to their religious principles,” O’Brien said.

Carson-Newman University and the 27 other religious colleges and universities that have applied for and received similar exemptions within the last 18 months.

CNU alum Jared Champion was “absolutely humiliated” when he learned from his colleagues that his alma mater had applied for and been granted a waiver from provisions in the federal Title IX law.

“They basically filed a suit … legalizing discrimination,” he said. “Title IX represents a move against discrimination and they basically asked for permission to discriminate and those aren’t the values I understand as Christian values at all.”



AFA’s Bryan “Batshit” Fischer: I Can’t Help Hating Gays. I Was “Born This Way” – Video

Bryan Fischer Fecal


On his American Family Association hate group sponsored “Fecal Point” “Focal Point” radio show this week Bryan “Batshit” Fischer said that the only justification in identifying as a KKK-ristian in today’s society was that he was “born this way,”

Right Wing Watch reported.

“Who would choose, at this time in our nation’s history, to be a Christian? You’re ridiculed. You’re mocked. You’re made fun of,” he said. Pointing to the case of Kentucky clerk Kim Davis, who is facing a lawsuit for refusing to issue marriage licenses to both straight and same-sex couples following the Supreme Court’s June 26 ruling on marriage equality, he added, “Who would choose a lifestyle where you are the unending subject of ridicule, mockery, and contempt by liberals in society, by elites, by professors, on the media, by politicians? Who’s going to choose that?”

“So our defense is, hey, I was born that way,”

No Fisher , you weren’t born that way. You were carefully taught.

Lady Gaga should smack the shit out of him.  But she’s have to get on the end of a very long line.