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John Edwards Sex Tape Sends Couple To Jail For Not Sharing It

Andrew Young and his wife Cheri were ordered by the court to serve up to 75 days in jail for withholding from the court secret copies of a John Edwards sex tape and unknown “other items”.  (Other “items”?  What tell me, tell me!)

So in a nutshell, Andrew Young (Who’s not that bad looking himself and is rumoured to be bisexual and had a huge crush on Edwards)  worked fior and helped try and elect the North Carolina senator president; helped hide KING DONG Edwards’s cheating by falsely claiming to be father of his love child; kept a sex tape hidden from the world; and now is going to jail for making a few copies of said tapes and showing them to some journalists.  But unfortunately I wasn’t invited.. Young didn’t even “accidently” leak the tape! (Okay I admit it.  I think John Edwards is kinda hot for a guy his age.  And he’s supposedly swings an impressive club.  So I wanna see.)

UPDATE: The judge involved has  backed off from jailing Andrew Young and his wife and has .  given Young until Friday at 2pm to produce the tapes.