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Merry Christmas! – TX GOP Candidate for Governor Larry Kilgore: “I’d Gladly Execute” Gay People


The Texas Governor race to replace Greg Abbott  already has a number of candidates who plan to run in the primaries. While most are Democrats, Abbott himself will face a Republican primary challenger in Larry SECEDE Kilgore. (Yes. His middle name is actually “SECEDE.” So that says a lot right there.)

Kilgore,  an extreme right-wing Christian Nationalist says he won’t cut off his Pappy Yokum beard off “until Texas has laws that can protect unborn children.” He also believes gay people (and other “sinners”) should be executed because the Bible demands it.

“I’d gladly execute a convicted adulterer, sodomite or bestialiter. Biblical law is a blessin.” Kilgore tweeted on December 22nd. 

Kilgore’s platform also includes the abolition of public schools, ending welfare and social security, and replacing prisons with public shaming and/or the death penalty.

Kilgore, whose motto was “Secession! All other issues can be dealt with later” has never won a Republican primary. He ran for governor in 2006 and came second in the Republican primary behind Governor Rick Perry with 50,119 votes.

He’s an ardent supporter of Donald Trump and Mike Pence and also believes that Abraham Lincoln was the American equivalent of Adolf Hitler.

What a scary fucking world we live in.



Loving Christian and FRC Hate Group Leader Tony Perkins Lauds Trump's Budget Plan To Stop Feeding The Elderly

FRC’s Tony Perkins Cites Leviticus 18 (Kill the Gays) In Prayer That North Carolina Rejects The “Evil” Of Gay Civil Rights

Tony Perkkkins

Hate-monger Tony Perkins and the anti-gay Family Research Council has upped their hate game by referencing the Bible reference Leviticus 18 that supposedly deals with a number of sexual activities considered unclean or “abominable.”

President Obama has not led our nation toward God and righteousness. Rather, he has used his energies and skill to radically advance the practice of sexual sin and behaviors Scripture calls sinful. The administration and the sexual activist community have mounted a huge pressure campaign against North Carolina. They will do this in every American community, given time.

May God give Governor Pat McCrory, Lieutenant Governor Dan Forest and the members of the entire North Carolina Legislature extraordinary wisdom, moral strength, courage, and steadfastness to stand and withstand what is nothing less than an onslaught of evil. May God protect his people and America from blind leaders who are destroying our nation from within! May our next president have the understanding, the grace, and the will to undo the evil transformation that has taken place in America during the past eight years. And may God snap millions of blinded men and women out of the delusion that moves them to elect and reelect men and women who advocate these things! (Lev 18:all; 1 Kgs 3:5-14; Josh 1:7; Lk 6:39; 2 Th 2:10-12) – Bolding is theirs. 


FRC Tony Perkins crazy


Judge Rules That Anti-gay Scott Lively Must Stand Trial for Crimes Against Humanity In Uganda

Scott Lively in Uganda

A Ugandan LGBT advocacy organization which had filed a lawsuit against prominent US anti-gay extremist Scott Lively who is accused of engineering the Uganda ‘Kill The Gays’ bill, received good news when a federal court judge ruled that Lively must stand trail for crimes against humanity for his part in helping to push and engineer Uganda’s “Kill the Gays” bill

Lively stands accused of helping to play a part in the persecution, arrest and murder of gay people in Uganda.  Lively’s lawyers requested to dismiss the lawsuit, but now a federal US judge has ruled a persecution of LGBT people is indeed a crime against humanity and that Lively must stand trial.

Michael Ponsor, the US District Judge in Springfield, Massachusetts, said: ‘Widespread, systematic persecution of LGBT people constitutes a crime against humanity that unquestionably violates international norms.’

‘The history and current existence of discrimination against LGBT people is precisely what qualifies them as a distinct targeted group eligible for protection under international law.

‘The fact that a group continues to be vulnerable to widespread, systematic persecution in some parts of the world simply cannot shield one who commits a crime against humanity from liability.’

Frank Mugisha, director of Sexual Minorities Uganda, said: ‘Today’s ruling is a significant victory for human rights everywhere but most especially for LGBTI Ugandans who are seeking accountability from those orchestrating our persecution.

Lively the founder of Abiding Truth Ministries, an officially recognized hate group has made a career of stirring up anti-gay feelings in the USA and across the world.

He co-authored The Pink Swastika, which suggests ‘homosexuals were the truth inventors of Nazism and the guiding force behind many Nazi atrocities’ and the rainbow flag is a symbol of the ‘end times’.

In 2007, Lively also toured 50 cities in Russia where he is accused of recommending a ban on ‘gay propaganda’ and in 2011 was a driving force is pushing Uganda’s anti-gay laws.

Source: Gay Star News

NOTE: Its been brought to my attention that this event actually happened in August of 2013.  But no matter when it happened did we know about this?

More Proof That Tony Perkins Is A Piece Of Shit – Praises Uganda’s “Kill The Gays Bill”

More proof that Tony Perkins, the Family Research Council and their evil allies want us dead.

The constant hate, the constant attacks against our community, the promotions of faulty studies and fabricated lies, and now what we’re seeing in Uganda. These people want us to die pure and simple.

Perkins and his ilk are disgusting human beings and  evil personified and their group needs to be destroyed and ALL associated with it held accountable. Especially the Republican Party.

Next time you see Tony Perkins on CNN or MSNBC show them this post and ask them how they can justify and allow someone like Perkins who praises the intentions to execute gay and lesbians to be on their network in any other capacity other than being grilled, exposed and ridiculed for being such a disgusting human being.

Uganda Drops Death Penalty From Anti-Gay Bill, Changes Punishment To Life Imprisionment

Ugandan MP Medard Segona has told the BBC that “substantial amendments” had been made to  Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Bill and it will no longer include the death penalty after scrutiny by a parliamentary committee but will still presents an array of draconian punishments including life imprisonment and has been approved by Uganda’s Committee on Legal and Parliamentary Affairs.

Earlier this month, Rebecca Kadaga, speaker of the Ugandan parliament, promised to bring a vote on the proposed law before Christmas.

In its original form, those convicted of “aggravated homosexuality” – defined as when one of the participants is a minor, HIV positive, disabled or a “serial offender” – could have been sentenced to death.

The “Kill The Gays Bill” was first introduced in 2009 by MP David Bahati shortly after a workshop took place in Kampala, the capital of Uganda, that featured three American radical evangelical Christian extremist: Scott Lively,  Caleb Lee Brundidge,  and Don Schmierer, a board member of Exodus International, an organisation devoted to promoting “freedom from homosexuality through the power of Jesus Christ”. The theme of the conference, according to The New York Times, was the “gay agenda”: “how to make gay people straight, how gay men often sodomized teenage boys and how ‘the gay movement is an evil institution’ whose goal is ‘to defeat the marriage-based society and replace it with a culture of sexual promiscuity’

An Anglican priest from Zambia named Kapya Kaoma was in attendance, and reported on the conference. Ugandan Stephen Langa organised it, and was supported by Lively, who asserted in his workshops that homosexuality was akin to child molestation and bestiality, and causes higher rates of divorce and HIV transmission. Lively’s emphasis was on the cohesion of the African family, that he said was being threatened by “homosexuals looking to recruit youth into their ranks”. According to Kaoma, during the conference, one of the thousands of Ugandans in attendance announced, “[The parliament] feels it is necessary to draft a new law that deals comprehensively with the issue of homosexuality and…takes into account the international gay agenda…”

This is how Uganda’s “Kill The Gays” bill came into being.

Another Day, Another Evil “Christian” Pastor Who Says “Gays Should Be Put To Death” – AUDIO

Meet “Pastor” Curtis Knapp of New Hope Baptist Church in Seneca, Kansas.

Knapp is the latest so-called “Christian Pastor” who thinks and spreads the word to his deluded follows that  gays should be  put to death.  But Knapp goes one step further and thinks that the Government should should do it.

“They should be put to death. That’s what happened in Israel. That’s why  homosexuality wouldn’t have grown in Israel. It tends to limit conversions. It  tends to limit people coming out of the closet. — ‘Oh, so you’re saying we  should go out and start killing them, no?’ — I’m saying the government should.  They won’t but they should. [You say], ‘oh, I can’t believe you you’re horrible.  You’re a backwards neanderthal of a person.’ Is that what you’re calling  scripture? Is God a neanderthal backwards.. in his morality. Is it his word or  not? If it’s his word, he commanded it. It’s his idea, not mine. And I’m not  ashamed of it.”

Well someone certainly craves some attention now don’t they?

The haters are becoming more and more daring and they need to be stopped before this goes too far and someone gets seriously hurt because of these violent statements.

What the Government should be doing is arresting Seneca’s hateful ass immediately for inciting violence. And revoking his “church’s” non-profit status and that’s just for a start.

Why is the Baptist World Alliance not speaking out against such evil and hateful statements?

Jesus wept.

You can listen to Senaca’s anti-gay revival below if you can stomach it.

**Many thanks to the crusading Jeremey Hopper of As Good As You

Anderson Cooper Talks With Rev Charles (Kill The Gay) Worley Parishoner Who Just Loves Him!

Last night Anderson Cooper talked with Stacey Pritchard,, a woman (I think) who attends the congregation of Charles Worley, the anti-gay reverend who thinks the government should create concentration camps for LGBT people and then be starved to death.

Unshockingly Stacey Pritchard, agrees with Worley

Its sad that Stacey can “rayprodeuce.” She’ll probably pump out 6 0r 7 little morons with her brother/husband and just like herself and she’ll homeschool them and make sure they hear Rev. Worley twice a week until they grow up and move into the trailer next door.

Idiocracy is real!

Colorado Lesbian Couple Harassed With “Kill The Gays” Messages And A Noose On Thier Doorstep

Christel Conklin and Aimee Whitchurch. a Parker, Colorado lesbian couple have become targeted victims of frightening anti-gay harassment at their subrban home

On Friday the couple found spray painted on their garage “Kill The Gays” and then one day later, someone left a noose at their doorstep.

“You get words like ‘homos’ or ‘you’re going to burn in hell’ and things of that nature, but ‘kill the gay?’ That’s a threat against our lives so it was overwhelming,” says Aimee Whitchurch. “The noose is where it really became shocking and scary.”

The couple has notified Parker police who are investigating. .    

“You don’t know who is targeting you,” Whitchurch says. “At first I thought it was kids until the noose.”

The couple says the Home Owners Association tried to paint over the hate message but the haphazard way they tried to paint the garage door is another example of the harassment they have to live through.

Aimee and Christel put up signs on the garage door that read “We will not submit to hate” and “Don’t cover it, solve it.”

The couple says despite what they are going through, they aren’t leaving.

“We’re the white Rosa Parks,” Conklin says. “We’re not getting off the bus.”

Bravo ladies!  Hold fast. BUT BE CAREFUL!

Let everyone see the kind of monsters are out there!

UPDATE – AP Article Proved False – Conflicting Reports Say That Uganda’s ‘Kill the Gays’ Bill Dropped – A

UPDATE: Jim Burroway from Box Turtle Bulletin passed along info that the AP Article which states that the “Kill the Gay” Bill has been dropped is FALSE – (DAMMIT!)

The Associated Press is reporting that “Uganda’s parliament appears to have dropped plans to debate a controversial anti-gay bill after global condemnation.. The anti-gay bill was first proposed in late 2009 but it wasn’t debated until last Friday. The bill had been scheduled to be debated again on Wednesday but was dropped from parliament’s updated schedule.”
But Warren Throckmorten is reporting:

UPDATE: 12:50pm Kampala, 5/11) – I just spoke with Ranny Ismail, spokeswoman for Parliament, who told me that the Anti-Homosexuality Bill is still in committee. The report on the bill is indeed complete but in their procedure, the bill is still considered in committee and is not on the agenda for business today. However, she said that Parliament could carry forward all unfinished business in all committees if a member makes a motion to do so and it passes. She says this has happened before. This information is in contrast to what committee chair Stephen Tashobya told me on several occasions, although I assume now that he was addressing the fate of the AHB specifically if a motion to continue is not made. Because she was unsure about the fate of such a motion, she said she would not know the final outcome until about 7pm in Kampala

Uganda needs international aid from foreign governments, international agencies like the IMF, World Bank, etc., and NGOs.  Uganda is a member of the British Commonwealth. Uganda is a member of the UN Now one would think  think these various institutions and agencies could put sufficient pressure on those in Uganda who are responsible to stop this Bill

And also one would think that the United States of America would chastise and punish the American Christomaniacs who went to Uganda to speak about ways of ”curing” gay people and because of thier denunciations of homosexuality as a threat to family values added fuel to the fire. They were heard by thousands, including the future architects of the kill-the-gays bill.

And lets talk about Tony perkins and Family Research Council, which  lobbied Congress to soften a House resolution condemning the murderous bill, even though FRC says it opposes Uganda’s anti-gay proposal and  the New Apostolic Reformation movement and Lou Engle’s TheCall.

It’s time that we purposely expose and destroy these anti-gay christomaniac groups once and for all.

San Diego Radio Station Jack FM 100. Mocks Uganda "Kill The Gays" Bill And Calls Gay Sex "DISGUSTING" – (Listen to Audio)

The San Diego morning show shock jocks on DSC at radio station Jack FM 100.7  went on a maocking marathon this morning of Uganda “kill the gays” bill supporter Pastor Martin Ssempa and his presentations at churches where he shows gay porn and describes anal sex in order to ratchet up anger, violence, and hate toward gay people.

But at one point they crossed the line and went into the BAD ZONE when they started one of the shock jocks Dave Rickards wasn’t laughing at Ssempa’s ridiculousness but agreeing with Ssempa at how disgusting gay anal sex is. The mockery begins at 56:18 in the third podcast down (8/23 7am). And continues at the beginning of the second one (8/23 8am).

Jack FM San Diego is a supposed male-oriented format and they probably thought it wasn’t a problem to do this given their intended demo. But what about the problems it might cause for those who miss the sarcasm and think of it as reality.  Yes, they are shock jocks, but there does come a point at a joke where one should stop before it becomes boring or offensive

Interestingly Rickards been very open in his opposition to Prop 8 and has talked about it as recently as last week when the Walker decision came down. The woman “Ruth” on the show is an out lesbian and talks about her life openly all the time.

It’s easy to laugh when you don’t have to think about these things. But personally, I’d rather think of these things and remind myself of just how serious this shit really is. Sure, they’re a couple of shock-jocks from San Diego, not like big wigs from Uganda are getting their talking points from these people, right? It’s like when people act racist to try to prove how un-racist they really are… It’s just NOT FUNNY.  Especially in the recent anti-gay climate.

Phone numbers, if you’re interested in calling the station
Call In Line (studio):
(888) 570-1007