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Gay Teenager In Tel Aviv Kidnapped And Assaulted Repeatedly By His Own Family Because Of His Gay Lifestyle – Eight Family Members Formally Indicted

“Angel,” a 19-year-old living in Tel Aviv, was targeted by his Arab relatives for working as a drag queen in the city’s nightclubs and posting photos of himself cross-dressing on Facebook.

“Either erase the pictures from Facebook or your family will come and get you and this will be your end,” His mother chillingly said to him. And come and get him they did. 

Family members allegedly arrived at Angel’s residence in Tel Aviv and attacked him and sprayed his eyes with tear gas when he left his apartment. They then forcibly put him in their car to take him north. They then allegedly proceeded to tie his hands with belts, cover his eyes with tape, and threatened to stab him if he didn’t keep quiet. Once they reached Tamra, according to the indictment, they chained him to the window and locked him in a room for a number of hours.

The indictment states that the family viewed Angel’s sexual orientation and his work as a drag queen in Tel Aviv’s clubs as a violation of the family’s honor, which, in their eyes, justifies killing him. Eight of his family members, including one minor, are charged with kidnapping him on a number of occasions, imprisoning him, and beating him

But this wasn’t the first incident of extreme violence that Angel had to endure.  The first incident, family members arrived at Angel’s place of work and told him his mother was unwell. When he refused to return with them to Tamra, they forcibly held his hands together, forced him into the car, and drove him to his parents’ house in Tamra.  And on another occasion, his father and uncle chased him into a forest during a relatives wedding in a bid to bring physical harm to him so that he will cease the actions found to be unfavorable by the family. Angel hid in the forest until the police rescued him

Having a son who is gay and works as a drag queen will dishonor the family, but murdering him won”t?  INCREDIBLE

 But lets be truthful about this.  This is not only about their warped sense of  so-called family honor.  But this is about intolerance and hate and taught through warped religion views.

It’s a sad story and I hope that the family members get all that they deserve.