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Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli Severs States Ties With King & Spaulding – No Big Loss

GOP Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli know how to sieze an oppurtunity to play to his extreme right wing anti-gay base by announcing that Virginia has dropped the King & Spaulding law firm over the fact that they dropped the House of Representatives as a client over the Defense of Marriage.

Calling King & Spalding’s DOMA decision an “obsequious act of weakness,” Virginia AG Ken Cuccinelli wrote a letter to the firm informing them of the firing: “King & Spalding’s willingness to drop a client, the U.S. House of Representatives, in connection with the lawsuit challenging the Defense of Marriage Act was such an obsequious act of weakness that I feel compelled to end your legal association with Virginia so that there is no chance that one of my legal clients will be put in the embarrassing and difficult situation like the client you walked away from, the House of Representatives.

Virginia had retained K&S in 2009 the law firm itself has done very little work for the state.  Also Cuccinelli’s childish rant makes Virginia look bad. To imply that King And Spalding “abandonned” the defense is ridiculous: no civil proceedings have even begun..

To Cuccinelli pandering to homophobes like himself  is always in style in the Old Dominion.

Gay Hating Virginia Attorney General Kenneth Cuccinelli Tells Virginia Colleges It’s Okay To Discriminate Agfaist Gays

Virginia’s attorney general, and  next most likely GOP member to be found and busted at a Virginia Highway Reststop gloryhole getting gangbanged before going home to the wife and kiddies, Kenneth Cuccinelli sent a letter to all Virginia state college presidents and other officials telling them that that they don’t have the authority to ban discrimination based on sexual orientation.  or in other words its okay to discriminate against a potential student because they are gay!
Jon Blair, chief executive officer of the gay rights group Equality Virginia, said Cuccinelli’s “radical actions are putting Virginia at risk of losing both top students and faculty, and discouraging prospective ones from coming here.” and  C. Richard Cranwell, state Democratic Party chairman, said Virginia’s colleges and universities were more than capable of setting policies that work for them “without meddling from Ken Cuccinelli.”

Defending himself Cuccinell said his letter merely stated Virginia law, which prohibits discrimination because of “race, color, religion, national origin, sex, pregnancy, childbirth or related medical conditions, age, marital status, or disability,” but makes no mention of sexual orientation.  This despite the fact that colleges are bound by U.S. Supreme Court decisions not to discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation.

Once “The Birthplace of Presidents”, Virginia is now just a complete and total embarrassment…