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FLORIDA: Recruits Going AWOL From DeSantis' Private Army: “It’s A Militia”.

FLORIDA – Ron DeSantis Signs Bill Into Law Allowing Doctors To Refuse LGBTQs

Welcome to Florida! Home of the Hypocritic Oath!

A little over a week ago we reported on how the GOP controlled Florida Statehouse passed SB 1580/HB 1403 officially called the “Protections of Medical Conscience” Act. As written it states that healthcare providers cannot turn anyone away based on their “race, color, religion, sex, or national origin.” But gives the physicians the right to turn away LGBT+ patients without suffering any ramifications.

Nobody took notice.

Today Ron DeSantis signed it into law.

Via Florida Politics:

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ COVID-19 policies will now be enshrined in state law as the Governor signed bills that will make permanent bans on vaccine and mask mandates as well as give a shield to doctors who deviate from other medical professionals.
SB 1580 allows health care providers and insurance companies to deny care or reimbursement for care if it opposes their ethical beliefs. Advocates for LGBTQ+ and women’s health care worry that the law will give physicians and providers legal protections to discriminate against patients.
DeSantis was joined at the press conference by State Surgeon General Joseph Ladapo, Sen. Jay Trumbull and Rep. Joel Rudman, a physician who felt under attack because of his social media posts about Anthony Fauci. As Ladapo stood to address the crowd, he received as standing ovation and one person shouted, “We love you.”

Our LGBT organizations are useless. Florida is lost to fascism and that will not change. Now it’s a matter of survival. Many especially gay men don’t want to leave and in the past have said. “it’s only the trans.” Well, guess what. As I have been saying time and time again it’s not. FLORIDA wants us all out or dead.

At some point it won’t matter if you can’t get a job in another state ,or if it’s a pain in the ass to sell. If you don’t go now soon you’ll have to run for your fucking lives.

FLORIDA: US Gay and Immigration Groups Issue Travel Advisories Against Visiting State

FLORIDA: US Gay and Immigration Groups Issue Travel Advisories Against Visiting State

Equality Florida, the largest LGBT organization in the state, is urging people not to travel to the state due to what it sees as a dangerous environment.

“As an organization that has spent decades working to improve Florida’s reputation as a welcoming and inclusive place to live work and visit, it is with great sadness that we must respond to those asking if it is safe to travel to Florida or remain in the state as the laws strip away basic rights and freedoms,” Equality Florida Executive Director Nadine Smith said in a statement.

Despite discouraging people from traveling to the state, Equality Florida wants those who choose to live in the state to fight against what it calls discriminatory policies.

Representing more than 65 immigrant groups, the Florida Immigrant Coalition also weighed in also: “In Florida, routine daily activities for those who cannot immediately prove United States citizenship and lawful residency at all times may result in devastating consequences,” a statement from the group said. “These consequences include arrest for operating a vehicle, no matter the state you are from, reduced access to health care services and compromised safety.”

 FIC’s travel advisory is in part a response to two pieces of legislation pushed by Mr. DeSantis. They seek to increase state power over businesses suspected of hiring illegal immigrants, letting authorities conduct random audits. State identification laws would be beefed up as well. State IDs issued to noncitizens in neighboring states would not be valid in Florida