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Barney Frank And Scott Brown Are Both Pissed At Kathy Griffin! Ahhhhh The Bipartisanship Of STUPIDITY!

BOTH Barney Frank and Scott “Cosmo” Brown are upset over the recent episode of Kathy Griffin, My Life on the D List where she referred to Scott Brown’s daughters as prostitutes and then ran a disclaimer saying she was kidding.The segment features Griffin being shown a photograph of Brown by two CNN reporters, John King and Dana Bash. Griffin identifies Brown in the picture, saying, “Scott Brown, who is a senator from Massachusetts and has two daughters that are prostitutes

WELL.  Scott Brown who once dropped trou for Cosmo magazine is pissed.  People can call me any name they want, but families are off limits,” he said in the statement made through spokeswoman Gail Gitcho. “I love my daughters Ayla and Arianna very much, and any parent would be proud to have them as children. Kathy Griffin and Bravo ought to be ashamed of themselves.” But Scott isn’t ashamed of himself when he trots them out like trophies on the campaign trail.

Then we have Barney Frank who wrote the letter above.  One would think that Barney would have more productive things to do with his time  like maybe CONCENTRATE ON LGBT EQUALITY, ENDA, DADT, DOMA.  These ring a bell Barney instead of defending Scott Brown’s daughter.  (I bet you 10-1 that Cosmo’s centerfold is in Barney’s desk.

Brown needs to remember that One daughter, went on American Idol, made the top twelve and parlayed her losing fame and her father politics into a craeer and now is a broadcaster, the other is a model. And BOTH had no problem publically appearing and openly supporting thier dear dad.

And Barney. Jesus Christ.  Barney Frank has blown up on camera when people even questioned his opinion, he is the last person to be talking about hurling insult and prostitutes!  Barney should be happy that Kathy didn’t bring up the fact that his boyfriend of past and he were hiding in the closet (literally about being gay, not literally on premises) when the police came stinging the prostitution and drug ring from his boyfriend ran from their DC condo.

So both of you…..



Kathy Griffin’s "My Life On The D-List" Bogus Adventure Guest Starring Joe Solmonese and the HRC

I love Kathy Griffin.  I’ve seen every episode of her show , I watched her specials, I’ve even seen her live in concert.  And even though I know that she’s extremely gay friendly and gay rights positive last nights episode of My Life On The D-List REALLY pissed me off.

The episode revolves around the events of last March’s HRC Awards dinner and HRC’s “Repeal DADT Rally” held last month.

President of the HRC, Joe (Salmonsleaze) Solmonese calls Kathy and informs her she will be recieving an award at the dinner.  And Joe Starsucker even has the nerve to ask if Kathy can get CHER to present her the award! But at least to Kathy’s credit she rolled her eyes and made a face. 

The next 20 minutes is where it gets intersting because we the little people finally get to see what a major HRC Awards Dinner looks like and the inside of the palatial HRC Headquarters.

The awards dinner is huge, pomp, pagentry, reporters, hundreds of snobby gay elitist. It’s a really good use of the LGBT Community’s donations (snork).  The only good part of this segment other than Kathy’s jokes about bathhouse sex and lesbian golf was her introduction.  No not by Cher, but by Lance Bass who looked incredibly smoking hot!  Kathy accepts the award and makes a surprise announcement that SHE will be holding an inpromptu DADT repeal rally with HRC’s help.  (Oh Kathy, why, why, why…)

The next she she’s off to Casa HRC’s 8 MILLION DOLLAR beutifully decorated office building  on Rhode Island Avenue in DC.  (Another wonderful use of your donation dollars btw.)  Kathy meets with media whore Solmonese (who’s wearing waaaay too much eye-liner) and then Kathy is whisked to HRC Media Relations Department to have the humour sucked out of her by four sour HRC Media relation people who had sticks shved so far up thier asses that the tops of their heads were pointy.

The rest of the episode until the end was typical Kathy

While on her way to meet Majority whip James Clyburn Kathy tells a Roll Call reporter that she’s on her way to “meet with a big queen named James Clyburn.” The next day, after Roll Call publishes the quote, the dourpusses at HRC are none too pleased with that quote and ask her to call Clyburns office and call to apologize…….and she did!

Kathy then meets with Barney Franl and  tells Barney that “I need [DADT] to be repealed by Thursday, because I’m leaving Friday” and if it’s not, “that’s a bitter pill to swallow.”

“My guess, Kathy, is it’s not the only pill you’ve swallowed this week,” Frank replies.  The room goes silent.

“It’s obvious I’m bombing [with Frank],” Griffin says later. “He doesn’t know when ‘American Idol’ is on? He doesn’t care about Liza Minnelli? How is this guy even gay?” (Good question)

But the last segment of last nights episode is where it all goes to hell.

At the HRC “Repeal DADT” Rally on March 18th  Kathy, in the company of Joe Solmonese was approached by Dan Choi, a gay Army officer and  opponent to DADT, who asks her if he can come up onstage with her. Once there, he takes the microphone and implores the crowd to walk with him a few blocks to the White House.

“I am in uniform, I am still fighting, I am still speaking out, I am still serving, and I am still gay,” Choi declares. “Will you all here join me? Kathy will you go with me?” he asks Griffin, whose face freezes in PR horror.

Griffin answers yes, but she doesn’t. She stays behind with Solmonese and delivers the crowd a text message she says has just been sent from Cher.  Choi marches over to the White House, where he and Jim Pietrangelo  handcuff themselves to the Pennsylvania Avenue fence and are promptly arrested.

And how did Kathy follow-up and deal with this on last nights episode?

“Imagine if I had gone,” Griffin says. “Two soldiers who have served bravely in silence and one potty-mouthed comedian? It would have looked ridiculous.”

Kathy in all honesty it looked more ridiculous and cowardly that you didn’t go.  I love you dearly and you have done alot for the gay community so here’s a word to the wise.  HRC = FAIL. It’s taken the major part of the gay community over 10 years to learn that.  I can only hope that you learned that with your Bogus HRC Washington Adventure. 

Kathy Griffin Takes On Elisabeth Hasselbeck: ‘Bring It’ (Beeeyatch!) – (Video)

Accused by Elisabeth Hasselbitch  Hasslebeck of going on The View and saying “untrue” and “unfunny things, La Diva Kathy Griffin responded: “This moment is what I live for, so bring it.”  Now you know she wanted to add “beeyatch” to the end of that sentence but she’s been banned and unbanned from “The View” so many times she was probably trying to be good.  Hah!

Now you  KNOW Kathy is going to work THIS into her next act.

The Human Rights Campaign’s WORTHLESS Excuse Why Their WORTHLESS Organization And WORTHLESS President Joe Solmonese DID NOT Back Up Lt. Dan Choi (Video)

This should bring everyones disgust level up to a new all time high with the HRC with the following statement the HRC released on why Joe Solmonese stayed behind for photo op’s while Lt. Dan Choi and Capt. Jim Pietrangelo marched to The White House and handcuffed himself to the fence in protest.

“Today more than 1000 people showed up at a rally – 500 of which signed up to become more involved in the fight to repeal ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.’ Joe Solmonese along with Eric Alva and others felt it was important to stay and engage those at the rally in ways they can continue building the pressure needed for repeal. This does nothing to diminish the actions taken by Lt. Choi and others. This is the nature of social change and everyone has a role to play.”

More like “Little Joey Solmonsleaze” stayed behind to cover his lily white ass and not to piss off the White House and to seperate the HRC from Choi’s and Pietrangelo’s actions so he can conti ue to be invited to White House functions it should read.  But get this.  NOW in a LATER statement concerned about the “Lt. Dan Choi Kanye’d the HRC” story being reported on MANY blogs (including this one), the HRC has posted the following elaboration of their earlier statement.

Singer Tom Goss kicked off the event followed by the first American wounded in the Iraq war, retired Marine Staff Sgt. Eric Alva. Also speaking were Ben Mishkin of Servicemembers Legal Defense Network and Alex Nicholson of Servicemembers United. Finally, Kathy Griffin took to the stage, talking about her experiences this week in Washington, welcoming Lt. Dan Choi to the stage to make a few remarks and then calling for a moment of silence to honor our troops who serve in silence.

There’s been some confusion about Lt. Dan Choi’s role in the rally. As Joe Solmonese was walking to the stage, Lt. Choi asked Joe if he could have a speaking role. Joe explained that it wasn’t his sole decision to make on the spot given that there was already an established program that included Kathy Griffin, other organization and veterans. After Choi then spoke with Kathy Griffin, she agreed to bring him up on stage and speak to the crowd during her remarks.

But John Aravosis at AmericaBlog says the HRC statement is “utterly untrue.” Because HE WAS THERE and saw what happened.

That is simply untrue. I was there, standing next to Dan, about 10 feet from Kathy Griffin and Solmonese. They were behind a rope line, to keep them from the rally attendees. They looked over at Dan when he asked them, for the second time, to come with him to the White House (mind you, they had no idea that he was planning to handcuff himself), and they just stared back at him. They were not helping engage the rally about how to build pressure – the rally was over, they were already off the stage, behind it actually, getting ready to leave behind a secure rope line to separate them from the crowd. I’m sorry, but this statement is flat out untrue. They were getting their photos taken. Unbelievable.

AmericaBloh had also posted this Video of Solmonese and Griffin IGNORING Choi and Pietrangelo as they called out to them saying they were heading to the White House.

This has got to be the straw that breaks our back where the HRC is concerned. 

Either we take this organization, which supposedly represents us back and DEMAND the firing of Solmonese and the current Board and an immediate retooling of the orgaization and it’s current gadfly statagyor we KILL IT and demand its disbandment. 


UPDATE: Lt. Dan Choi And Captain Jim Pietrangelo Have Been ARRESTED!

UPDATE – Courtesy of Towleroad.com

1:55 pm: Police just informed the crowd that everyone must leave the sidewalk in front of the White House or be arrested, according to MetroWeekly. Choi and Pietrangelo are the only two remaining.

1:58 pm: Lt. Dan Choi and Captain Jim Pietrangelo have been removed from the fence and arrested.

2:02 pm: Choi and Pietrangelo get cheers from the crowd as they are put into police van. Crowd applauds them as heroes.

Tweets Michelangelo Signorile: “Dan Choi took HRC’s and @kathygriffin ‘s celebrity photo op and turned it into a real protest at White House. And they stayed behind.”

CNN and MSNBC seem to have totally ignored this protest.

2:19 pm: Kathy Griffin, who either disappeared or was advised not to follow Choi after the HRC rally, tweets…

And of course……Human Rights Campaign President “Little” Joe Solmonese was reportedly nowhere to be seen during the Choi action.

BREAKING NEWS – Lt. Dan Choi Has Handcuffed Himself To The White House Fence In Protest Of "Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell" – AWESOME!

At this moment with the HRC’s DADT Rally starring Kathy Griffin being over and the Senate Armed Services Committee hearings wrapped Lt. Dan Choi has had enoough and has marched to The White House with Captain Jim Pietrangelo and both have chanied themselves to the White House fence.

This all began when (according to Tweets from Robin McGehee at GetEqual) (reporting from the Kathy Griffin – Human Rights Campaign “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” rally, McGehee, who is traveling with Lt. Dan Choi, asked Human Rights Campaign President Joe Solmonese if Choi could speak at the rally and he rebuffed her, telling her it was Kathy Griffin’s rally.

Choi took the stage anyway, told Griffin DADT is not a joke, and announced that he was marching to the White House. Choi then began leading hundreds on a march to the White House. (While Joe Solmonese stayed at the Rally site with Griffin for photo-ops.  Disgusting)

 Reports are now coming in that Choi has chained himself to the White House fence.

According to DC Agenda’s Tweet, “Yellow police tape is being put up around Dan Choi, and Secret Service agents are standing with him. Choi remains chained.”

Approximately seven Secret Service Agents are inside the tape with Choi.

Reportedly one woman has been arrested, and is being identified by DC Agenda as the co-chair of GetEqual – which would be Robin McGehee.

1:21 pm: According to D.C. Agenda, police are not attempting to disperse the crowd and 20 Secret Service are on the scene. A crowd of 50 is chanting “Keep your promise, Obama” and “Repeal DADT”.

Finally some REAL action and protest.  Thank you Dan Choi.

And to Joe Solmonese and the HRC once again you have proved you are nothing but media whores and NOT truly commited to our cause.

"Professional" Lobbyist Kathy Griffin Supper’s With D.C. Bigwigs And "Little" Joe Solmonsleaze (Video)

Politico followed Kathy Griffin as she threw a dinner at Washington D.C. restaurant and told her guests, which included Arianna Huffington, (and of course Joe Solmonsleaze) about her activities thus far, which included meeting Barney Frank.

Take it for what its worth….

Kathy Griffin Lobbying For DADT Repeal For The Human Rights Campaign Calls Congressman A "Big Queen- Has HRC Screwed Up Yet Again?

I love Kathy griffin to death. I really do. And I can’t fault Kathy for being Kathy. She’s funny, over the top and a staunch gay advocate and activist. But surely HRC isn’t stupid enough to think that Kathy would be all business and totally Politically Correct did they? Because today the gay blogosphere is on fire because Kathy in an interview with Roll Call online called the third ranking Democrat and House Majority Whip Jim Clyburn — who’s straight who happens to be an ally of the gay community — a “big queen”

Ouch!  One has to wonder why in the hell did HRC pick Kathy to lead thier DADT Repeal Lobby and Rally on Thursday in Washington, DC?

“I’m meeting with this big queen named Jim Clyburn,” [Kathy] Griffin, who is in Washington this week to lobby for an end to the military’s “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy, told HOH. “I’m going to be the first person to ever walk into his office and go, ‘Hey, girl!’

I think its GREAT that Kathy is taking time to be involved and stand up for us.  She’s freakiun GREAT in my opinion.  But did HRC REALLY think she wasn’t going to be funny or do schtick?  If HRC wants Star Power why aren’t they going after other Hollywood personalities and power players to stand up for us?  And the answer for this one is easy.  FREE and EASY publicity for HRC.  Kathy loves exposure and HRC loves MONEY.  La Diva Griffin will have her D-List cameras in tow tomorrow and HRC has lost so much credibility and donations they are probably hoping that after the show airs (to it’s mostly gay audience)  thatr maybe it might generate some extra donations for the HRC.  Oh and I am sure “Little” Joe Solmonese will probably have a cameo, media whore that he is.

Kathy Griffin To Rally For "Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell" Repeal In Washington, D.C. Thursday

According to Radar online and La’ Diva Griffin’s own Twitter account, Kathy will be hitting Washington, D.C. on Thursday to headline a rally on behalf of the Human Rights Campaign for the repeal of DADT with entourage and D-List camera crew in tow.

Go get em Kathy!

Kathy Griffin Invades Alaska And Takes On Sarah Palin In Her Own Backyard (Video)

While Sarah Palin and her family and entorage of veracious locast were making greedy looking asses out of themselves while cleaning out the FREE Gift Bag tents in Hollywood  at upcoming Oscar events.  Kathy Griffin invaded Alaska (Not through Russia, but that would have been funny) and skewered Palins ass royally in her own backyard of Anchorage on Friday Night.

La’ Diva Griffin was escorted on stage by Levi Johnston, and said she spent a day ice fishing with Johnston in Wasilla, and was surprised when 19-year-old Levi’s friend brought along a camera – but only to photograph the fish they caught. 

While in Wasilla, Griffin said she also went to Palin’s home. There she left a note, inviting Palin to Friday’s performance.  She asked the crowd to look around and see if anyone was doing a pageant wave.

Kathy also welcomed news that Palin is trying to shop a reality show or docudrama about Alaska. She called that a “gift from God.”