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Why Julianne Moore Rocks


Very busy day today, so here’s a equally brief story about the incomparable Julianne Moore. She’s never hesitated to take on gay roles like The Kids Are Alright because she knows how important portrayals of LGBT characters be done justice. Always a stanch supporter of gay rights, Moore gave a short but sweet explanation on why LGBT rights like same sex marriage are important:

“Oh, yeah, absolutely [I’m a feminist],” she said. “At one point, ‘feminist’ became a pejorative term. How did that happen?”

“If you’re a feminist, you’re basically saying you’re a humanist.”

“That’s why the issue of gay marriage is so important to me. It’s about everybody having the same shot at everything at work, at marriage, at life.”

Isn’t she incredible? And she has legs for days. Always a great advocate.

Julianne Moore’s Make-Up Test As Hillary Rodham Clinton In HBO’s "The Special Relationship"

Julianne Moore was originally set to play Hillary Rodham Clinton in HBO’s upcoming “The Special Relationship” which she had to drop out of because of scheduling conflicts with “The Kids Are Okay” but not before some make-up test shots were taken of Moore portraying Hillary.

Ironically since then Moore will be now playing Sarah Palin in HBO’s upcoming ‘Game Change.’

Talk about an actress with range.
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Julianne Moore Cast To Play Sarah Palin In John Heilemann’s Movie Adaptation Of "Game Change"

According to the website Deadline.  John Heilemann’s book Game Change, about the 2008 presidential elections, which rips Sarah Palin to shreds is set to be adapted to film.
Jay Roach, director of the Meet the Parents movies as well as the HBO film Recount, which examined the aftermath of the 2000 presidential election with a focus on the Florida recount is set to take the helm with Julianne Moore set to take on the challanging part of SARAH PALIN!

They will be exhuming the body of the late John Barrymore to play the part of John McCain.  Only kidding!…….maybe.

Pull your trousers up boys, this ought to be good!

Actress Julianne Moore Calls Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi "Idiot" Over Anti-Gay Remarks At Rome Film Fest

Actress Julianne Moore on today made Italy stand up and take notice at the Rome Film Festival, where she called the homophobic remarks made by Italian premier Silvio Berlusconi “idiotic.”

At a presser following a screening of Lisa Cholodenko’s “The Kids Are Allright,” in which she plays a lesbian parent, Moore was asked what she thought about a statement by Berlusconi who on Tuesday dismissed calls to resign over a scandal centered around a 17-year-old girl saying it was “better to like beautiful girls than be gay.”

“I think it’s unfortunate, archaic and idiotic, to hint or to say that there is something wrong with homosexuality… it’s embarrassing when people continue to perpetrate these untruths,”  Moore was  being honored with a lifetime achievement award at the Festival.

Ma que bella donna!