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Josh Hutcherson Naked Pics? Let The Hunger Games Begins. – NWSF

Josh Hutcherson nude

LOTRF (LifeOfTheRichAndFamous.com) is reporting that  20-year old Josh Hutcherson was allegedly caught on a online dating site not only sending naked pictures of himself to girls (dammit) but also videos of  himself taking matters into hand under the name, “Connor”.

Hutcherson has a younger bother named Connor who could have inspired the alias,.  But many are calling the validity of the photo into question.  But does Josh have the same small tattoo inscription on the right hip as seen on the photo?  We’ll have to do some seriously hard research on that.

Now about that video of Josh playing with his joystick is we won’t believe a word of it until we see it in full. (Please send to us, thanks.)

Josh Hutecherson naked