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Stephen Colbert Under Attack From GOP and Gay SJW’s Over Trump Blowjob Joke – #FireColbert

Anti-Steven Colbert articles are being written at a furious pace and social media has blow up with negative comments over one certain part of Colbert’s anti-Trump monologue  on Monday night’s episode of “The Late Show”.

 The joke that is drawing so much ire?

 “The only thing your mouth is good for (Donald Trump) is being Vladimir Putin’s cock holster.”

Now two days later the hashtag #FireColbert hit the Twitter trending list and is still going strong with Colbert coming under attack not only from right-wing Trump supporters but from over-sensitive members of the LGBT community.

 Wrote James Michael Nichols Queer Voices Deputy Editor, The Huffington Post:

Colbert’s decision to make this kind of joke illustrates a kind of casual homophobia that permeates American culture ― even among supposed liberal allies with massive media platforms. It positions sex between two men as doing something so mockable and inherently emasculating that it’s the ultimate “fuck you” to Donald Trump ― because what could be more embarrassing to a man than having a cock in his mouth? And what could be more offensive that being compared to ― or put in the submissive position of ― a woman?

 At the heart of jokes like these is an erroneous belief that men who have sex with other men are the ultimate failure of masculine expectations. The “comedy” within this idea reeks of a bygone era where the power of straight, white men went unchecked and people not meeting their ideals of masculinity ― namely women, gay people, trans people, people of color, minorities in general ― continued to always be the butt of the joke.

Wow. Over analyze  there much Jimmy?

And then we have

Of course, these homophobic jokes are themselves somewhat misogynistic. Trump is the butt of Colbert’s joke because he is the one performing oral sex on Putin, rather than the other way around. The indignity Trump suffers comes from being feminized, from assuming the role that a woman usually fills. Indeed, this is why many scholars and (more recently) courts have suggested that homophobia is rooted in sex discrimination: From an anti-gay perspective, by playing this “passive” role, a gay man betrays his place in the gender hierarchy by doing what a woman should do. Being assigned the female role comes with baggage — it means that Trump is incompetent, powerless and controlled by Putin.

Some might claim that the humor lies not in insinuating the two presidents’ homosexuality, but rather in their reaction to our insinuation. We can imagine that both of these men, who emphasize their machismo and who are no friends to the LGBT community, would object to being called gay. So what we’re laughing at is not the joke itself, but their imagined reaction to it. Rather than being homophobic ourselves, we’re laughing at the unenlightened homophobia of the jokes’ targets.

I mean honestly.  With all the LGBT community is facing at this time including an expected Religious Freedom Executive Order tomorrow that will legalizes discrimination against is under the guise of religion, our civil rights being attacked and rolled back at an alarming rate, LGBT hate crimes rising, and the wholesale slaughter of gay men in Chechnya these two brain trusts use their time and energy to focus on a blowjob joke?

How about setting some priorities here.

To these two gentlemen and all the others focusing on Stephen Colbert’s blowjob joke while our world crumbles and burns around us I have only one thing to say.

Suck my cock.



“Porno Pete” LaBarbera: Obama Will Have To “Answer To God” For Helping Achive “The Terrible Sin” Of LGBT Equality

Porno Pete theme song


Americans for Truth About Homosexuality’s verified D-list hate group leader and wingnut “Porno Pete” LaBarbera took to the radiowaves today to rally against President Obama, who he says will have to “answer to God” for his role promoting the “terrible sin” of LGBT equality.

Said “Porno Pete” :

I don’t think Barack Obama has been more loyal to any special interest group than the homosexual activist movement. What he’s done for that movement, he’s by far the most pro-homosexual president in our history. He’s done great damage to the morality of this country by helping persuade people that this sin is okay…

We all know LaBarbera will be answering to somebody someday.

Maybe SATAN?!

Bill Clinton Accepts GLAAD Media Award, Does Not Apologize (Again) for DOMA or DADT – VIDEO

Bill Clinton GLAAD award

Last night was the second installment of the $500 dollar a plate ($1000.00 for V.I.P seating)  24th GLAAD Media Awards held at the JW Marriott in Los Angeles, CA.  former President Bill Clinton was the “star attraction”  and the controversial recipient of the Advocate for Change Award.  And  during his speech once again Clinton did not mention his role in signing DOMA and DADT into law, nor did he apologize for it. Instead  he gave the credit of  his “evolution” on LGBT equality to his daughter, Chelsea Clinton who made a surprise appearance after his speech to present him the award.

Said Clinton: “(Chelsea) had a profound impact on the way I see the world. Chelsea and her gay friends and her wonderful husband have modeled to me the way we all should treat each other.”

And while Clinton ignored all responsibility for both DOMA and DADT he talked about his present support that DOMA  be struck down.

‘I want to keep working on this until not only DOMA is no longer the law of the land, but until all people, no matter where they live, can marry the people they love,’ he said. ‘I believe you will win the DOMA fight, and I think you will win the constitutional right to marry. If not tomorrow, then the next day or the next day.’

Presenting Clinton with this award has only further cemented the evolution of GLAAD (the organization formerly known as Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation) march into irrelevancy.  It’s become apparent to everyone that the awards are not based on merit but on name recognition and draw.  At the first installment of this years awards GLAAD awarded Brett Ratner its “Straight Ally of the Year” who in 2012 was fired resigned from producing the Academy Awards after telling an audience that “rehearsing is for fags.”, and then quickly apologized  and worked with GLAAD  making a celebrity studded “Coming Out for Equality PSA” series not for actually being a selfless straight ally.

And as much as I live Hillary Clinton as for Bill he sold our community out, to The Right Wing, for a few votes bragged about it and never apologized.

The GLAAD Media Awards are a joke, a sham and just further proof of Gay Inc’s elitism and its greed.

After last night Vito Russo (GLAAD’s founder) is spinning in his grave, no doubt.

GLAAD Marches Into Irrelevancy, Names Brett (Rehearsals Are For Fags) Ratner “Straight Ally Of the Year”

GLAAD GLAAD, the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation is continuing its march into irrelevancy (double time) and has named Hollywood producer Brett Ratner as its “Straight Ally of the Year”

Of course this is the same Brett Ratner who in 2012 was fired resigned from producing the Academy Awards after telling an audience that “rehearsing is for fags.”, quickly apologized  and worked with GLAAD as penance on a “Coming Out for Equality PSA” series. (The clips feature celebrities like Jackie  Chan, Charlie Sheen, Giada De Laurentiis and Pauley Perrette speaking in  support of the LGBT community.)  Which of course will debut around the same time that Ratner gets his award at the $1000.00 a plate Media Awards in New York on March 16th.

Said GLAAD President Herndon Graddick:

 “From high-school jocks to faith leaders, those who follow Brett’s lead are  admired and heralded, while anti-LGBT bullies are increasingly ridiculed and  marginalized.”

In a year that has brought us many wonderful REAL straight allies such as Brendon Ayanbadejo and the ever vocal and well written Chris Kluwe of the Minnesota Viking who has taken on anti-gay politicians and was a major force in helping to defeat a amendment to write man-woman marriage into the Minnesota constitution.  To choose Ratner over those who speak from their hearts with true passion for equality and the rights LGBT community is appalling.   For GLAAD to choose Ratner and parade him as such that his work was done with pure altruism instead of the fact that he was busted for using anti-gay words and then paid them off with his penance is further proof that GLAAD has become nothing more than a bad joke.

GLAAD’s Media Awards have never been about TRUE recognition.  Its been about fundraising.  The bigger the names, the more money they make.  They are a travesty and a joke.  Both the awards and the organization. (And don’t even start me on Anderson Cooper being given the Vito Russo Award.)

GLAAD should just change its name to  Gay Star Fuckers-R-Us and be done with it.



The Walking Dead Mid-Season 3 Finale: The One Where We Find Out Not Only Lesbians Have Short Hair



Zombie Kills:  9

Human/Enemy Deaths: 6

Last night AMC presented the mid-season finale of its smash zombie apocalypse hit The Walking Dead based on the graphic novel by Robert Kirkman of the same name

So far in Season 3 we have seen a much more character driven plot and some HUGE differences from the graphic novel and last night was no exception.

Last night Woodbury and Rick’s survivors finally collided together in an epic clash of smoke grenades, automatic weapons and blood as they attempted to rescue Glen and Maggie.

But before we get to that, the mid-season finale introduced us to yet another group of survivors, led by comics fan-favorite, Tyreese played by actor Chad Coleman.  (In the graphic novel Tyrese is a  former NFL player Tyreese who with his daughter Julie is introduced before Herschel’s farm),  After (mostly) surviving an attack by Walkers, the group heads into the prison and makes their way to a Walker-infested boiler room. Carl helps them out and leads them to a safe place within the prison.

Rick and the crew storm Woodbury to rescue Glenn and Maggie just as Meryl is leading them to “The Screaming Pit”  But thanks to some smoke bombs and a lot of ammo the group succeeds and makes it out all except for Daryl who stays behind to lay down gunfire cover and Oscar the convict (we hardly knew ya dude) who gets shot by a Rick hallucinated Shane look-alike.

Michonne meanwhile ditches the group for a time to handle her own business with the Governor, she exacts her revenge by putting hers katana through the mouth of Penny, the Governor’s daughter, and in a barroom brawl with the Gov gets up close and personal with head-tanks and then give him a shard right in the old eyeball only to end in a stand-off between her and Andrea (the dumbest television character of all time)

Then we have hot white trash Darryl who really wanted to go talk to his brother Merle once Glenn told him he was the Governor’s lieutenant. And now, he’ll get the chance because The Governor is blaming  Merle for the rescue and is now pitting him against Darryl who was captured in the “screaming pits” or maybe he’ll just kill the both of them outright

So far Season 3 has been good.  But there have been a few mis-steps.  Herschel’s 1/2 episode leg amputation. (Boring)  The extremely long build-up in Woodbury.  And of course Andrea’s long term stupidity and bad judgement.

But other than that it’s been pretty solid season so far and the show is going strong and pulling out all the stops.


As we all know I have an issue with TWD and its absence of any LGBT identifying characters and the cutting the gay prison storyline in the graphic novel.  Also this season with the early demise of Laurie (she dies much later in the graphic novel) we also miss the graphic novels part of storyline where Carol hits on Laurie to try to get between her and Rick.

And then last night Robert Kirkman who wrote the episode had to add in this.

Axel (Lew Temple) it was certainly done in a creepy like a chat-room pedophile sort of way hits on Beth asking her how old she his. Carol pulled him away and tells him to stay away from her.  Axel at this point points out that Maggie is taken and that Carol is a lesbian.

And why does Axel think that Carol is a lesbian?

Because she has short hair.

Really Kirkman?  You’ve been writing the damn comic for 10 years and you couldn’t think of anything other than that to write?

You are killing me man.  First you make all LGBT characters invisible in TWD television world and then you have to get a cheap laugh off a lesbian stereotype throwaway line.


And so The Walking Dead at the end of third mid-season finale not only keeps its perfect rating of ZERO when it comes to LGBT characters.  It now goes into the NEGATIVE and stands at a – 1!

Get a clue and some diversity training Kirkman and start to remember that more than just fanboys are watching your show. And as gay as ComicCon was this year they just MIGHT be able to handel a gay or bisexual characters.




BREAKING NEWS! Statistics Show That 8 out of 10 Tea Party Members Suffer PTBPD – PLUS SNL Mocks Tea Party! (Video)

According to The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM IV), 8 out of 10 Tea Party members now show at least 5 of the following criteria that must be present to indicate PTBPD (Post Traumatic Black President Disorder):

1. Pervasive pattern of instability of interpersonal relationships, self-image, and affects

2. A pattern of unstable and intense irrationality and magical thinking related to paranoia that the government is socialist and out to get you

3. Tendency to wear Paul Revere clothing to include silly hat, buckled shoes, knickers, white knee socks, and garters; when not wearing Paul Revere attire, a tendency to wear gaudy and classless red, white, and blue clothing embroidered with eagles

4. Identity disturbance: markedly and persistently unstable self-image or sense of self with a penchant towards hysteria over nothing

5. Affective instability due to a marked reactivity of mood (e.g., intense episodic dysphoria, irritability, or anxiety usually lasting a few hours and only rarely more than a few days).

6. Inappropriate, intense anger or difficulty controlling anger and outbursts of screaming “Ah waan Mah Cuntry Baack”

7. Transient, stress-related paranoid ideation or severe dissociative symptoms with tendencies to believe in conspiracy theories or question the authenticity of a certain President’s birth certificate

8. Must be obstinately argumentative providing exhaustive amounts of information all of which can be rendered pointless with less than 30 seconds of research on Google

Also watch as SNL’s Bill Hader made an appearance as James Carville last night on “Weekend Update,” and had some fun at the Tea Baggers expense.

“You can’t dress how you dress and not expect jokes. You’re wearing colonial costumes. And not even the whole costume…Which founding father wore the tri-corner hat with an Orlando Magic Jersey?”