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Scott Lively is In A Tizzy, A Tizzy I Tells Ya’ That John Oliver Told the Truth About Him On HBO

Scott Lively in Uganda


“Friends, On Sunday night I was attacked on HBO’s  ‘Last Week Tonight’ a supposed comedy/news show in the mold of The Daily Show. The host is a Brit named John Oliver. I find it funny that lefties like John Oliver who pose as humanitarians are the masters at dehumanizing other people through ridicule and never give the subjects of their smears a fair chance to respond. I’m calling out John Oliver as a liar and a fraud who couldn’t go ten minutes with me in an unscripted, unedited debate. Without his teleprompter and his cheap-shot, out-of-context video clips he would be exposed as just another left-wing loony. Oliver is lying through selective editing re Rwanda and several other points. His show was one continuous stream of malicious LGBT propaganda in the guise of comedy. Yes, it will likely negatively affect the voters, as it was intended to do. It’s one more example of the ‘politics of personal destruction’ that Saul Alinsky taught the ‘progressives,’ including journalists, to practice.” – Crimes against humanity defendant, murderer, charlatan, grifter  and Massachusetts gubernatorial candidate Scott Lively, writing on his personal hate-site.”

I mean how dare John Oliver present verbatim quotes of you, Deadly, on video? How dare he hold you accountable for what you, Deadly, actually did and said?!

And then:  “I’m calling out John Oliver as a liar and a fraud who couldn’t go ten minutes with me in an unscripted, unedited debate.”

I sincerely hope John Oliver calls you on this I would love to see you destroyed once and for all and handed your ass on National television.

You can watch the original John Oliver clip HERE.

John Oliver Talks Uganda’s Anti-Gay Laws and Scott Lively: “Scott Lively is clearly an idiot.” – Video

John Oliver and Scott Lively


Last night on his weekly HBO show the hysterical John Oliver devoted a major portion of his it to LGBT rights and also Uganda’s anti-gay pogrom and Scott Lively’s role in the brutal crackdown.  Oliver put it simply.  “Scott Lively is clearly an idot”

Bravo to John Oliver for his evisceration of the Ugandan and Scott Lively charlatan, grifter, and black hearted evil human being.


Larry Craig Appears On The Daily Show NOT To Discuss His Bathroom Incident BUT DOES! (Tap…Tap…Tap) – (Video)

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Evan Bayh’s Senate Retirement

John Oliver did a piece last night on The Daily Show about senators who’ve retired. And Larry Craig was one of them!

According to The Atlantic’s Marc Ambinder, Craig’s assistant wrote the following about Craig’s Daily Show appearance in an email to Craig’s stating that “they won’t be discussing the past”—i.e. his gay restroom sex scandal. (has this man never seen the show?)

Larry said that the show was fun and is about the Senate. It was done about a month ago after Sen. Bayh announced his retirement. They won’t be discussing the past, but will be discussing sticking around after announcing retirement, etc.

But in the piece, Oliver turns Craig’s refusal to answer questions about the scandal into the joke. Craig keeps bringing up airports and spouting double entendres as Oliver literally bites his tongue. It’s funny.

Also the ‘singing Senators’ clip was a real showcase for Larry’s golden throat. (Ewwww I know but I couldn’t resisit)