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Mike Pence Casts Tie-Breaking Vote To Advance Bill To Take Healthcare From 30+ Million Americans


Senate Republicans voted today to advance to floor debate on their efforts to repeal and replace Obamacare with Indianan’s Mike Pence casting the tiebreaking vote.

In a dramatic moment, Sen. John McCain returned from Arizona to applause from fellow senators. He cast a necessary Republican vote for the motion after two GOP senators — Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski — sided with all Democrats in opposition.
 As the vote began, protesters in the Senate gallery shouted “kill the bill” and “shame, shame, shame!”
The vote came as Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and President Donald Trump dared their fellow Republicans to block their seven-year campaign promise to repeal and replace Obamacare.
The next step is floor debate on the legislation to overhaul the Affordable Care Act even though there aren’t any guarantees the votes are there to eventually pass it — and it’s unclear what a final bill will look like.
The vote was up in the air until the last moments, when Several Republican holdouts announced their support, including Sens. Rand Paul, Dean Heller, Rob Portman and Shelley Moore Capitol.
Trump, who has repeatedly said he’s ready to sign any repeal legislation, celebrated the vote, which creates a path to give him the major congressional victory that’s eluded the White House thus far.
“I’m very happy to announce that with zero of the Democrats’ votes, the motion to proceed on health care has moved past and now we move forward toward truly great health care for the American people. We look forward to that. This was a big step,” Trump said at a White House news conference.
“I want to thank Sen. John McCain,” he added. “A very brave man. He made a tough trip to get here.”

The Borscht Thickens: Former Brit MI6 Agent Prepared Trump Blackmail Dossier, John McCain Involved

Christopher Steele, a former British MI6 intelligence officer, has been identified in reports as the author of a dossier that claims Russia collated a file of compromising (ie Russian hookers and pee) information on Donald Trump.

 Rohit Kachroo, security editor for NBC News British partner ITV News, reported that Steele, a former officer with MI6 who was posted to Moscow in 1990. The memo was originally generated on behalf of Republican party opponents of Trumps.

 A two-page summary of the 35-page memo was included in supporting material prepared for the officials who briefed President-elect Trump on Friday about a U.S. intelligence report on Russia’s interference in the U.S. presidential elections, according to multiple officials. However, Trump was not orally briefed on the two-page “annex” outlining the allegations about him, according to a senior U.S. intelligence official with the knowledge of the preparation of the briefing. Trump said he learned the gist of the summary “outside that meeting.”

The two-page summary about the “unsubstantiated” material, o so they say was made available to the briefers to provide context for Trump should they want to draw a distinction for Trump between analyzed intelligence and unvetted “disinformation,” according to the official. The briefers also had available to them unvetted “disinformation” about the Clinton Foundation, though that was not briefed to Trump either.

The existence of the two-page synopsis was first reported by CNN yesterday afternoon. Their decision to report on the synopsis, as well as the publication of the complete 35-page memo by BuzzFeed, was harshly criticized by Trump.

The memo, which suggested that Trump could be blackmailed by Russian intelligence, was circulated among Trump opponents over the summer long before the election and was eventually passed to the FBI.

Republican Senator John McCain admitted that he also passed the memorandum to the FBI


Robert Gates Tells Defense Dept.To Speed Up ‘DADT’ Repeal As McCain Flip-Flops To Supporting It

According to Stars and Stripes Magazine Defense Secretary Robert Gates has ordered the Defense Department to speed up the  the steps it will take to begin training to begin as soon as possible for the DADT repeal to take affect.

Gates in a Pentagon press conference revealed a three-step plan: finalize changes in related regulations and policies, and get clearer definitions on benefits; prepare training materials for chaplains, lawyers, commanders and troops; and then begin to train servicemembers worldwide.

“We’re trying to get the first two phases of that process done as quickly as possible,” Gates said, adding he has instructed Undersecretary of Defense for Personnel and Readiness Clifford Stanley to accelerate his efforts. “My hope is that it can be done within a matter of a very few weeks so that we can then move on to what is the real challenge, which is providing training to 2.2 million people. And we will do that as expeditiously as we can.”

And in what appears to be news from the Bizarro world.  Rabid homophobe Senator John “Grandpa Munster” McCain, DADT’ repeals fiercest opponent in the Senate, now says that he will work to make the DADT repeal work.

Via The Hill

McCain signaled that he had made peace with the lame-duck bill to do away with the military’s ban on openly gay and lesbian service members, of which he had been an outspoken critic.

“I think I have to do everything I can to make sure that the important moral, retention, recruitment, and battle effectiveness of the military is minimized as much as possible,” McCain said on Fox Business. “It is a law and I have to do whatever I can to help the men and women who are serving particularly in combat cope with this new situation. I will do everything I can to make it work.”

I guess the nurse finally brought Senile, I mean Senator, Grandpa Munster his JELLO so that he’d stop yelling at the imaginary kids on his lawn.  Either that or McCain has a dastardly evil anti-gay plan up his short little Napoleon like sleeve. 

I think the latter. 

The Curse of John McCain is far from over, at least not for 6 more years.

Even Before The Ink Dries John McCain Working With FRC Hate Group To Roll Back DADT Repeal in 2011

The recogninzed hate group The Family Research Council is working overtime to attempt to get the DADT Repeal Act of 2010 overthrown een before the ink dries on it.

In the FRC’s holiday update letter Tony Perkins, proud President of the heinous hate group claims that it is working closely with Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) and others to stop the full repeal from being implemented.

As for FRC, who will take great pleasure in seeing this lame-duck finally limp out of town, we’ll be spending the next couple of weeks reassessing the ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ debate. In fact, I’ve already been in conversations with Hill leaders about holding hearings in the New Year, as well as statutory and legislative oversight steps that can be taken to turn back aspects of the repeal and slow down–if not stop–the rest. Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) and others will be working with FRC to put a strict evaluation process in place. We want to ensure that the Pentagon is monitoring the effect of this radical change on the men and women in harm’s way. One way to do that is demanding specific measurables–like tracking the sexual assaults, dips in recruitment and retention, combat distractions, and more. If there’s the slightest disruption to the military’s mission, you can bet that FRC will be on the Hill, demanding to revisit this repeal. And unlike the Senate Majority Leader, we won’t consult Lady Gaga first.”

And yes oif course the FRC Hate Group which is STILL a 501c Tax Exempt and supposed to not be involved in political endevors ended their bigoted missive with a plea for donations.

How Do You Report Suspected Tax Fraud Activity? – CLICK HERE to find out!

DADT Passes Procedual Vote – John McCain Douchebag Till the End – Video

After a loooong, drawn out fight.  The Senate  finally cleared the way for final action on removing DADT with a 63-33 vote.  The test vote all but guarantees the legislation will pass the Senate, possibly by day’s end, and reach the president’s desk before the new year.

In the end, six GOP senators broke with their party in favor of repeal. Republicans supporting the bill were Sens. Susan Collins of Maine, Olympia Snowe of Maine, Scott Brown of Massachusetts, Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, George Voinovich of Ohio, and Mark (gay) Kirk of Illinois

Sen. John McCain led the opposition and cemented his place in history as an extreme homophobe blatantly lying, leaving out facts and twisting statistics. Speaking on the Senate floor minutes before the vote, the Arizona Republican finally acknowledged he didn’t have the votes to stop the bill. He blamed elite liberals with no military experience for pushing their social agenda on troops during wartime. “They will do what is asked of them,” McCain said of service members. “But don’t think there won’t be a great cost.”

While this is a victory for the LGBT Community we must remember that the DADT Repeal was supposed to be easy and would have been if our lobbying groups would have done their jobs over the past two years.  We must not allow them to take credit for this victory but must remember that this drawn out and painful procedure was of their making.

We still have a very long hard road ahead of us.  Let’s celebrate and enjoy this but lets not get too comfortable. 

This was the easy one after all and there are a shitload of John McCains out there.

Video – Watch John McCain and Mark "I’m Not Gay" Kirk Share an Evil Laugh Over Killing Omnibus Spending Bill

“Dr. Evil “aka Senator John McCain and his minion “Mini Me” Senator Mark “I’m Not Gay” Kirk had high fun times on Thursday as they killed the the omnibus spending bill which was what led Senator Harry Reid to file cloture on the DREAM Act and DADT repeal.

Rumors now have it that McCain is so angry about the DREAM and DADT votes that he pooped his Depends and he’s threatening to push back on the START treaty ratification. (Any excuse)

As for Senator Mark “closet case” Kirk will the long line of tricks and ex-boyfriends PLEASE come forward to tell their tales of their times with Marky and lets nip this little problem in the bud from the giddyup.  PLEASE send your pics and stories to me, or hell anyone gay blogger  and we’ll be happy to publish them.


Harry Reid Rips Into John McCain Over DADT

Seante Majority Leader Harry Reid  ripped into this century’s Grandpa Munster aka Sen. John McCain on Saturday, saying basically McCain is full of BULLSHIT and comparing him to Lucy from Peanuts!  LOL!

“First, Sen. McCain said he would seriously consider repealing it if the military leadership thought we should, and [when] the military leadership said it should be repealed, he pulled away the football. Then Sen. McCain said he would need to see a study from the Pentagon. When the Pentagon produced the study saying repeal would have no negative effect at all, he pulled away the football again,”

“And his latest trick, he said yesterday that he opposed repealing ‘don’t ask, don’t tell,’ a proposal that would be a great stride forward for both equality and military readiness … because of the economy, I repeat, the senior senator from Arizona said he couldn’t support repealing ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ because of the economy.

I have no idea what he’s talking about and no one else does either.”

McCain spokeswoman Brooke Buchanan responded in an e-mail: “Perhaps someone should inform the majority leader the election is over.” Which is the McCain’s camp version of “I know you are but what am I?”

Hey Megan!  Still proud and love your Dad?  You’ve been awfully quiet lately.

Homophobic Bigot John McCain’s Top 20 Contributors…..GoDaddy.com? – BOYCOTT!

So how many of you out there host sites on Godaddy?  Use FedEx or fly USAir?

Well if you do here’s some in\fo for you.  They all just happen to be Senator John “I Hate Homo’s” McCain TOP Contributors!

Now I REALLY don’t need to spell out what we should do now do I?