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Amazing Straight GLBT Ally John Fugelsang: “Stop Calling It Bullying!” – Video

It always amazes me that are straight LGBT allies deliver such strong and powerful messages for us.  Much more powerful than our own organizations which actually says a helluva lot.

As much as I like to “hit on” John Fugelsang, Ben Cohen and Chris Kluwe I am so appreciative that they stand up fo us and speak their mind and admire them and thank them for it.

Video GritTV: John Fugelsang: Stop Calling it Bullying

The TOTALLY awesome actor, comedian, political commentator takes on the word “bullying” and how it makes a horrible dangerous thing seem less threatening.

Oh and by the way before anyone gets any ideas since John is hotter than hell..  Unfortunately John is STR8 but he is one of the best and most oustpoken LGBT ally’s we have.


VIDEO – Joy Behar and John Fuglesang Discuss Michele Bachman Crazy Overdrive’s SOTU Tea Party Rebuttal

Joy and her panel Handsome Fag Stag John Fugelsang, Chuck Nice & Rebecca Dana have a few laughs over Bachmann’s SOTU rebuttal!

Michelle Backman went to Little Cesars and ate all the crazy bread!

Video – John Fuglesang Takes on The GOP and Health Care Reform: The GOP Should Love the Public Option!

Comedian and pundit John Fuglesang of GRIT.tv lays it all out on the table on why Republicans SHOULD embrace Health Care Reform and the Public Option.

John Fuglesang is awesome and he’s also a supportive STR8 (damn it) ally to the LGBT Community

Comedian John Fugelsang Gives Fred Phelps & The Westboro Baptist Church A Well Needed Bible Lesson

Comedian, GRIT.tv Commentator, and handsome Fag Stag the awesome John Fuglesang gives Fred Phelps and his inbred Westoboro Baptist Church a well needed Bible Lesson. 

John is simply awesome and a great straight ally to the LGBT Community.

Fuglesang for the Fag Stag of the Year Award!