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Ice Queen Johnny Weir Calls LGBT Activists “Idiots” At Barnard College Talk

Johnny Queer

Flamboyant figure skater and Sochi Olympic Games commentator for NBC Johnny Weir appeared for a talk at Barnard College last night with his first generation, Russian investment scamming “husband” Victor Weir-Vorono in tow where Weir not only defended his love of Russia but also attacked the LGBT activists protesting him outside.

Reports Andy Humm at Gay City News:

During his talk he spoke of “idiots like the ones outside tonight, dumping vodka in the street,” and dismissed as useless.

“They say all these stupid things,” he told the audience of about 40 Barnard women students. “I never supported the [Russian] government. I supported the people.”

“I as a gay man hope there’s a beautiful iconic moment, but I don’t think it will happen in Sochi,” Weir said.

The iconic moment of Weir’s talk came when longtime activist and reporter Andy Humm called out Weir for his “idiots” comment and demanded the figure skater apologize.

“You insulted them,” Humm told Weir, pointing out that the activists outside “they have 100-plus years of experience…they won you your right to get married.”

“When I feel attacked, I have the right and ability to say something,” Weir responded, and then quietly apologized.