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HYSTERICAL! – Joel Osteen Impersonator Punks Crowd at Osteen Prayer Event in L.A – Video

Joel Osteen impersonator Michael Klimkowski, took his false persona to the next level recently and faked his way into a Joel Osteen prayer event at The Forum in Inglewood, California shaking hands, taking pictures, and even looking for beer.

AV Club adds:

[One of Klimkowski’s crew] tells us that the confrontation recorded at the end of the video was with Osteen’s head of security. Though that guy asserts they’re going to the jail, Henke notes the “real police” just thought it was funny. “Especially because Mike, our ‘Joel,’ never really dropped character and kept getting approached by ‘fans’ even as we were detained.”

Klimkowski did an AMA on Reddit today if anyone is interested.

Oprah’s Buddy “Pastor” Joel Osteen: We’re For Everybody Except The Gays – Video

Con-man and gay face Joel Osteen (a Oprah discovery)of the Houston TX megachurch Lakewood, appeared on The Lead with Jake Tapper to pitch his mew book I Declare and talked about his right-wing christian-fest biblical show “The Bible” and let it be known that he doesn’t believe in or support same-sex marriage because has he doesn’t see “same-sex in the scripture.”

“It’s a fine line,” Osteen answered.  “We’re for everybody, but, of course, as a Christian pastor my base is off what I believe the Scripture says.  Marriage is between a male and a female.  But again, we’re for everybody.  But that’s where I draw the line.”

Tapper followed up by asking Osteen whether he believes that gay couples should have access to some basic rights.

“I think so.  You know, I think we have to be compassionate about it all.  We’re not against everybody.  And there are certainly people who love each other and I believe they should have those rights.  I just … you know, when I come back to the Scripture, as much as I’m for everybody, I don’t see same-sex in the Scripture.”

Well Osteen is right about one thing.  Same-sex marriage isn’t in the scriptures but also no where in the Bible does it specifically say that same-sex marriage is not allowed or the fact that it is only between one man and one woman although it does mention marriage between one man and many women.  After all, the nation of Israel comes from the offspring of the four “wives” (2 wives, 2 concubines) of Jacob.  Polygamy and sexual slavery anyone? Its in the scripture so it must be okay!

The whole interview was a thinly veiled attempt by Osteen to hide his bigotry.  And not a very good one at that and as much as I like Jake Tapper he should have called Osteen out on his woeful rhetoric.

And as for Miss Oprah.  I’ve been waiting for years for an apology from her for her “discovery”of this anti-gay bigot and using him on her daytime talk show and legitimizing him as a “Man of God”

OPRAH To Feature Inspirational Religious Bigots Rick Warren and Joel Osteen on “Lifeclass”

Oprah Winfrey who has always said that she is a staunch supporter of LGBT rights and equality has just taped one of her newest Lifeclass program, where viewers “get the lessons we can all use to lead our best possible lives,”  featuring the wisdom of two anti-gay pastors Joel Osteen and Rick Warren.

Osteen, a mega-church pastor in Houston, claims he doesn’t hate gays, only views them as sinful. and endorses “ex gay” therapy  and California pastor Warren is proudly against marriage equality. He also campaigned for Prop. 8 and declared support for Chick-fil-A and its anti-gay policies.

What the hell is Oprah thinking?  To use and promote these two religious bigots does not just endorse some of the views which she might find favorable it legitimizes all of their views.

If Oprah really cared she would know better.  You can’t straddle the fence on bigotry and civil rights to appease your audience and get ratings.  Hosting Osteen and Warren is both hurtful and offensive to the LGBT community .

One would think that Oprah of all people would know that.

Piers Morgan Gives Platform To MegaChurch C-List Fundamentalist Homophobe Joel Osteen

Piers Morgan, in a show airing on Wednesday, invited MegaChurch pastor Joel Osteen, who admits that he’s never been to seminary but still calls himself a Pastor on his new show to discuss “homosexuality”.
Says Osteen:

The scriptures shows that it’s a sin. But you know, I’m not one of those that are out there to bash homosexuals and tell them that they’re terrible people and all of that. I mean, there are other sins in the Bible too…I don’t believe homosexuality is God’s best for a person’s life.  “Well, it’s strictly back to what the scripture says. I mean, I can’t grab one part and say God wants you to be blessed and live an abundant life, and not grab the other part that says, you know what? You know, live that kind of life. So it comes back to the scripture. I’m not the judge. You know, God didn’t tell me to go around judging everybody.”

Anyone who cherry picks Leviticus and the scriptures in general to advocate against gay people but ignore all of the other restrictions are baseless hypocrites and Joel Osteen is at the top of the list. And where Osteen has major issues with people being gay he obviously has no problem about he himself being a sinful  a money-grubbing, fame-whoring religious huckster.

And as for Piers Morgan.  Where he did press Osteen on the issue.  The bigger questions is WHY even have him on unless you are truly going to decimate him.  With everything that’s going on the world right right there are no better guests than a “C-list Christomaniac Homo Hating Fascist Fundamentalist”. 

Piers you could certainly do better than that and you and the media need to realize that whenever you give people like Osteen a platform in any form its dangerous.  Because there is always going to be at least one crazy ass bigoted mother fucker out there that feels the same way and it can breed more hate in the end.

Media, all media needs to start showing some responsibility.