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Actor Nick Stahl BUSTED For Masturbating In Adult Bookstore By Same Cop Who Busted Fred Willard

Nick Stahl

TMZ is reporting that the L.A. Police were doing a routine check of an adult video store when they found actor Nick Stahl masturbating in a booth to a video. The official description of the arrest was that he was committing a “lewd act.”  Stahl was arrested, cited and released a couple of hours later.

Stahl was arrested by the SAME Los Angeles policeman who early this summer arrested Fred Willard for masturbating in a porno theatre in Los Angeles.

This cop is like a one anti-jack-off Robo-crusader and in my opinion he should be the one for perving on guys in bookstores and movie theatres for easy busts and not doing his job.

As of  July Los Angeles had over 54,000+ reports of violent/property crimes and over 8,000 cases of Child/Spousal abuse.   How many REAL CRIMES with REAL VICTIMS were committed in Hollywood last night while these voyeur cops were trolling adult theatres looking for guys with their hands on thier junk for an easy arrests?

If an adult wants to visit a private establishment such as an Adult Movie theatre (which by the way has no other reason for being in existence other than to jerk off  and/or have sex) and jack off with or have sex with another adult consensual then that is their business and should not be a crime.