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GOProud’s Jimmy LaSalvia and Joe The Plumber “Have A Deal About Homoshexuals” (Insert Plunger Joke Here) – Video

CNN news anchor Zoraida Sambolin interviewed Samuel Wurzelbacher, aka Joe The Plumber (remember him?) who just barely won his Ohio GOP primary for the U.S. House.  (Only in Ohio folks). 

Sambolin asked Wurzelbacher who once said that he wouldn’t let gay people be around his children if he’s evolved on gay issues.  After much back and forth  with Sambolin refusing to let him off the hook and not answer and  Wurzelbacher accusing CNN of gotcha journalism and comparing them to TMX to deflect from his past comments and then Wurzelbacher drops the GOProud bomb.

“I have spoke with Jimmy O’Salvia over at GOProud and he and I have an agreement that I’m gonna work towards all Americans, homoshexuals, straight – they want jobs. That’s what it comes down to. I’m allowed to have my opinions as an American, but it seems like the left becomes very intolerant when you have an opinion other than what they state.”

Quite the brian trust you snagged there “Jimmy O’Salvia” and GOFuckYourself GOProud

GOProud’s Founding Auntie Tom’s LaSalvia and Barron Defend Their Group Of Bootlicking Kapos On CNN

GOFuckYourself  GOProud co-founders Jimmy (Frosty Bangs) LaSalvia and Chris (Look at my abs not at my face) Barron appeared on  CNN’s Early Start with Ashleigh Banfield  to talk about the reasons why THEY think they were kicked out of this years CPAC (which they seem to think has nothing to do with Chris Barron’s psychotic melt down last year) and also why they are boot licking slaves, I mean support the GOP a political party who wants to see them kept as second class citizens and without any rights.  (Quick answer:  Its all about their wallets)

BARRON:  And the left would have you believe that the only thing that gay people care about is military service and marriage.  And while those are important issues, the fact is, is that gay people care about things like the economy and jobs and retirement security.

GOProud WHINES To The Dallas Voice: “The Gay Left Is Hateful, Intolerant, and Disgusting”

Whaaaaa.  Whaaaaa. Whaaaaaa……

GoFuckYourself GOProud’s Executive Director and Co-Founder Jimmy LasSalvia (Muttley to Chris Barron’s Dick(head) Dastardly) took to the pages of the Dallas Voice recently to have a good whine, cry and use the “victim card” while preaching about how the  the Gay Left is “hateful, intolerant, and disgusting”

Referring to Taylor Garrett, a gay Republican cast member from LOGO TV’s craptastic The A-List: Dallas, recently CLAIMED his apartment had been vandalized by a “liberal,” and when LaSalvia himself also CLAIMED that he’d been the victim of a hate crime in Washington, D.C. in July  (and used it as an opportunity to support gun rights) LaSalvia told the Dallas Voice:

“The gay left is the most hateful, intolerant, disgusting group of people I’ve ever come across in my lifetime, and everything we do is criticized by them. They hate gay conservatives more than anything in the world, and I don’t know why. It’s just a matter of time before violence like that happens.

I think that is absolutely appalling that someone would question that, and until you’ve been through what I’ve been through, shut the fuck up, because I know what happened to me,” LaSalvia said. “It was very traumatic for me, and that is why I wrote about it, as a way to help me deal with what happened to me.

And I would say the same for Taylor. He told people about it as a way for him to deal with what had happened to him. And it’s just appalling to me that anyone would question that, and then to speculate that it was a coordinated effort — that I would tell Taylor, ‘Oh yeah, fake a hate crime, you know, get lots of attention,’ — that’s just absurd. And I would just tell all of those people, until it happens to you, shut the fuck up.”

Well I guess she told us……. NOT!

I mean REALLY  how could anyone hate traitor’s to the gay community who’ll suck any Republicans dick so they can get a bigger tax refund?  And say nothing of the fact that they routinely endorse homophobes and people determined to roll back civil rights advances for gays and lesbians (and to block any further advancement of same) and who’ll stage hate crimes (recognition of which they routinely denounce) simply as a means of getting publicity for a pet cause?

Jimmy lay off the Miss Clairol.  Obviously the preoxide has seeped far into your brian.


Tweet of the Day – HomoCON GOProud President Jimmy LaSalvia

GoFuckYourself”s GOProud’s  co-founder and the executive director Jimmy (Don’t call me Farrah”) LaSalvia lashed out at fellow gay blogger Joe Jervis via Twitter over “supposedly” inciting hate crimes against gay republicans for questioning the truthfulness of LOGO’s The Ass List: Dallas reality whore and GoFuckYourself  GOProud member Taylor Garrett who claimed that a rock was “supposedly” thrown through his window after it came out that Ann Coulter and Farrah, I mean LaSalvia were to guest on ann upcoming episode of The Ass List: Dallas.

LaSalvia is no stranger to “supposed” hate crimes after all.  he himself was a victim of a  “supposed”  two months ago when “supposedly” a gang of black youths knocked him off his bike while he was cruising Southwest DC and LaSalvia “supposedly” scared them away by making believe he “supposedly” had a gun.

What do you suppose?

Ann Coulter GOProud Board Member Agrees With Rick Santorum: “Gay Rights Are Not Civil Rights”

“I’m sick of people comparing gays to blacks. No, it’s very different. What Santorum said is true. It’s sexualization of the military. It’s not someone being Black. Tell me how being Black is like being gay. You can see someone is Black. You can’t see someone is gay and the precise policy we’re talking about is whether they can go around announcing they’re gay.”

I’m sure that Jimmy LaSalvia and Chris Barron over at GoFuckYourself  GOProud will be so thrilled and will support Ilse She Devil of the Nazi’s Coulter, who LaSalvia himself refers to as “simply the smartest, funniest and most stylish woman in politics today. We thank Ann for agreeing to do this and for continuing her outspoken support for gay conservatives.”

Gosh, if Coulter keeps this up, LOGO might give her her own series.

Jimmy LaSalvia And GOProud Take Credit For The DADT Repeal. And If You Think Thats Funny…….

And if you think that’s funny………..

Ms. LaSalvia will be the guest speaker of t The Wabash Conservative Union at Wabash College in Indianna tomorrow where she will speak about “why the gay community can and should be conservative. Ms. LaSalvia will also address the growing inclusiveness in the conservative movement from the Tea Party to the mainstream GOP.”

So if anyone finds themself near Wabash College – 410 West Wabash Avenue -Crawfordsville, IN (about 1 hour  from Indianapolis International Airport) tomorow at 8pm perhaps you should stop by and see Jimmy LaSalvia perform  speak.  There is a reception afterwards which actually could turn out to be a glittering event and experience if all goes well.