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DNC 2010 Obama Video Leaves The LGBT Community Out, Rumors Swirl in DC That Rham Emmanuel and Jim Messina Are Threatening To Cut The Gay Community Off

In a video that President Obama has made to coincide with the DNC Grassroots project Organizing for America and DNC Chair Tim Kaine’s email blast to 13,000 Democrats begging for money and support in the 2010 mid-term elections, the LGBT Community is mysteriously absent but in the past, gays and lesbians have been included in lists such as these.

Says Obama in the video, in part: “So that’s what we’re going to do. … It will be up to each of you to make sure that the young people, African Americans, Latinos, and women, who powered our victory in 2008 stand together once again. … If you help us do that – if you help us make sure that first-time voters in 2008 make their voices heard again in November – then together we will deliver on the promise of change, hope, and prosperity for generations to come.”

Democrats have taken LGBT folks’ votes for granted, and failed to come through on most of their campaign promises to us, knowing full well that we don’t have any alternatives and would be fools to vote for Republicans? Why does this all sound so strangely familiar, almost as though it happens every four years? This is part of the problem. The Democrats aren’t the hand that feeds us, we’re (one of) the hand that feeds them. They’ve been slow to understand this, almost retarded in fact.

And now from AmericaBlog Gay comes this news:

There’s a rumor going around politically-connected circles in Washington, DC that White House Chief of Staff and dance belt wearing Rahm Emanuel and Deputy Chief of Staff Jim Messina are so upset that the gay community is challenging the President’s broken promises on “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” ENDA, and DOMA that they’re now threatening to cut the gay community off entirely, and do nothing more for the gays for the rest of the Obama administration.  (Which let’s get real will probably be only 2 more years.)

If this is true then it only proves what a petty, vindictive little men Obama, Emmanuel, and Messina really are .And it’s well past the time to stand up to them and get in thier face and let them know that we will not take this treatment any longer.

Has DADT Been Shut Down This Year? Did The Human Rights Campaign Know? Are We Being Played By Both The Obama Administration AND The Human Rights Campaigh? – The Magic 8 Ball Says YES

Yesterday Kerry Eleveld of the Advocate reported that just 5 DAYS after President Obama promised a reapeal of DADT this year that Rahm Emmanuel’s butt boy Jim Messina “shut down” chances for “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” repeal in 2010 at a meeting which included members of The Human Right’s Campaign,

Today Robert Raben of the Raben Group refuted that version of events. ‘That wasn’t the meeting I was at,’ said Raben, who lobbies the White House on immigration reform, abortion, and Supreme Court nominees, and is also a paid strategist for the Human Rights Campaign. (Schocking that he a paid strategist for HRC and “refutes” it huh?)

Says Raben:
It’s not shocking that HRC is waltzing out a paid strategist to cover its ass especially since HRC President Joe Solmonsleaze Solmonese has been soliciting money from members of the LGBT community all year , and directly after this meeting at HRC’s North Carolina Gala under the premise that there was a “clear path” to repeal in 2010.

‘The idea that Messina ‘shut-down’ anything is not accurate. They were, if anything, frustratingly cautious about committing to anything.’ … Other sources, who were also present at the meeting and spoke anonymously, agreed with the recollection of Raben and the Human Rights Campaign’s David Smith, who said on Wednesday, ‘They were noncommittal about legislation in that meeting, but not definitively one way or the other.'”

It’s time we face facts.  Solmonese ard HRC are either scheming liars or a raging incompetents. Or C, ALL of the Above which is my personal choice.  Joe is basically Obama’s house gay and we all know it. He  and the HRC either lied because donations were down and HRC badly needed funds or, they is so out of the loop in DC that they have no insight into what is going on at that White House or Capital Hill.

At best it makes HRC incompetent.  At worst it makes HRC criminals guilty of frauding scams.

It looks like we are ALL going to have to fight for what we want.  And we can all start by calling any and all Reps in Washington NOW and joinJoin Get Equal as well.

But for all that is merciful, ignore the “DONATE NOW” button at the bottom of HRC’s relentless emails and lest do our best to remove them from their position as our advocates.