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Cowboy Cord McCoy Called Amazing Race Winner Jordan Pious A "Fag"

Oh here’s a shock a redneck cowboy who hurls anti-gay slurs.

The Amazing Race finale is over and despite CBS publicists’ pathetic efforts to get the players not to talk about things outside of the lame, noncontroversial stuff (“Let’s talk about their strategic play on the show”), Jordan Pious, the gay Rhode Island man and his brother Dan, who won The Amazing Race told Reality TV World that cowboy Jet has a problem with gay people. (Cowboy brothers Jet and Cord Mccoy came in second)

From Reality Blurred:
*Cue Brokeback Mountain music*

Dan said, “Jet hates gays, yeah,” and Jordan said that “he made comments about Carol and Brandy (Lesbian Team)  on the show.” Dan added that “Jet called Jordan a ‘fag’ Saturday night for absolutely no reason and Jordan just said hello to him, so there was something on the Race and I guess, in all fairness, there’s some stuff that isn’t shown and I think it’s an important thing to get out. Because I don’t think there’s any doubt that certain things happened and it all plays a part in everyone’s reaction. … I think there’s some animosity but it really goes one-way.”

As far as CBS trying to keep it quiet it´s not really all that shocking. CBS tried all season to make Cowboys the favorites who are always perfect and in the last epspecially CBS went out of it’s way to make Dan and Jordan into “the villians” for no reason.