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WATCH: BBC’s "Jerry Springer – The Opera" – "I Just Wanna Dance" and "Talk To The Hand" (Video)Watch

Waaaaaay back in 2005, BBC Two aired The West End Production of “Jerry Springer: – The Opera” to much protest and controvery from “stick up the ass” Christians.

‘Jerry Springer-The Opera’ tells the story of a day in the job of world famous talk-show host, Jerry Springer. Jerry has to sort out a number of guests problems; including a man who wants to dress up as a baby, a man with 3 lovers (one of them a transexual) and a fat woman who wants to be a pole dancer.

This version is out on DVD and only available (so far) in the UK.

Watch The Musical Numbers below: “I Just Wanna Fucking Dance” sung by Alison´╗┐ Jiear, and  “Talk To The Hand” sung by Ryan Molloy. 

(Oh, and btw. Thats “Starsky and Hutch’s” David Soul all puffed up playing Jerry Springer in the “I Just Wanna Dance” video. YIKES!)

Manchester, England Pride 2010: "I Just Wanna Fuckin Dance" – And I Just Wanna Fuckin Join You. (Video)

Despite intermittent heavy rainfalls on Saturday THOUSANDS lined the streets for the 20th Anniversary Manchester Gay Pride Parade led by Grand Marshall Sir Ian McKellum in the UK yesterday.

Despite the fact that the LGBT Community in the UK is currently grappling with achieving full marriage equality, the United Kingdom has surpassed the United States on EVERY LEVEL when it comes to providing LGBT American citizens the same human rights, protections and freedoms as it’s other citizens.