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FRC’s Tony Perkins Refused To Debate Jeremy Hooper 1 on 1 During Fox New’s Duck Dynasty Segment

FOX Tony Perkins

LGBT Blogger, activist, author and GLAAD spokesman Jeremy Hooper and hate group leader Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council appeared on Fox News with Megyn Kelly Thursday night to discuss Phil Robertson and A&E’s suspension of him from their hit (fake) reality show Duck Dynasty after Robertson made anti-gay and racial comments during a GQ Magazine interview.

Media Matters recaps:

Hooper challenged Kelly to hold Perkins accountable for his anti-gay record and vile rhetoric, to which Kelly promised, “What specifically? Because I’ll ask him.”

But Kelly never asked Perkins to explain his extreme stances against the gay community, nor did she acknowledge that the FRC is a designated hate group. Instead she merely identified FRC as “a group whose mission is to advance faith, family, and freedom in public policy and culture from a Christian world view”–a description that continues Fox’s trend of referring to anti-gay extremism as Christianity. Perkins went on to defend Robertson as upholding “biblical morality” and attack homosexuality as “sexual immorality.”

Perkins blasted Robertson’s suspension earlier on Thursday:

“A&E’s suspension of Phil Robertson shows Hollywood wants to avoid reality. The reality is that the Robertson family are Bible-believing Christians who don’t cherry pick what the Bible teaches.

“Phil Robertson has been targeted simply because he expressed his religious beliefs but there is a clear double standard that is being applied. Nothing was done when homosexual activist Dan Savage screamed profanities at Christian high school students and called them ‘pansy-(expletive deleted).’ However, when Christians simply say homosexuality is wrong and they don’t agree with it, there are demands that they be fired and silenced.  

“We have also seen wedding florists, bakers, and photographers hauled into court, fined and even ordered to violate their religious beliefs by participating in same-sex weddings. It is time for all Americans to take a stand against the cultural elites who want to destroy the livelihood of people and remove God and His truth from every aspect of public life.

“The increasing awareness of this collateral cultural and religious carnage that accompanies the redefinition of natural marriage will continue to cause the debate over same-sex marriage to intensify, not abate, despite the media’s relative silence and homosexual activists increasing campaign of intimidation,” concluded Perkins.

What Media Matters didn’t touch on was the bizarre interview style that Kelley took with the two men as they never appeared on screen together directly talking to each other.  Kelley interviewed each man separately back to back with two very different interviewing styles. She interrupted Hooper repeatedly, and challenged the things he said, but she allowed Tony Perkins go on and on, and seemed almost apologetic and knit-browed when asking him questions.

But why was the interview done this way without the two men interacting on questions?

According to an unnamed sourced Perkins demanded that the structure of the interview be set up that way and that was the only way that he’d do the interview together with Hopper.

Hooper’s web-blog Good As You has been following the anti-gay ramblings and exploits of Perkins, the FRC and many other rabidly anti-gay groups for the past 11 years.  Was Perkins afraid that in cross talk Hopper would bring up some of his biggest anti-gay lies  and propaganda and also his “possible” *cough* ties to white supremacist groups before his core audience? Whatever the reason this is proof that Perkins is nothing more than a bigoted coward who is not man enough or strong enough to defend his own words when challenged one on one.

Bob Newhart Cancels Performance at Anti-Gay Catholic Legatus Summit

Bob Newhart bigot


by Lisa Derrick of LaFiga

Comedian Bob Newhart has canceled his headlining stand-up appearance at Legatus Summit, a virulently anti-gay Catholic organization. So happy! Wednesday Newhart tweeted:

Upcoming Bob Newhart Tour Date Change — Bob will not be performing at the Legatus Summit in Orlando FL on February 6th, 2014

A number of bloggers and activists expressed their shock that Newhart–who won his first Emmy  this year playing opposite openly gay Jim Parsons on Big Bang Theory–would headline the Legatus Summit which will also showcase Rick Santorum and the Catholic League’s William Donohue. It’s pretty clear where the ever-frothy Rick Santorum and Donohue stand on LGBT issues–and Legatus? Writing for GLAAD, Jeremey Hooper said:

Legatus pushes the idea that homosexuality itself is a “disorder” from which one must be “cured.”

Thank you, Bob Newhart for realizing some groups (even religious ones) have darker agendas and want to use celebrities to further bigotry, discrimination and hate. And thank you for looking and listening to your fans, gay and straight, who believe in you!


Douche of the Week: “Porno Pete” LaBarbera Attacks Gay Blogger Jeremy Hooper And Innocent Baby

porno pete



“Porno Pete” LaBarbera of the anti-gay group Americans for Truth About Homosexuality has sunk so low and is sio desperate that he is now attacking children with gay parents without even waving the Bible as a shield.

Just a few days ago well respected gay blogger Jeremy Hooper of the anti-gay watchdog LGBT website Good As You and his husband became the proud parents of a beautiful baby girl. Upon hearing the newsr LaBarbera took to his  Twitter page and posted the following:

“No mommy for THIS baby whose “gay” dad is Jeremy Hooper. At least in old days gay activists didn’t acquire babies”

LaBarbera has crossed the line and taken his self righteous hate to a whole new low level.  Not content with just attacking Hooper which LaBarbera has done before when he posted a screencap from Hooper’s wedding video and wrote the word “perversion” on it.   Now he has the audacity to attack an innocent baby.


I’ll get the tar, you get the feathers and meet me in Naperville, IL,

Peter LaBarbera asshole



National Organization for Marriage Pushes “Gays Are Worthy Of Death” Meme

Jeremy Hooper of Good As You and NOM Exposed has discovered that NOM  had posted a clip by NOM on their anti-gay marriage Rhode Island site where Liberty Counsel spokesdouche Matt Barber goes on a most evil and hateful rant that homosexuality is about “child indoctrination” is a “sin that is self-destructive” and “the wages of sins is death.”

Writes Jeremy about the clip:

I actually think I might be underselling the two videos. I’m not kidding you—it doesn’t get much worse than these two clips! They are not just anti–marriage equality—these are proudly anti-LGBT videos that denigrate us in every single way imaginable. These videos are from the most extreme fringe of this debate. They would make even some outspoken conservatives blush. The videos I just described to you are now forever to the National Organization For Marriage’s Rhode Island strategy. The organization is pushing them on its official website as a “preview of what the same-sex marriage movement is about” and telling supporters to share them widely.

After being discovered NOM quickly scrubbed and removed  the video from the site .

But not before screenshots could be taken of the page.



Democratic National Convention To Feature High Profile LGBT Politicians, Entertainers, and Bloggers

The Democratic National Convention being held this week in Charlotte, N.C is is expected to bring over 35,000 convention delegates, journalists , and bloggers and among them will be many big names in the LGBT community known for their work in national and regional politics and in the media.  (Although Back2Stonewall.com won’t be there unfortunately)

Openly LGBT delegates, politicians and others have been invited North Carolina’s openly gay Chapel Hill Mayor Mark Kleinschmidt, Charlotte’s openly lesbian City Councilwoman LaWana Mayfield and Charlotte Mayor Anthony Foxx, a favorite of local LGBT voters.

Other big names include several openly LGBT politicians. Massachusetts Congressman Barney Frank is a member of the convention’s Platform Committee. Rhode Island’s openly gay Congressman David Cicilline will also attend, as will Wisconsin Congresswoman Tammy Baldwin, who is running for the U.S. Senate seat in that state..  New Jersey trans activist and Democratic National Committee executive Babs Siperstein. New York’s delegation will include openly gay State Assemblyman Daniel O’Donnell, openly lesbian labor leader and American Federation of Teachers President Randi Weingarten and trans activist Melissa Sklarz.

Amongst the LGBT blogger crowd the humpy and hirsute Joe Jervis of Joe My God, will be attending as well as  Jeremy Hopper of Good As You, and Bil Browing of The Bilerico Project and many more.   And as for entertainment you don;t get much gayer then the Scissor Sisters performing at a private, invitation-only concert at The Fillmore at Uptown’s NC Music Factory.

The 2012 Democratic National Convention has all the makings to knock the annual White Party off the list as the number 1 gay circuit party event.

And we are not there.

But hey, I get to cover The Scarefest Horror and Paranormal Convention and meet Clive Barker, and the Muscle Wolf Productions crew in Lexington, KY at the end of the month and they don’t.

I bet they are so jealous.

Video – Jeremy Hooper of “Good As You” Harassed By NYPD Wile Filming NOM Hate Rally In NYC

Good As You’s Jeremy Hooper was harassed today by the NYPD for attempting to film the NOM anti-same sex marriage hate rally.

There should be an investigation into those policemem’s conduct. A public sidewalk is just that, a public sidewalk.

BRAVO to Jeremy for standing your ground! (Also very smart to film thier faces and badges)

Can’t wait to hear the audio from YOUR video!