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California High School Cancels Production of Jean Paul Satre’s Play “No Exit” Because of Lesbian Character

Buchanan High School in Clovis, California has abruptly cancelled a student performance of a critically-acclaimed Jean-Paul Sartre play from the 1940s ‘because it featured a lesbian character’..

Jared Serpa, the director and a senior at the school, said it was canceled purely because the play featured a lesbian character.  

No Exit should have ‘never been approved’ in the first place due to its sexual themes and mature content, said chief communications director for Clovis Unified School District.  Administrators claim they received complaints about its sexual themes and adult content on Friday.

However, the work of literature is included in the curriculum of an AP course at Buchanan High School and the actors even modified it to make it more appropriate.

Serpa, disagreed and said the main reason was due to the lesbian character, he claimed in a two minute Twitter video. 

The senior said: ‘That just shows how cowardice the parent is for not talking to their child about reality and telling them that the world that they live in isn’t perfectly heterosexual like they want it to be.

‘Talk with your children about reality. Don’t put them in this bubble and darkness because you couldn’t find the courage to talk to your own child about the fact that people are different.’  

Students have since launched a petition to bring the play back to the stage, accumulating in more than 3,500 supporters as of Tuesday afternoon.

Please follow the link above and sign the petition above. 

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