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Troy, MI Tea Party Mayor Janice Daniels Busted Again For Dangerous Anti-Gay Comments

Michigan’s MOST HATED Tea Party Mayor Janice Daniels has been busted BIGTIME once again as audiotapes of a meeting between her and  Troy High School Gay-Straight Alliance have surfaced that proves that Daniel’s said she would “bring in psychiatrists who will tell you that the homosexual lifestyle is dangerous,”  to counter an anti-gay bullying and suicide event that the students wanted to hold.

GSA member Zach Kilgore also attended Jan. 9 meeting and described the exchange: “Somebody said something to the effect of, ‘We can’t tell these kids that what they’re doing is wrong,'”

“And she said, ‘Well, I can get a panel to testify,'” Curtis said. “Which is really horrifying, because if we’re trying to prevent suicide, telling a room full of gay kids that they have a mental disease probably isn’t a way to prevent suicide.”

Daniels says what she said was there’s a higher incidence of overall disease in the homosexual community,

Daniels first came under fire in early December over her use of the term “queers” on her Facebook page before she was elected mayor in November.

Daniels confirmed posting the status update to her page and defended her statement. 

“I firmly support marriage as being defined as between one man and one woman and I am not going to change my position,”  “That said, I love all people and will continue to work towards promoting a vibrant City of Troy.”

In a poll released Friday, nearly three-quarters of Troy voters surveyed said they would support recalling Daniels from office.

Mayor Daniels has given the voters of Troy the biggest case of buyer’s remorse I have ever seen,” Main Street Strategies consultant Joe DiSano said in a press release. “Mayor Daniels’ Tea Party agenda has polarized the voters of Troy. Her repeated attacks on gays have badly damaged her public standing and voters clearly regret supporting her last fall.”