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Actors Jamie Bell and Evan Rachel Wood Stand Up Against LGBT Discrimination And North Carolina’s Amendment 1

Jamie Bell has just tap danced his way into my heart.

Thank you Jamie and Evan both for standing up for whats right.


Actor Jamie Bell: Tintin Might Be Gay!

Jamie Bell, who has grown up quite nicely since his Billy Elliot days will be voicing the main character of Tintin in the forthcoming Steven Spielberg adaptation, The Adventures of Tintin (Les Aventures de Tintin) based on the series of classic comic books created by Belgian artist Georges Rémi

In an interview with Nightlife.ca Bell weighs in on whether he thinks Tintin is gay:

I mean, I think that there’s always been that conversation; there’s always been that argument. No one has ever said no to that argument; there’s nothing definitive, so I mean, it’s up in the air. It’s an interesting question, because there is a lack of women and females in the entire Tintin universe; there’s only one and she’s represented as this annoying person who is singing all the time and bugs everyone [Ed’s Note: La Castafiore]. So there’s more mythology and curiosity about that. In all fairness, marriage and relationships aren’t really on his radar, though; he’s got bigger fish to fry and a larger treasure to find.”

Well if TinTin really is gay he’s very lucky to be from Belgium

Belgium is considered to be a very liberal country in regards to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender (LGBT) rights and became the second country in the world to legalize same-sex marriage, in 2003.

You go TinTin girl!

Channing Tatum on Jamie Bell, Gay Sex, and His Master & Slave Experience In The Eagle

Channing Tatum recently spoke with NYMag/Vulture online about his recent movie The Eagle where he plays a  Roman soldier who has a short tunic and agiant sword.  In The Eagle, Tatum’s commander has a power (bottom) switch with his slave (Jamie Bell) while on a mission.

Well there are swords, and two guys are sword fighting. There’s a metaphor there I’m sure. And back in the Roman day I think it was probably more accepted than it is now. But there’s none in the movie. Me and [director Kevin Macdonald] talked a lot before we started filming: There is no love story in the movie, but it’s a relationship movie for sure. … I think Jamie had a lot of fun having me as a slave. I don’t think I took advantage of it like I should have when he was my slave. But Jamie, yeah — he abused me. So maybe there was some frustration coming out a little bit here and there. … Jamie and I have a bromance. We’ve been having sex for a few years now. [… It’s] going fantastic

Looks like little Billy Elliott is growing up nicely and thanks to Tatum’s interview I am sure we all look forward to the Unrated Director’s cut.