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FRC Hate Group President Tony Perkins Claims Support Of ‘Leading Voices On Gay Politics’

While the Family Reserach Council and other anti-gay right wing extremist groups are still shamelessly expoiting  the tragic shooting that took place at the office building where the Family Research Council has its offices for its own good.  FRC President Tony Perkins is now crowing over the fact that two columnists have come to its defense against the “hate group” label.

Nutjob Dana Milbank — who essentially argued that promoting hate against LGBT people simply isn’t as bad as promoting hate against people of color — and James Kirchick, who Perkins describes as a “leading voice on gay politics.” who no one has ever heard of.

Kirchick in an op-ed he wrote for the New York Daily News gave a pass to people who oppose marriage equality just because they are concerned about the “familial breakdown”:

As for gay marriage opponents, many of them object in name only; that is, they have no problem extending all of the same legal benefits to gay couples but are made uncomfortable by calling same-sex partnerships “marriage.” Such a position, no matter how intellectually confused, is not on the same level as calling blacks and Hispanics members of “mud races” who should be shipped back to the lands of their ancestors.

To be sure, there are many people whose opposition to gay rights is motivated by hate. They are less animated by the specter of familial breakdown than they are by the perceived degeneration of the culture at the hands of “godless sodomites.”

Kirchick, a legend in his own mind and “leading voice on gay politics” only on his own Wikipedia page ignores or is just too ill-informed to report the facts that the FRC and other organizations have  regularly call for the deportation and imprisonment of homosexuals, comparing us to people who engage in pedophilia and bestiality and have dedicate millions of dollars to advocating against the very lives of LGBT people and not just against same-sex marriage.

So this is the best that Tony Perkins can do.  The racist Dana Millbank and a megalomanic idiot named James Kirchick.

These are Tony Perkins “leading voice on gay politics.”

And the spin goes on………