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Young "IT" Actor Jack Dylan Grazer Come Out As Bisexual.

Young “IT” Actor Jack Dylan Grazer Come Out As Bisexual.

Many of you know young actor Jack Dylan Grazer from playing the part of Eddie Kaspbrak in It, and portrayed Freddy Freeman in the 2019 DC  film Shazam! 

Earlier this week, the 17-year-old actor came out as bisexual during an Instagram Live broadcast.

In video from the stream, which was shared on social media, Grazer is taking part in a Q&A with fans when asked, “Are you gay?” by one user.

“I’m bi,” Grazer replies with a smile before quoting his Luca character, exclaiming, “Silenzio Bruno!” 

Welcome to the tribe Jack! We all sparkle FABULASHLY down here!

"It: Chapter 2" Casts Gay Characters Left Out of 1990 Mini-Series

“It: Chapter 2” Casts Gay Characters Left Out of 1990 Mini-Series

On Tuesday, Deadline reported that actors French-Canadian actor and director Xavier Dolan and Taylor Frey have been cast in the roles of gay Derry residents Adrian Mellon and Don Haggerty. Both the characters were left out of the 1990 mini-series.

In the book, Don and Adrian are supporting characters who experience homophobia and hate crimes in thier own respectively tragic storylines, which set off the events of the second part of It and this is what brings the Losers Club back to Derry.


Adrian grows fond of the town of Derry despite it’s violent homophobic attitude and only agrees to leave because of Don. Before leaving, the two attend the town fair and on the way home, they are attacked by 3 homophobic teens, Webby Garton, Steven Bishoff Dubay and Chris Unwin. After the teens throw Adrian over a bridge, they continue beating up Don, Officer Andrew Redemacher arrives to stop the fight.  Pennywise  meanwhile drags Adrian out of the water, bites into his armpit and cracks his ribs. Though Don and Chris witness this, nobody mentions Pennywise at the trial.

After Adrian’s body was found, he was buried in the Derry Cemetery.

Andy Muschietti returns to direct the sequel, which features the adult version of Losers’ Club members who survived the malevolent Pennywise, which Bill Skarsgard will once again portray. James McAvoy plays Bill, Bill Hader is Richie, Jessica Chastain is Beverly, James Ransone is Eddie, Andy Bean is Stanley, Jay Ryan is Ben and Isaiah Mustafa is Mike.

Production on the sequel, It: Chapter Two, is currently underway.

Major Ohio Newspaper Refers To Transexual Hate Crime Victim As “IT”

From the Cleveland Plain Dealer:

OLMSTED TOWNSHIP, Ohio — A body  found in a retention pond  has been identified as a 20-year-old from Cleveland who was reported missing March 27.

Carl Acoff was identified this morning through DNA obtained from relatives, police said.

Acoff had been stabbed, tied with a piece of rope attached to a block of concrete and dumped into a pond on MacKenzie Road north of Cook Road.

The body was clad in a red Betty Boop tank top, three black bras on top of one another, and a light black hooded jacket. It was naked from the waist down, police said at the time. The rope was tied from the back and also attached to a steel pipe.

Acoff had identified himself as a woman to RTA officials, according to records.

This folks is Ohio.  Small minded, misinformed, and bigoted.

The AP Stylebook guidelines has guidelines in how to RESPECTFULLY report on a transgender person

Transgender: Use the pronoun preferred by the individuals who have acquired the physical characteristics of the opposite sex or present themselves in a way that does not correspond with their sex at birth.

These guidelines have been in effect since 2001.  Which means they’ll finally reach the midwest in about 10 years.

Now Cleveland, OH is not a podunk city by any means and the story did not only pass from the writers to the copywriter it also passed through many other hands at the Plain Dealer before it was ever released and not one of them caught the bigoted slam or the fact that they took away any dignity in death CEMINA Acoff could have.

GLAAD, Equality Ohio, TransOhio and Cleveland’s LGBT Community Center are all now involved with rectifying this story at the moment, but the trouble is not only the story its the state of Ohio and other parts of the midwest (except for Chicago) itself where people have never evolved because they have never had the chance or the education to.

I have yelled and screamed at conferences until I have been blue in the face that out national organizations ignore the midwest and to be more proactive and do outreach in the Midwest on LGBT equality and acceptance instead of leaving it to local organizations that are ill-equipped, staffed and severely under funded to no avail.

And this is the result.

I mourn the death of CEMINA Acoff and not only am I am not only pissed as hell with the Cleveland Plain Dealer but also with HRC, GLAAD, The Task Force and other national LGBT “professional advocacy groups who stay behind their ivory walls while those of us who do not have the luck or the money to live in Washington DC,  New York City, or San Francisco or L.A. have to fight for dignity and respect on a daily basis while they throw parties and beg for money.

May CEMINA Acoff rest in peace.

And may Gay Inc. get off their fat well tailored and overpaid asses and finally travel west of the beltway to actually help the members of the LGBT community that need it most.

Rant over.