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Isaiah Washington Blames Unnamed “Agenda” For Ruining His Career After Calling Co-Star “Faggot”

Isaiah Washington homophobe

In a recent  interview with Huffington Post Live actor Isaiah Washington who lost his job on the hit ABC medical drama “Grey’s Anatomy,” in 2007 after calling  fellow cast-mate T.R. Knight “faggot” is blaming an unnamed  “agenda” (guess which one) for ruining his career.

“I didn’t have a choice. After the incident at the Golden Globes everything just fell apart. It literally stopped. Whatever the agenda, whatever the plan was it worked. I lost everything. I couldn’t afford to have an agent. I couldn’t afford to have a publicist for the crisis management to continue. I couldn’t afford to continue. I went from 2 million dollars a year to residual checks. Zero. I couldn’t get another apartment after I turned in my lease for my $3 million home. I had to put it in my wife’s name. No one wanted to touch the name of Isaiah Washington for three years.”

Oh cry me a river.

It really takes some nerve for Washington who started a fist fight with Patrick Dempsey on the set of Grey’s anatomy and then slurred T.R. Knight not once, but twice during it to come forward 6 years later while he’s trying to reboot his acting career to play the “pity me I am a victim  card”

Obviously Washington has learned nothing from the experience and HIS agenda has not changed in the least.